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2014-12-02, 02:54 AM
Hey everybody!

Like most gamers our group has a lot of rolling and tables involved, and one particular set of loot tables are bothering us (you know the kind, roll to see which loot table you use, then roll to see which section, then roll to see what you get and roll to see how many if applicable).

I was wondering if anyone has a spreadsheet, tool or some other means that one can use to either click to roll or input the roll and check the results on the various tables?

2014-12-02, 03:06 AM
Last Gasp Grimoire's Choose Your Own Generator (http://www.lastgaspgrimoire.com/generators/choose-your-own-generator/) might be worth looking into. Haven't gone in depth with it myself, but it seems to do the trick with a little work.

2014-12-02, 03:51 AM
Ooh, thats really helpful thanks!

Also thumbs up to your sig quote :smallsmile: