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As a preface, the monsters contained here in are for a very specific setting that I have in mind. This said, if anything strikes your fancy or you have any ideas/ requests for a specific monster, please comment/ steal/ suggest away! I won't be using them for quite some time anyway, and someone might as well get something out of my insanity in the mean time. :smalltongue:

Bestiary of the Void

In the beginning there was nothing but the Void. And then the Void became bored, considered what boredom meant, created the concept of loneliness, and then gave form to two abstract concepts, creation and oblivion. And this is where the trouble began.

The first reality that gave birth to void, creation and oblivion has long been abandoned, left to what remains of the first beings and their creations, with all of the aftermath of ravaging cataclysms and war-spawned horrors left to wage war on anything else left standing. What follows is a catalogue of all the beings left to wander, escape, live or otherwise exist within the plane between all planes.

-Lucian Del, first Mortal Child of Creation.

Beings that were forged by magic or who just decided to exist often find themselves among the abberations of the void. These are often the most horrifying and vile of the creatures who inhabit the void, and their purpose as weapons is more than obvious by just looking at them.

A creature born of suffering which becomes more powerful the more pain it recieves/ it causes others. It is immune to most conventional methods of murder, and is only able to be truly destroyed by ironically healing it to death. (CR enough)

Soul-stealing assassins and war leaders, hunters become more powerful the more targets they eliminate. While very few survive the first few months of their existence, those that do are so very much harder to defeat. (CR 7+ (legendary after CR 12))

Portals are beings that are born from the magic of the heavily linked and traveled gateways between worlds. While often indifferent to other forms of life, Portals are masters of the system they are born from, and this power gives them a freakish amount of control and influence in the politics of whatever world they are born to. (CR 16)

Beings with dozens of lives, splitters are difficult to put down in the best of times. Each "death" they suffer is nothing more than a minor setback, and gives them a chance to form a new, much more obscure identity. Splitters are spies and face changers who are valuable allies, and potentially dangerous enemies to face. (CR 5-17, legendary)

Normal, every day old animals, while common, are also hardly unique from other beings from other realities. Very, very few of the beasts of the void were not copied into other realities, and the few that remain are strange, almost frivolous things... Or horribly deadly monstrosities, the pureblooded form of beasts who's terrible fame is just a dull reflection copied onto the mortal plane.

The mortal realm has a... Less than inspiring version of this terrible beast. So where did the legends of a nigh-indestructible force of terror come from? Well, the first, true, perfect beast can answer that question... (CR 32, legendary)

The quertz is a peculiar little snake-bird, notable for its tendencies to breed faster than rabbits and travel in very, very large swarms. If left unchecked, these vermin swarms can become rather deadly. (CR 1 (single), CR 5 (swarm)

The zelt is a wolf-like creature, but larger and more solitary than its lupine kin. A creature that travels over large distances, and sometimes even through worlds, the zelt have developed a high range of tolerance for multiple environments and the most extreme climates. (CR 3 (base), CR 5 (ancient), CR 9 (alpha)

The celestials within the void are those that refused to move on to newer planes to serve the pantheons that reside there. Some of the celestials here are actually the avatars of the ancient first gods, listed as celestials as they fit in no other category... And they aren't necessarily good.

One shard of the mind that gave birth to the first reality, the aspects of Void are resilient beings. Acting like princes of all that exist, they are considered equals to many of the avatars of lesser gods, and as such are incredibly powerful and notoriously difficult to even drive off, let alone destroy. (CR 42, always in lair, legendary)

Gaia, the personification of creation, is in fact immortal. Being the source and wellspring of all life makes even the destruction of her least avatar almost an exercise in futility, and as such any attempt should likely be abandoned before it begins. Only gods can challenge gods, after all, and even most of them would hesitate to strike at reality's mother. (CR 34 (42 inside lair), legendary)

Nulles, the end of all things, was removed from reality during the First War. However, despite being destroyed so completely that not even a scrap of his soul remained, it was not enough to permanently end the primordial deity. After all, how do you destroy Oblivion? How do you prevent the end? So from time to time, a small part of Oblivion's consciousness is reformed by some of his living servants or by the passage of time, and an avatar of that terrible, final power rises up to take revenge on those that reduced it. (CR 36, always in lair, legendary)

The radiant are beings forged from light and assigned to protect Gaia and all of her avatars. Peaceful divine beings, the radiant are happy to help those that are in need, and come in all different shapes and form.(CR 1/2 (lux), 1 (shard), 3 (ephemeral), 7 (ray), 16 (arrum), 19 (corona, legendary) and 25 (eternal, legendary)

Constructs both big and small (but mostly big) are a rare sight on the void, where such magic is most often seen as a variety of sacrilege to participate in. As such, the majority of constructs are ancient, god-forged things, meant to stand the test of time and fires of the most deadly conflicts. Very few of these constructs have actual sentience to them, either because they were not built with it or because time has ground such things into nothing.

