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2014-12-02, 03:21 AM
So i was watching agents of shield, and wondering to myself what would the items be if put into a D&D 3.5 context.

So several items that are referenced are an intravenous plasma filter using extremis as a power source that gives super powers like super strength, increased damage reduction, and varying other things.

Berserker staff, Giving the wielder inhuman strength and endless rage with various things depending on the portion of the staff or the whole thing. Guessing it gives druids or casters barbarian abilities in order to battle melee fighters and ragers

Was thinking 2 varieties such as one for barbarian rage and one for berserker rage giving having different effects on based on the type.

would like to start a thread to d20 items and various things from marvel and DC universe :)

Feel free to include anything you would like to see ingame

2014-12-04, 09:18 AM
I always wanted to add items from Warehouse 13 too.

2014-12-05, 11:51 AM
I always wanted to add items from Warehouse 13 too.

Me too! I have written some already. I will see if I can find them and post them up here.

2014-12-24, 08:21 AM
Debihuman, I have found your creations to be very balanced and entertaining, I really liked the pinata creatures and cause beer/bare spells are just ridiculously funny and quite the party shakers.

I really want to see what the party thinks when the arcane trickster in training casts sharknado :P