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2014-11-26, 10:23 PM
Where could I find online tabletop roleplaying games (like D & D)? I'm looking for the pen and paper variety, since I'd love to try it out but I have no friends that are interested in that stuff to play in person, and there's nowhere in my community that has those kind of gatherings.

2014-11-27, 10:37 PM
There are lots of options out there, including some good real time play sites over IM-like interfaces, and play by post. In my experience the former is quicker and more game-like, but less story driven. The latter has a collaborative story writing feel, and a much slower pace. My personal preference is play by post, largely because I like the story aspect and because it means that I don't have to schedule blocks of time (that I don't have!) to play -- I can post when I have time.

My favourite site is RPG Crossing (rpgcrossing.com), and I'm involved enough in that site that I'm quite biased, but if you search for 'RPG play by post' you'll find many others.

Barbarian Horde
2014-11-29, 11:00 PM
Most of the time you just need skype or google hangouts and a microphone. The site actually has a system setup similar to using a white board. You can change between scenes as a dm. Lots of nice things. Built in public rollers so that everyone can see the rolls. DM can keep their's private. Also Private conversations between DM and players are easier now that you can seen a private message.

2014-11-30, 02:56 AM
There's also Maptool, which has more features than Roll20 but is more difficult to learn as a result.