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2014-12-01, 01:33 AM
So I have joined this new game and well pretty much was killed by a group of clerics within 30 minutes and now that I am aware of what i can do in character creation i need some help from the experts.
So this game is begging you to power play.
so we get stats of 18,17,16,15,12,10 anywhere we so choose. the rules are gestalt allowing two progressions at once! And we get 4 free level adjustment pay off at the beginning.
and even worse the Dm will allow any race and we drop all hd, so For example i am thinking of playing an incubus ( male succubus if you care ) which in 3.0 is a 12 ECL. but he we drop all 6 HD and keep all the special powers of succubus and all the stats and features, that stacked with the 4 free LA makes the 12 ECL become a LA of 2 allowing me to gestalt 11 levels of bad assory.

Now that said, im going for a charisma caster (with the 34 charisma i cant really say no.) they need a caster really bad.
the build so far is, 2 LA succubus, 6 Fiend of corruption}{ 6 warlock/ 3 hell-fire warlock. now i need help cause im enjoying the idea of using the book of vile darkness in this evil campaign to steal souls since we are to kill Pelor worshiper and or in my case corrupt them. if any one can help me id appreciate it.

2014-12-01, 07:28 AM
I'd suggest posting in a system specific sub-forum (probably the 3.0/3.5 D&D one) - this forum is general roleplaying and therefore not a good place to ask for system specific stuff.