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2014-11-30, 05:43 AM
So, I recently started on a new campaign with some friends. For now, all you need to know is my character, as the rest will come in due time. I'm quite new to this, both playing and writing, so if you've got any constructive critique you want to share. Please do!
Beware: English is not my first language!

His name is Lorencio Valentine, and he is a cleric of Death.
He is in reality terrified of death, which is why he became a cleric of it. He wants to help everyone who dies to a better place, which is why he is Chaotic Good (That, and I'm really bad at being evil :P ).
His appearence is more less like Kaito from the anime "Hunter x Hunter" (If youre into anime, I can definitely recommend that one).
Sorry if I am not very creative with my characters, this is first time ever playing as one, so...

Pretty much my character: http://auto.img.v4.skyrock.net/2578/87742578/pics/3181308063_1_4_mGfOEkR3.png

The weather was cold and grey. I stood in front of a grey, stone building, about the same size as a standard mess hall. I had a bad feeling about this. Gripping my scythe, I moved towards the man who had summoned me. I had not gotten his name, all I knew was that he was a high-ranking man in the military who needed my help. I can respect animosity. As I strode towards him, I noticed a girl, or rather, a woman, equipped with a short bow, quiver and a crude short sword. Oh yes, another of those finesse-lacking types who go for the standard equipment. I could tell that she had more experience than I did in combat, yet even though she had killed many a man, she lacked the respect for death. Oh yes, respect for milord, the lord of Death. Clerics like me have an infinitely higher respect for death. I came to a halt in front of the general.
He said to me: “I have summoned you two because I have seen you worthy in battle and other matters. Let this be a test. If you two can remove the threat that occupies this building, I would be you eternally thankful.”
“Yes sir.” Was all I managed to get past my parched lips. I had an eerie feeling about this.
The girl, Rosie, was quite the good willed lass. She would be key to my success in this task. Grimly, I strode through the great oaken doors into a hallway. The doors closed behind us with a heavy thud. Silence. The room was deadly silent, like the whispering of Death in my ear. “Follow me” I whispered, as I strode toward the end of the hallway, where a metal door was placed. I opened the door, and a hollow creaking sound filled the hallway behind me, and the room in front of me. The room contained four doors, and three orcs who guarded the nearest three doors. I could see a pattern. The door at the end of the room can only be the exit. The orcs stared at me, but didn’t move. They were equipped with whips, axes and short swords.
Time to shine. I ran past the two first, wanting to end this quest as fast as possible. I ran for the door exit, but I got stopped by the remaining orc. Rosie still stood in the doorway, an arrow knocked and ready. Okay, we’re doing this the hard way. A soft clunk against my scale mail, the orc in front of me jumped back as I looked at him, his doom in my eyes. I looked down to see a small scratch. Oh man, gotta visit the armor smith AGAIN?! Before I even had raised my scythe, I felt a slash from behind. Looking over my should, the orc behind me had whipped out his whip and whipped me with it. An inner rage started boiling, and I raised my scythe, ready for the doom of the creature in front of me. The scythe fell with tremendous force towards the orc, a mere miscalculation later and I hit the ground instead. I heard the sound of an arrow whistling, a soft thunk, a gurgle and a bump. Rosie had killed the orc in front of me. One down, two to go. I could feel my lord in the vicinity, so I moved down to the fallen orc, as was my duty and whispered a short prayer. A shadow of a man, darker than darkness, and colder than ice appeared in front of me. I shivered at the touch of his dark aura. He took the orc in his arms, and disappeared, leaving the floor with a mark of frost. I went through the door that the orc had guarded, and stepped into a smaller room.
Rosie, ran past the two remaining orcs and readied another arrow. She stepped in beside me, and bringing out a torch, I saw two hideous creatures. Another couple of orcs, a shaman, equipped with a rod which shone with a bluish light, and another orc, equipped with a stick. An arrow whistled past me, and the orc with the stick fell to the ground. I jumped towards the shaman, tripping him with my scythe. Quick as he was, the orc stumbled to his feet before we could do anything, and attacked me with his staff. He hit the wall however, and a lightning bolt shot forth bouncing of the wall and hitting the other wall across the room. What tremendous power that staff contained.
