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2014-12-01, 04:20 AM
Hey everybody! It's been a really long time since I posted. But I lost my old gaming group (went to college, one friend went to the military and a few stayed home, so my friends aren't readily available anymore.) and I haven't had time to play much anymore. Not sure if anybody here even remembers me, but I wanted to thank everyone for some of the advice I received in a rather large story thread I posted posted awhile back.

Anyways, I'm getting back into the DM chair (at least until the others get a hang of it. Then I'll get to switch DMing off occasionally.) and I wanted some advice to keep power in line, not make stus/sues (this was a concern I've always had, as was the topic of an old thread.) and help with fleshing out a new character of mine.

First off, thanks ahead of time. I have a ton of houserules I'll be using in the AD&D campaign, so if you have a question just ask and I'll answer to the best of my ability.

Alright, so I'll be the DM/player in a group of three. We each will be taking turns as DM, so we each need a character for when we don't DM, during which time the characters change to more of an NPC status.

First we have a female centaur ranger. I've honestly no idea what her stats will be or what her weapons and stuff will be. She's a session late due to thanksgiving stuff and we didn't hold a session last week since it was over my break.

Second we have a female drow thief. Daggers and sword as well as light armor. Worships Vhaerun (think that's how it's spelled?) and is angsty. Outcast from drow society and is CN. So far the player has done well, no problems. Kinda cliché but he's new to D&D. Not overpowered yet (still a drow though, so he will eventually employ those free spells. We actually played together a long time ago too. He was a comrade in my tales of stu. He won't be named though.)

Finally is my PC. I'm going to list as much as possible, because some of my stuff is obviously houseruled. I've tried my best to not be OP, and if you see something wrong or just stupid then point it out. I want to fix these issues while I'm still level 1.

Race: Aasimar (always wanted to play one.)
Class: Cleric (Also never played one. DMed my fair share though.)
- I'm a cleric of flame. The Houseruled bit is that I don't worship a god. Rather, I opted for a faith in sections of portfolios. I'm happy to promote those portfolios, and if that inadvertently furthers a gods cause than cool. Still, I worship fire, flame, rejuvenation through flame, the sun (kinda. It's flame.) and it's raw power. I even have a small church in the starting town dedicated to this. Not a widespread belief though.

I tried to make a balanced Aasimar that would represent a flame angel's (angel of vengeance, yeah?) Ancestry.

Racial bonuses are +1 on saving throws vs fire and fire based spells per 2+1/2 constitution score. This is the same as dwarves.

Fire Resistance: 5. I used fire resistance since I like the DR style system, and because it's so much easier to use. Additionally, it's much less OP than a percentage reduction in damage.

By all respects I look like your tall, light to medium built human. Reddish brown hair and everything. Picture that guy from dragon's dogma's cover. Pretty much him.

Racial modifiers of +1 Wis, -1 Con. (Made sense.)

Str: 13
Dex: 9
Con: 14 (15-1)
Cha: 13
Wis: 18 (17+1)
Int: 11

The only remarkable aspect that shows my Aasimar side is that my it my shadow looks like iit's on fire. No benefits from this though, and most people don't notice it.

Name is Isaac Oliver Mustang. Mustang was for the reference, and I can take a little cheese. Still a decent name.

Standard white robes and I use a footman mace as my weapon. My other proficiency slot if for single weapon style (only fighter's can choose multiple style. But I liked styles, and thought they looked really cool. I kinda wish every race had their own style like elves have bladedancing. It'd be neat to see. Maybe I'll take a swing at it in the home brew boards later.)

Backstory is that I didn't know my father, mother died when I was young. (Like 6. Still old enough to remember.) She got sick. Church took me in and I vowed I'd try to cure people like her. So my driving force is to always get better. Mustang also dreams of a flame based healing spell.

Anything to coment on thus far?

Tarlek Flamehai
2014-12-01, 06:15 AM
This sounds like first edition? If so, remember that clerics' available spell levels were limited by their gods divine level. Since you have a small church, it sounds like you are looking at demigod level. Being limited 1-2nd spells may be a bit rough. Since you aren't human, what is your level cap?

If not first edition which edition?

2014-12-01, 07:57 AM
We don't play with racial level caps. Though from what I understand, it's a fairly common houserule.

It is 1st edition though.

I thought it was 1-3rd level spells. Not 1-2nd. 4 and 5 level spells are granted by angels etc, and 6 to 7th level spells are granted by deities directly.

I wish I could stick with my schtick and still get those highest level spells, but I don't know any way to do that without simply waving it. (Don't really want to wave it.)