View Full Version : Voting game tutorial. (Round 2)

2007-03-25, 04:34 PM
*Round 1*

With a loud *gong* the match begins, and neither contestant hesitates on her part. Kari immediately begins to conjure up a great tidal wave of water to assault her opponent, but she halts slightly when she hears the spell her opponent is casting. "You're kidding... right?" Kari says uncertainly before she frantically resumes, trying to finish her spell. Unfortunately she is too distracted by Diana's spell. When she finally manages to complete it and send it towards her opponent, it is too late. The wave crashes harmlessly against a gigantic large wall of teeth and red scales. "You don't waste time Diana. Calling a red dragon so quickly." Kari says silently.

*end round 1*

Now isn't this an interesting turn of events. Let us see how this will turn out. Will the match be over so quickly, or can Kari tackle Diana's summoned dragon? That is for you to decide. Now, begin voting.

2007-03-25, 04:40 PM
Castaras turns to Gnome Barbarian.

Nah, the cat is pretty darn quick too. And sneakier. Intelligence nearly always beats pure brawn/speed.