View Full Version : Voting game tutorial. (Round 3)

2007-03-26, 04:19 PM
*Round 2*

Diana swiftly leaps towards Kari, and throws a smoke bomb, disrupting Kari's vision. Kari looks around, expecting a sneak attack at any moment. Suddenly she hears it, Diana attempting a backstab technique. She tries to dodge it, but Diana manages to scratch up her wing. Just then, the large dragons mouth comes down towards both of them, and they barely manage to avoid it. "Diana? What is it?" "I... I seem to have lost control." Diana replies weakly. "How? You're a Grand Summoner. You should be able to control a simple dragon." "Yes but... watch out." Diana shouts, trying to get them away from the Dragon, but it is to late. The Dragon's mouth closes around the two small animals. It swallows loudly and licks it mouth, then begins to scan the arena. Suddenly, a rose flies through the air and strikes it on the head. It turns and watches Sazuke standing on the edge of the arena, holding a blue rose in his hand. "SPIT. THEM. OUT. NOW." He says threatheningly.