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"In polite circles we are called Abyss Orcs for when our ancestors turned away from the creator, he tore open the earth and cast them down to into the dark abyss figuring they would slowly starve. Monsters and more uncivilized people tend to call us Tuskless Orcs since before being cast down into the pit, the creator with a swift jerk of his hand, viciously removed every single tusk from the Orcs who turned from him... However children remember the truth, remember your roots, remember that we are ORCS!

Gruumish forgot though, he forgot that he made us strong, he forgot that he made us resilient, he forgot that he made us Orcs! Always remember your ferocity so that one day when you meet our maker you can turn it against that one eyed fool"

~Grognak, Battlemaster Fighter (Sage Background)
Spoken to children about to endure their rite of passage.

Orc Traits

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2 and any other ability score increases by 1. All Orcs are strong, though after being cast away the Orcs needed to diversify and expand on their strength in order to survive.

Age. Orcs mature well earlier than humans do but live to be about as old.

Alignment. Orcs tend to lean toward any alignment except evil, though evil ones may be found. Many reject evil just to show independence from Gruumish.

Size. Orcs are about the same size and build as humans. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Darkvision. Thanks to the magic that Gruumish made your ancestors with, you have darkvision.

Rebuke Gruumish. When Gruumish first found your people to have turned away he paralyzed them with a wave of his hand. Since then your people have built up a resistance to such abilities. You have advantage against any effect that would Daze, Stun, or Paralyze you.

Destructive Ferocity: Choose weapons or cantrips. Your damage die/dice increase by one step whenever you deal damage with your choice. At level 13 your damage die/dice increase by another step.

Languages. Your society have thrown away your native tongue years ago. You know Common and Undercommon.

Special thanks to Shining Wrath for throwing the rejected idea my way, totally going to run with it :smallcool:

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From Shining Wrath:
The D&D gods are not perfect. They are not omniscient nor omnipotent nor infallible. So when any deity makes the first members of a race, they get a few "rejects" from their point of view.

When Gruumsh made orcs, he had a few who were flawed. They were weak - not physically, but in character. They were not ruthless. They were not driven to conquer their neighbors. They didn't even hate elves. They were, from his viewpoint, quite the sorry lot.

These defective orcs were often slaughtered by the correctly formed orcs, but some survived, and banded together in a tough world. And these defective (from the perspective of Grummsh) orcs are the ancestors of your Fissure Orcs."

I'll be updating this to fit more specifically what I want to do. Also as much as I hate half races, I may make a half-orc/half-elf race that comes from treaties between forest/high elves and Abyss Orcs.




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Rite of Passage/Aptitude Test

When an Abyss Orc comes of age they are put through an aptitude test. This rite of passage happens at the start of the new year and is a week long celebration that marks a new wave of Orcs that will become adults and reinforce the fight against Gruumish.

The young Orc are put through a series of tests to determine what their career path shall be. Each Orc is made an apprentice to a master of their field, be it a baker, ranger, or wizard... Although the path of the Orc is set by this test, specialities within the path are up to the individual. Two Orcs may both fall under the the tutlage of a wizard, one may become an evoker and the other a diviner.

Some Orcs know from an early age or are gifted during the trials by outsiders to become Warlocks or Paladins, these Orcs still go through the rite of passage but their future is already set.