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2014-11-22, 12:31 PM
So, i've had this idea for an npc class that allows for a character to have the fluff and abilities of a powerful spellcaster, but with a lowered power level. Basically the idea is someone who has studied to be a wizard, but has not prepared to become an adventurer, and therefore is not very good at casting spells fast. The idea is to be able to have a villain or ally in an adventure who within the fluff of the game is a powerful wizard, evene a couple of levels above the players, but who would be basically useless in combat. The idea is very simple, so I won't make a table, merely describe it.

Class skills, proficiencies, skill ranks, bab, hd: same as a wizard's

Class Features: Same as wizard, except looses arcane bond and changes and/or adds the following class features.

- Spells: A researcher casts spells as a wizard of his/her level, but the casting time of these spells are much longer than that of a wizard. Any spell with a casting time of a standard action or a full round has its casting time increased to 1 minute per spell level, a level 1 spell taking 1 minute to cast, a level 2 spell taking 2 minutes to cast, and so on. A spell with a casting time longer than a full round has its casting time multiplied by 4. A reasearchers spells cannot be affected by the quicken spell feat.

- Fast Casting: At level 4, a researcher can cast level 1 spells with the same casting time as a wizard. At level 7, the researcher can cast level 2 spells at a regular casting time. At level 10, a researcher can cast level 3 spells at a regular casting time. At level 13, a researcher can cast level 4 spells at a regular casting time.

- Delay Spell: At level 5, a researcher can spend the casting time required to cast a spell, but choose not to cast it straight away, but wait until a later time. At any time within 1 hour/level from spending the time required to cast the spell, the researcher can cast the spell as a standard action. This only works with spells that normally have a casting time of a standard action. The researcher cannot have more than one spell ready to cast like this at a time. If the time passes without the researcher casting the spell, the spell slot is wasted. A researcher can use this ability a number of times per day equal to his/her intelligence modifier.

So, that's it. Please let me know what you think. I plan to use this for an npc in an adventure that i will run, so if there's anything unbalanced or stupid about it, please let me know (although it think it will definately be fine).

Extra Anchovies
2014-11-22, 05:50 PM
Looks good. Delay Spell means they aren't weak if caught off-guard, but the rest of their stuff limits them enough to be a good full-caster NPC class.