Colossi are massive pillars of invulnerability created by Anterson Asper and Lucian to counteract the hundreds of horrors spawned by Oblivion. These beings are powered by the collective wills of the hundreds of beings that they can shelter below their shadow, and they protect those that give them animation. (CR 26)

Literally living picture frames, these constructs are ancient things, often hidden and sealed away deep within the secret vaults their previous owners their previous owners have tried to abandon them in. The framed form rips the mind of those that stare at it into an alternate world, either a living hell or a surreal paradise, keeping them trapped in its cloth until they somehow manage to find a way out of their prison, or until their body crumbles to ash. (CR=Dungeon sized approximately to the party's level)

The dragons of the void are typically primordial incarnations of an aspect of reality. While this often means that the most common ones are often of Creation, Oblivion or Void, there are also others that are more likely to appear on other planes, exploring the depths of each version of reality...

Children of Gaia who nurture and protect her children from harm, dragons of creation have very little in the way of destructive potential, but they do possess many tools to make up for it.

One of the three chosen, and Gaia's most loyal son. This dragon is unique in his own ascension, having become like unto a demi-god long ago. He is also the one writing this compendium... so other details will be left for his own entry by more unbiased hands to sculpt. (CR 29 (31 in lair), legendary)

This would be a redundant title if these dragons were not the literal embodiment of magic instead of creatures who merely possess magic. Magic dragons are creatures of vast knowledge and power which dedicate their very, very long lives to the purpose of studying and claiming magical secrets as their own. Their hoards contain objects of magic great and small, and are highly sought after by adventurers, collectors and royalty.

Dragons with vast psionic and mental potential, mind dragons often act as tyrannical rulers, using their abilities to force lesser beings into worship and servitude of their majesty. Very few of their victims are able to escape this beguiling siren call, and fewer still have the courage to talk about it or find some way to slay the beast.

Oblivion dragons are, officially, just as dead as their creator Nulles. However, just like their eradicated creator, these dragons echo through time, always looking for some crack to slip through and return. Whenever one appears, it is safe to assume that it will attempt to bring in a second, and then to try and form an avatar of Nulles once more. There is no other purpose or goal for these dragons, who care nothing for gold or for dominion, and their cruel cunning knows no bounds.

Chrono dragons, or dragons of time, as they are called, are servants of Oroboros, the great serpent of time. Tasked with finding and eliminating those that would interfere with time and history's procession, time dragons often have nice, long chats with powerful wizards, people who lost their place in the time stream, and sometimes even gods to explain what they did wrong and how to fix it. If the being they talk to refuses to fix the problems they caused... Well then, things can get unpleasant.

Fragmented pieces of the body and soul of the first being, void dragons thirst for something to fill the gap in their existence caused by the loss of their true form and divinity. They hunt magic to consume it for reasons that not even they can understand, and have become very adept at finding and destroying its practitioners over the millennia.

While all other elementals are present upon the void, these ones in particular are almost unique in their appearance here. Very few can be found outside of the void, and fewer still are under any creature's control.

An elemental which embodies the primal force of destruction, collapse and ruin. Their destructive power may be vast, but their life spans tend to be rather short, and conclude with a massive bang. Apocalypse elementals are often encountered in groups of four, for some odd reason.(CR 5 (mephit), 13 (weird) and CR 17 (full elemental))

Link (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showsinglepost.php?p=19692095&postcount=1)

Elementals who manipulate and are shards of time personified, chrono elementals are rarely seen outside of the company of Time dragons. Powerful creatures in and of themselves, chrono elementals have an oddly high rate of turning rogue, though it is very rare for them to survive long after that as their draconic masters will put them down shortly after the fact. (CR 5 (mephit), CR 13 (weird) and CR 17 (full elemental)

Link (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showsinglepost.php?p=19692100&postcount=2)

Not particularly powerful or dangerous on their own, these elementals are masters at mental manipulation. Quick to bewitch and to charm, Illusion elementals are often used as bodyguards for particularly skilled wizards who aren't particularly capable of casting illusions of their own. Very rarely encountered without some kind of allies. (CR 1/4 (mephit), 2 (weird) and CR 6 (full elemental))

An elemental from the depths of reality which embodies all others to some degree. Primordial elementals are creatures who embody every aspect of reality, and seem to be oddly humanoid in shape, if not origin or thought. It is incredibly rare to find these elementals alone, and forcing one of these legendary beings to fight is a recipe for disaster. (CR 6 (mephit), 15 (weird) and CR 19 (full elemental, legendary))

These elementals embody the emptiness of nothingness and vastness of eternity. They feast upon magic much like their draconic cousins, and their insubstantial bodies makes fighting these suffocating balls of gas incredibly... interesting, to say the least. (CR 6 (mephit), 15 (weird) and CR 19 (full elemental, legendary))

Void fey tend to be ancient even by the standards of these powerful creatures, though they are also far more rare, and the majority of them moved on to the Feywilds. Those few who remain are either the loyal servants of Gaia, or the twisted spawn of Eo.

