View Full Version : D&D 3.x Class Working on a Homebrewed class, the Brawler

Bobby M
2014-11-24, 01:49 PM
I'd like to try and run a homebrew class I'm working on in an upcoming campaign. My DM sounds open to the concept but I'd like to make sure its not overly powerfull or practically useless. I'm also open to any suggestions about additional features it should have or class specific feats that could be made for it. Link to class below (on googlesheets) Keep in mind, its a work in progress and my formatting skills are lackluster.


Extra Anchovies
2014-11-24, 02:41 PM
I assume this is 3.5? A few thoughts:

1. Jotunbrud as a capstone, when Jotunbrud can be acquired at 1st level, does not make for a very good capstone.
2. Any sensible brawler would take a one-level Spirit Lion Totem Barbarian dip to grab pounce, then invest levels in Brawler for the bonus damage on a charge. I'd personally run a high-Dex SLTB 1/Brawler 19 with the TWF chain, Combat Reflexes, and Double Hit for a pile of attacks, all of which gain Brutality damage. Either that or a standard spiked chain gatling tripper to get Brutality damage on trip attempts and AoOs.

All in all, the class seems to have one fairly easily-abusable core ability (there are way too many ways to trigger brutality, and/or the damage scales too fast), with not many other interesting traits and not much out-of-combat utility beyond breaking objects. Are there any other ideas you had that you haven't included?

Bobby M
2014-11-24, 05:17 PM
I've added a line to brutality rules text prevent pounce shenanigans. I am unsure of what additional features I could add to the Brawler for non-combat related challenges that would fit the theme. Perhaps the Trapkiller ACF? Thank you for the feedback.

edited in additions: The multiple optional triggers for Brutality is the raison d'etre of the class. While the Jotunbrud/powerfulbuild capstone may seem a bit weak, I included it mostly for flavor.

I don't think a Spiked Chain tripper would be overpowered. A smart if boring combo, perhaps. But really, any opponent that the combo works against auto loses against it anyway, the extra damage just makes it happen faster.