I tripped him again, and Rosie killed him with another arrow. I stole his staff, and left him to rot inside the room. As I stepped back into the room with the two orcs, I felt at a loss of time. I skipped across the room, over to the orc with the whip. Before he could as much as raise his whip, I screamed at the top of my lungs: “FIRE, THERES A FIRE IN THE BASEMENT. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE”. The orc shrieked in fear, and ran out of the room. Heh, what a stupid fella. The other orc, however… Less impressed. I tried to convince him that I was death incarnate. Didn’t work. I got stabbed right through the heart, and I fell to the ground, darkness surrounding me. I could hear a hollow laughter. Ugh… My lord appeared at my side, smiling in that mischievous way he always does, and he kneeled down beside me. He whispered at my ear: “Round two”.
I awakened, a dead orc plastered with arrows beside me, and Rosie in front of me. Rosie was extremely pale, shivering and obviously shaken beyond measures. As I rose from the ground, I felt my fingers tingling in a weird way, and I felt horribly cold. I heard a light thunk, and Rosie had passed out. Bringing girls to the gunfight, sheesh. She awakened, and I calmed her in a matter of few minutes. She arose, and we went onward with our short journey.
Forgetting about the two doors, which had been guarded by the orcs, we moved towards what I thought was the exit. It was not. Stepping inside, I saw a woman, wearing full plate mail (or something like it, I am no armor expert) and a weird hyena like orc (Not a gnoll, however). The woman was equipped with a large mace, which glowed with radiant, blue light. Uh-huh, definitely not a good sign. I strode towards the woman, going through seven possible methods to get this over with. As the genius I am, I quickly created the utmost efficient and superb plan ever. As I strode towards her, I swung my scythe in various patterns, lowered my voice and hissed: “I am death incarnate!” She wasn’t impressed. Neither was the hyena-orc. The hyena-orc jumped at me, but was instantly shot down by Rosie. Then the lady strode towards me.
I could feel her powers pressure against my head already from ten feet away. She raised her mace, and jumped at me with the darkest of doom in her eyes. The mace was swung with an unconceivable power, and it was headed with deadly precision for my torso. One hit, and I’d be dead. At the last second, I ducked. I felt an excruciating pain in my head. Where my hat had been sitting, moments before, a bloody mess had formed. Deep red blood trickled down from the top of my head. Rosie gasped. The top of my skull could be seen. Red mists gathered before my eyes, and the world started spinning. A sudden thought came to my head: The staff! I took out the staff and foolhardily tried to break it against my knee, hoping that a tremendous explosion would follow. It broke. Well, something broke, but it was not actually the staff, it was my leg. I fell to the ground. Rosie shot an arrow, but it whistled by, hitting only air and the walls of rock. I could feel a sensation of doom creeping up on me. This was the end.
Or was it? I decided to try once more to break the staff, but I had nothing to break it with, as my knee wasn’t of much help right now. Okay, time for some epic-scale bluffing right now. And so I spoke:
“This staff is an ancient artifact, miss. It can bring invincibility to the one who breaks it. Spare my life and you can have it.” I could almost hear the gods rolling the dice.
“As you wish. I will let you live, but first, give me the staff so that I can see for myself if what you say is true.”
And so, she took the staff and broke it. A tremendous explosion followed. A light, the likes of which I have never seen, was emitted from the core of the staff. She screamed as she vaporized before my eyes. My skin burned, my lips turned to smoldering ashes, my lungs burned with every gasp of air I breathed. The explosion left the walls toppling over, the roof falling down in ruined pieces of brick and stone. Rosie ran through the debris, grabbed me by my shoulder and dragged me out through a crack in the walls. The building collapsed on itself few moments thereafter. Then, darkness engulfed me, I passed out.

Moral of the story: People arent likely to believe you are death incarnate :D