Fiends of the void are all gathered under one banner, that of Eo. While they still hate one another, and hate their father just as much, their creator is still by and far the nastiest and most powerful of these beings on the void, and all bow to him as such. Even Apsu, who attempted to overthrow Eo at the height of the god's triumph, knows better than to attempt to wrest control from his father now.

He who revived Asmodeus, he who created Apsu and the mind who spawned the first Yuggoloth. Eo was once a proud being of justice, order and retribution. Now flawed and driven mad after destroying Nulles, only to be struck down as the powers of oblivion flooded into him and shattered his mind, Eo seeks nothing less than the destruction of all things. And seated at the throne of oblivion, there is a rather good chance that he would be able to do it. (CR 39, always in lair, legendary, can be weakened by many things)

The first and the greatest of the demons, Apsu embodies everything they are. Greed, power, lust, pride, sloth, envy and wrath all rolled into one immortal frame, Apsu was once able to challenge gods, and even stood before Eo after the Father of Fiends was left abandoned on the field in his moment of triumph. While Apsu struck a mortal blow which Eo is still recovering from, the demon lord was punished for this insolence. (CR 27)

From a time before this reality even began, Asmodeus is an ancient being even by the standards of the Void. Resurrected and nursed to health by Eo after his refuge to escape a prior aspect of oblivion's rampage was discovered, the Father of Fiends became close friends with this tyrant, and used him as the template for all other fiends to follow, adding chaos and disorder as necessary to overthrow Nulles in the war. Note, this is Asmodeus's "perfect" form that none who speak of live to see the next dawn. Its power is enough to rival that of any deity's, and only the primals at their height were truly greater (as proven by Nulles when he stripped Asmodeus of this form). So it's a sad thing for reality that the primals are no longer at the height of their power, now isn't it? (CR 42, no lair, legendary, theoretical form only)

The first of the yuggoloths, the scree were actually accidents made when Eo attempted to form Apsu for the first time. Small things that bread from chaos like maggots, the scree live up to their name by making that sound as their swarm shreds the flesh from the bones of prey that they engulf. (CR 0 (single), CR 3 (swarm))

Oblivion's chosen, Asper is... well, you'll see, I suppose. (CR 30, legendary)

Herp (CR 27, legendary)

Derp (CR 27, legendary)

Yeah no he will haunt your nightmares. (CR 27, legendary)

The native denizens of the void, and technically its first sentient race, void walkers serve all three factions to their varying degrees of loyalty, and are divided by their skill in battle and distinctions and honors. (CR 1/4 (base), CR 2 (soldier), CR 5 (scout), CR 7 (infiltrator), CR 9 (hunter/ priest), CR 13 (assassin/ mage), CR 15 (captain, legendary)

Bloop for later. Think a hydra. Who's eyes are teeth. And those teeth have wings. That is how a ravager do.

Bloop for later

Just what they wound like.

This shambling mass of corpses is far faster and far more intelligent than it seems. Forming mouths, claws and other appendages, the bone horror hunts any being with a skeleton, internal or external, living or dead, and strips the bones out from around their still-working organs, creating a gristly display of gore as they feast and become stronger. Counted among the beings greater than your average lich, and highly resilient to most magics, extreme caution is advised for all but the most powerful and prepared of adventuring groups (CR 25, legendary)

The leader of void's armies is a powerful lich who long ago abandoned his humanity in service to the preservation of eternity and all of the entities within. For his service and sacrifive, Ephie was made one of the chosen by Void, and retains the distinct honor of being the only mortal to receive a direct blessing from his lord. More specificts to follow (CR 29 (31 in lair), legendary)

The embodiment of music itself, creating and enslaved by his own perfect melody. Often peaceful... but incredibly deadly if provoked. (CR 13, legendary)

What, you thought these ancient beings could have originated anywhere else? Undead aspects of entropy, night stalkers are deadly, horrifying beings that had their souls self-cannibalize long ago to grant them even greater power. The equals of liches, Nightstalkers are not something to be called upon on a whim, and any necromancer who decides to call one had best be ready to flee before the night stalker turns on him and feasts upon his soul as payment for the dirty deed... (CR 21, legendary)

Note, the next 7 or so posts are reserved just for if/ when this becomes entirely too large. Also, specific stats will be coming later, linked to the creatures as I go. For now a general description is all I have time for. Heck, I don't even have the time to write down the general notes of everything I'm thinking up... >.>

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I can't wait to see how this will turn out. I'm always interested in new monsters that can be used as the products of an alternate existence.

If you're interested I actually made a warlock patron that seems to fit with your titles theme. Anyway here's the Otherworldy Warlock Patron: The Inescapable Void (http://dnd-wiki.org/wiki/Warlock_Patron_-_The_Inescapable_Void_(5e_Subclass)).

Use it abuse, do what you will. If you get some mileage out of it please let me know how it went.