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2007-03-24, 09:25 PM
Goals Variant:
Each goal is worth two drool points, which cannot be lost once achieved.

Send Roy to Dungeon Entrance
Send Durkon to Dungeon Entrance
Send V to Dungeon Entrance
Send Elan to Dungeon Entrance
Send Haley to Dungeon Entrance
Defeat Yik-Yik
Play Double-Cross.
Defeat Hated Enemy (Once per PC)

Cure Roy's Assorted Wounds
Cure Belkar's Assorted Wounds
Cure V's Assorted Wounds
Cure Elan's Assorted Wounds
Cure Haley's Assorted Wounds
Defeat Hilgya
Have Divine Intervention Trigger (Once per PC)
Play Forgotten Bonus

Assist Roy
Assist Belkar
Assist V
Assist Durkon
Assist Haley
Defeat Nale
Convince PC to believe in Banjo the Clown (once per PC)
Haley plays Secret Crush
if no one plays Haley, Play Dun dun DUN

Steal from Roy
Steal from Belkar
Steal from V
Steal from Durkon
Steal from Elan
Defeat Sabine
Elan plays Gratuitous Nudity
if no one plays Elan, play Gimme Gimme Gimme

Defeat Xykon
Defeat Thog
Defeat Nale
Defeat Hilgya
Defeat Yik-Yik
Defeat Sabine
Defeat Zz'dtri

Defeat Zz'dtri
Have Ambiguos Gender Trigger (once per PC)
Hit Belkar with Explosive Runes
if no one plays Belkar, just playing explosive runes is sufficient
Find Stairs (once per PC)
Win a battle with a fully boosted Fireball (once per PC)
Win a battle with a fully boosted Lightning Bolt (once per PC)
Win a battle with a fully boosted Magic Missile (once per PC)

For clarification, what I mean by "once per PC" is "a number of times equal to the number of players".

2007-03-25, 02:33 AM
I like this idea, though I have a few thoughts on it.
-drop the goals entirely based on other people (the Secret Crush and Gratuitous Nudity) as the player has no control over those.
-V has a LOT of once per PC ones, maybe cut back on those.
-Do you just need all the schtick cards to "Fully Boost" V schticks, or do you need the items that boost them?
-For Roy do something with his party leader stuff or logic, rather than stealing everyone elses rival points, and Xykon already gives big victory points, why give Roy more for it? Maybe instead give him the points for beating up Redcloak.
-if a Rival returns via some screw this card, do you get the goal a second time?

As I said, I like the idea, these were just my first thoughts on possible problems with them.

2007-03-25, 06:08 AM
I don't like Belkar's at all, but then neither do I like his Boost to Twin Daggers of Doom, so it's not surprising. A Belkar being played like that is one who's making the game grind to a halt.

Not too keen on Haley's either.

2007-03-26, 08:17 AM
Some seem easier to do than others. Elan and Durkon could very easily assist or heal everyone in the party, but Belkar and Haley may have a lot of trouble routing or stealing from more than a few people.

I would suggest changing these to secret goals so that you can have goals that rely on what other people play. It'll give more suspense to the final outcome instead of making it a foregone conclusion.

2007-03-27, 02:14 PM
I would play where you can only recieve these points once. Once a particular goal had been achieved it can not be achieved again. This would encourage people to focus on doing different things rather then figuring out the easiest goal and doing it over and over again. I would also change it so that haley gets points for stealing from "X" monster.

Lord Herman
2007-03-28, 02:42 AM
Sounds interesting. There are a lot of goals per player, though... What about this: every player gets a single, random goal, like in Risk. Completing the goal earns you a big reward (say, five drool points, or a free shtick, or two free draws from the loot pile (discarding traps)) - but once someone has completed their goal, the others get only a minor reward for completing theirs (one drool points, for example).

2007-04-02, 02:27 PM
I would make them random but based somewhat off the character. I don't know if anyone has ever played "a line in the sand" (longest and best war simulation board game I've ever played) but I loved how strange alliances would come and go in this game as people tried to figure out what everyone else was really up to.