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Manly Man
2014-11-28, 12:55 PM
So, after a rather whimsical discussion with some friends on Skype, I'd come up with the idea of a Psion/Bard who focuses on sonic damage and the music he makes is dubstep; what I was considering was to make a prestige class that functions something like a Cerebremancer, except that its dual progression is for manifester/Bard (or possibly Skald) levels. It would focus on things like expending psionic focus and using power points to pay for metamagic, and either psionic focus and spell slots or rounds of bardic music for metapsionics, as well as abilities like making powers and spells of different energy types count as both their normal energy as well as sonic, should it be advantageous. Possibly using power points to either add bonuses or as the entire cost for more rounds of bardsong as well. Any thoughts on the idea?