View Full Version : Voting game tutorial. (Diana Moonlight vs Kari Starwind)

2007-03-24, 05:42 PM
Diana: Greetings and welcome to the grand tutorial of the tournament. The rules are simple. Two individuals will be put up against each other and duke it out, matching power, wits and agility, and they will fight until one of them is either dead (don't worry. We've got tons of different kinds of ressurective magic) or too wounded to continue. A character can also forfeith a match, but why would he want too? Anyway, what the fighters DON'T know, is that the outcome of the battle depends entirely on you, dear guests. Now, commence the first fight of the tournament. Kari Starwind, the first judge, VS Diana Moonlight, the third judge. Let your cheers resound through the collosseum and guide one of us to victory.

The contestants:

Name: Kari Starwind (The first judge)
Age: Unknown (A lady never reveals her age)
Species: Hummingbird (Antropomorphic)
Other: Kari is a strongwilled lady and the leader of the judge trio who leads this tournament. Her powers include elemental sorcery, both creative and destructive, good natural agility and an incredibly strong will. She is physically very weak, but her mastery of magical arts is of the highest caliber.

Name: Diana Moonlight (The third judge)
Age: Unknown (Guess it if you can)
Species: Purple Cat (Antropomorphic)
Other: Diana is a young, gullible kitten. She is kind, gentle, and a bit submissive. She is hard-working and usually goes beyond the beck and call of duty. That doesn't stop her from being a fierce fighter though. She is a certified Swashbuckler, Ninja and Grand Summoner.

The battle Scene:
The arena is a nondescript flat field of dirt. Kari and Diana face each other with about four meter (for feet, you can usually multiply meter with 3 to get a correct estimate) away from each other. Their eyes lock, waiting for someone to begin the battle by hitting the gong.

2007-03-24, 05:44 PM
Castaras walks in, and sits down to watch the fight.

Kitten's gonna own that humming bird easy!

2007-03-24, 06:13 PM
(Feel free to vote away.)

Gnome Barbarian
2007-03-24, 08:15 PM
A gnome comes in and sits next to Castaras.

"Nah the humming bird is to quick for the cat."

2007-03-25, 04:37 PM
*Gong* And that concludes our first round. Check the new thread for the next round of this fight.