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2014-12-03, 06:34 PM
This was just a thing that my crazy thought processes led me to. Have fun I guess?

Metasneak Feats

Metasneak feats modify your sneak attack by removing dice to create powerful effects. You can remove as many dice as you like to apply metasneak feats, so long as you are still rolling at least one die. You can apply the effects of metasneak feats spontaneously, but you can't switch which ones are being used in a single attack action.

Disrupting Sneak Attack
You can alter a sneak attack so it interferes with one or more targets' supernatural and spell-like abilities, as well as any spells they cast. A disrupting sneak attack temporarily reduces the save DC of any spell, spell-like, or supernatural ability the affected creature or creatures can cast or use by 2. The effect of a disrupting sneak attack lasts for a number of rounds equal to the number of dice used (after applying metasneak feats). Multiple disrupting sneak attacks do not stack. A disrupting spell has no effect on magic items. A disrupting sneak attack uses two fewer dice than a normal sneak attack.

Enlarge Sneak Attack
You can make a sneak attack with a ranged weapon at twice the normal distance. An enlarged sneak attack uses one fewer die than a normal sneak attack.

Fell Drain Sneak Attack
You can alter a sneak attack so that any living creature that is dealt damage also gains a negative level. If the subject has at least as many negative levels as Hit Dice, it dies. Assuming the subject survives, the negative level disappears (without requiring a Fortitude save) after a number of hours equal to your rogue level (maximum 15). A fell draining sneak attack uses two fewer dice than normal.

Invisible Sneak Attack
You can alter a sneak attack so that your location is not revealed if you are hiding, even if you miss. Your opponent still knows that they have been attacked, but not where, or who, you are. An invisible sneak attack uses three fewer dice than normal.

Quicken Sneak Attack
You can make a sneak attack as a swift action. A quickened sneak attack uses four fewer dice than normal.

Searing Sneak Attack
A searing sneak attack is so sneaky that it ignores the damage reduction of creatures affected by the sneak attack, and affected creatures with immunity to precision damage (or to sneak attacks specifically) still take half damage. A searing sneak attack uses one fewer die than normal.

Transdimensional Sneak Attack
A transdimensional sneak attack has its full normal effect on incorporeal creatures, creatures on the Ethereal Plane or the Plane of Shadow, and creatures within an extradimensional space. Such creatures include ethereal creatures, creatures that are blinking or shadow walking, manifested ghosts, and creatures within the extradimensional space of a rope trick, portable hole, or familiar pocket. You must be able to perceive a creature to target it with a transdimensional sneak attack. A transdimensional sneak attack uses one fewer die than normal.

Wounding Sneak Attack
When affected by this feat, a sneak attack that deals damage to a creature also inflicts a bleeding wound that does not heal normally. On each subsequent round, the victim loses 1 hit point at the beginning of your turn. The continuing hit point loss can be stopped with a Heal check (DC equal to the damage dealt by the attack), a cure spell, or a heal spell.

A wounding sneak attack uses two fewer dice than normal.

Giving rogues more options
To bring the rogue more in line with tier 3 classes, consider allowing it to take metasneak feats every 4th level. This won't bring it into tier 3, but it will allow them to have a few more options in combat, and also stops them failing against constructs and incorporeal creatures.

Admiral Squish
2014-12-03, 07:05 PM
I remember seeing something like this in either complete adventurer or complete scoundrel. They were called ambush feats, if memory serves. I will admit, I don't think these ideas were included among them, though.

Also, minor nitpick, you say 'spell' at one point in transdimensional sneak attack.

2014-12-03, 07:09 PM
Also there are a variety of the pathfinder rogue's Rogue Talent that work on this principal.

2014-12-05, 01:09 PM
Ugh.. Totally thought this said Meatsneak and came here thinking it was going to be totally different type of rogue...

Meat shield, meat sneak... Yeah...

A lot of these abilities could be given without the drawbacks of loosing sneak attack dice and they would still be balanced compared to other classes.

Extra Anchovies
2014-12-05, 01:34 PM
I don't think any of these are actually worth spending a feat on, really.

2014-12-05, 01:57 PM
I don't think any of these are actually worth spending a feat on, really.

Iunno, I'd probably take Fell Drain SA just to melt casters' spells off. And quite possibly Searing to get through anything with MLG DR or that's SA-immune.