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Sylvre Phire
2014-11-28, 03:42 PM
So, one of my dream games has been to run a double-blind PvP game or campaign with one side playing the heroes, the other the villains. Originally, I thought about doing it in a PbP format, but there's always the risk that players from one side could get into the thread or forum where the other side's posting and do some metagaming. At any rate, having run games on Roll20, the thought crossed my mind that two GMs who have run games for each other and know each other well-enough could pull it off. Each GM would have their own session going on Roll20. In order to facilitate communication and coordination, each GM - and ONLY the GMs - would be present in the other's Roll20 session.

Aside from the three-ring circus that is scheduling, I think it could be done. Has anyone tried this? Can it be done? SHOULD it be done? :smallsmile:

Pax et bonum,


Valefor Rathan
2014-12-01, 08:43 AM
Well you certainly have my attention.

The idea of the two player groups influencing each other's "worlds" is awesome.

"Heroes, there's a group of bandits ravaging the country..." - every time the good PCs show up right after the evil ones have left.

"Villains, your covert cell in the coastal city has been found and either killed or incarcerated..." - the good PCs have trashed a plot to overthrow a noble that the evils had targeted.

I love this idea.

2014-12-01, 08:53 AM
Personally, I think this sounds amazing, if you end up doing this could I join?

2014-12-01, 09:43 AM
Biggest hurdle I can see is the possibility of the two parties come face to face. How would you handle that?

Valefor Rathan
2014-12-01, 09:46 AM
You could feasibly keep them chasing each other for ages, building their own forces/power base while knocking the other sides' down.

You wouldn't even have to place the parties in the same region - have them in different countries/continents and let the evil team do their thing. The paths will cross eventually.