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2007-03-25, 01:00 PM
This is a class I've been working on for a little bit. I'm not 100% sure if it works as a class or if I should turn it into a Prestige class, but this is what I have for the first draft. Anything that isn't included please assume that it goes along the same path as a rogue.

The class is supposed to be sort of a Prince of Persia type and most of the abilities are based on rerolls, speeding time up, and slowing it down. Tell me what you think of it so far.


Skill points at 1st level = (6 + Int Modifier) x 4
Skill points at each additional level = 6 + Int Modifier
Hit Die = d6

Time Dagger – The Time Dagger is the weapon of choice for the Time Thief. They are usually very well decorated and kept close. The Time Thief has a strange bond with this dagger and knows its location at all times.

Blood Oath – The Time Thief takes an oath of blood with his dagger that links his life force to it from the day of the ritual. If the dagger falls more than 5 ft. away the Thief becomes immediately fatigued. If the Time Thief uses all of his time slots he also becomes fatigued. To refill the blood that is required for the daggers magic the Time Thief is required to perform a one hour ritual sacrificing a portion of his own or anothers blood.

Starting at third level the Time Thief also begins to gain Time Slots equal to his wisdom bonus every level.

Haste Self (Cost: 1 slot) – As the spell haste, but it may only affect the Time Thief.

Haste Other (Cost: 2 Slots)– As the spell Haste

Slow (Cost: 1 Slot) – As the spell slow

Lesser Recall – (Cost: 1 Slot) The Time thief is able to return to the past, if only for just a few seconds in order to rewrite history. At the first stage the Time Thief may rewind time to protect himself from a badly made skill check. The time thief is allowed to re-roll any skill check, even those that do not allow a retry (Example: The Time Thief can stop himself from having failed a climbing skill check that would have ultimately doomed him...thus allowing him to retry it again). The amount of time you are able to rewind depends on the number of slots remaining inside your Dagger. 1 round = 1 slot of time, you may use multiple slots at a time. As long as the Time thief is touching his Dagger it will activate the effect

Recall – (Cost: 1 Slot) The Time Thief is now able to activate his powers as a swift action during combat, but the affects of returning to the past can only affect him since he is the only one that realizes the shift. The power can be utilized to protect the time thief from powerful enemy attacks or to help improve his own attack against an enemy. Using the Recall ability also gives the Time Thief either a +2 to Damage Rolls or a +2 to AC depending on the situation.

Intelligent Recall (Cost: All remaining slots) – Whenever the Time Thief drops to -10 health or below the Dagger automatically activates in order to prevent the death of the thief. This action requires the use of all remaining time slots. Intelligent Recall can be used to re-roll a check to stabilize or protect against an enemy attack. It does not activate if the Time Thief if the Dagger is also destroyed in the attack.

Mortal Sands– (Cost: 2-6 slots) The Time Thief can choose to target one individual with this attack and must declare the amount of time slots being used before the victim makes his savings throw. The target of the attack must make a Will Save (DC = Time Thief's Class Level + Wisdom Bonus). If the save fails the victim is then aged 1d8 years per slot that the Time Thief chose to allocate. There is a minimum of 2 slots for this attack and a maximum of 6 slots.

Time Immunity – The Time Thief is immune to Time spells such as Time Stop. When spells such as Time stop are cast the Time Thief moves along with the caster into frozen time.

Time Stop – As the Wizard spell Time Stop

2007-03-25, 01:14 PM
Being able to change the past, even very subtly, is a very dangerous thing.
It would also get complicated, and could have the potential to seriously screw up plans (of the DM or the PCs). If I were you, I'd avoid meddling in it altogether, but I admit that kind of thing is lots of fun.
I'd suggest using it as prestige class, a sort of extreme specialization for very powerful wizards or sorcerers.
I'd also suggest an XP cost, to make it a weapon of necessity only, and one that a PC has to think over before using.