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2014-12-08, 12:08 AM
For my 5e game I intend for the main villains to be a villain organization. I plan on giving the group 5 leaders.

I plan on the villain group to pretty much follow the Five Bad Band (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FiveBadBand) trope.

If you don't feel like checking out the link, each member will fill one of these 5 roles.

The Big Bad: The leader and generally master mind of the group. Whose goals drive the group forward.

The Dragon: The 2nd in command and usually the big bads most powerful (Sometimes more then the Big Bad.) and most trusted minion. More likely to be the rival to the heroes then the big bad and is generally more hands on then him. Sometimes is treacherous and or desires to replace the big bad.

The Evil Genius: The villain groups brains often essential or at least important to the plans, Generally the most intelligent of the group. Least likely member to turn out to be good other then the big bad. Often insane or has other quirks.

The Brute: The brute force of the group, usually the lowest ranking and dumbest of the group (But almost always physically the largest.) tends to be sent out first to antagonize the heroes if the Dragon is not already doing that. Almost always weaker or inferior to the Dragon in terms of strength and fighting ability, but is often the most physically powerful and often the most sadistic. Likes to fight and get his hands dirty, and is usually second best to the Dragon at doing so.

The Dark Chick: The member of the group that contrasts the most to the rest of them. Defined by looking or acting wildly different from the other members, adding color to themp. It's this member that stands out for one reason or another, and may be considered the "freak" or loose cannon of the group, particularly by their own members. Often has a completely different skill set from the rest of the members (Also does not actually have to be Female.)

Anyway what I am looking for is character ideas to fill out these roles. It will also just be interesting to see what types of characters people come up with that fit into these. If you guys can give me some good characters to be used as the villains I will be very thankful. Plus it's just a fun little activity. You don't have to give ideas for all 5 of them just an idea for character that fits into one of those slots is fine.

Game will be in the forgotten realms (Sword Coast Region) if that helps with ideas.

Note that Game play stuff is not too important other then a general decision on were you would want that member to stand in terms of power between the 5 of them.

2014-12-08, 01:44 AM
What sort of villainous organization is this? What is their goal and/or broad ideology? The villainous Student Council is generally going to look different from the villainous rebels or mages.

2014-12-08, 01:50 AM
What sort of villainous organization is this? What is their goal and/or broad ideology? The villainous Student Council is generally going to look different from the villainous rebels or mages.

I don't know. It's why I am asking for ideas. The Big Bad's goals move the organization so if you come up with ones for him the rest should follow.

I just have idea of how I want the leaders to be shaped. But I want to see what you guys can make from this scenario. I will just use the idea's I like best and make edits as needed.

2014-12-08, 03:04 AM
Evil theological organization! Each member worships a different deity, either from the dark and maligned end of a popular pantheon, or they're trying to install a new one in place of the region's currently prevalent one.

Skull BadDark is the leader, a charismatic (half-elf?) Death-Domain Cleric that wants to put his god at the top of the food chain. He promises that once his mysterious and terrible deity is calling the shots, he'll ask Big Daddy Evildeath to relax the whole 'mortality' thing for his followers, bringing their loved ones back to life and making them all immortal! He actually believes this but, of course, his god is just lying to him (gasp!). In the end, once Big Daddy Evildeath is the prime religion in his region of choice, and drinking up all that sweet sweet worship, he'll just send a revelation to some other sap that they are the true and rightful ruler of the land, have Skull BadDark assassinated, and the whole 'promises of resurrection and immortality' thing will be swept under the rug. A charismatic and powerful leader with strong ideals is great when you need a revolution, but a puppet is better for the long haul.

Killstab Honorson is the dragon, a stalwart and vicious (human?) Tempest-Domain Cleric that owes Skull BadDark a life-debt after being saved from a troupe of marauding werecorgi minstrels. Over time, he truly began to believe in Skull BadDark's ambitions and philosophy. Like his tempestuous god, Zapcackle Chortlelightning, he has little desire to lead on his own, but has enough passion to make a driven second-in-command. He utilizes a dexterity-based fighting style to differentiate him more from The Brute. Perhaps Big Daddy Evildeath and Zapcackle Chortlelightning have come together to frankenstein-lightning-animate some corpses into a squad of Flesh Golems for him to command.

Sinisterbrain Moustachetwirl is the evil genius, an opportunistic, sycophantic (gnome?) Knowledge-Domain Cleric that is intent on riding Skull BadDark's coattails to power, and his god, Booksecret Whispersmart, doesn't mind getting a little extra attention along the way. He doesn't have enough of a spine to stage a proper betrayal, but he won't mind hitting the self-destruct button and hoofing it to the escape grotto once Skull BadDark goes down. Likewise, he isn't much of a fighter, preferring to use divinations, spies, and bribery to further the Theological Consortium of Badness's agenda. He relies on a high wisdom for the spells, and a high intelligence for knowledge skills.

Crushcrushycrushcrush Axeington is the brute, a simple and bloodthirsty (half-orc?) War-Domain Cleric of Slaughterblood Bloodslaughter. He was admitted to the group after Skull BadDark came to the temple over which Sir Axeington presided, insulted his parentage, and challenged him to a series of progressively more dangerous challenges. Along the way, bets were added to each challenge until, at the end, Crushcrushycrushcrush was so far in the hole that he bet his lifelong servitude on the outcome of a battle. Killstab Honorson stepped in as proxy and defeated him in a glorious display, earning the admiration of Slaughterblood Bloodslaughter's following.

Largelyamoral Possiblyneutral is the dark chick, a (dwarf?) Life-Domain Cleric of Gowiththeflow Probablyworkout. Tormented by the death of all of her stepbrother's great-uncle's second-cousins, she became a priestess in the hopes that she might one day bring them back from the dead. However, the further her knowledge of the divine has grown, the less certain she becomes that such a thing is within her grasp. Then, Skull BadDark came along and preached with such conviction that she joined his cause, believing that he was the path to true mastery over life and death. In his name, she has committed morally questionable acts always, in her mind, for the greater good. Yet, mysteriously, Gowiththeflow Probablyworkout has not forsaken her, instead going with the flow on the premise that it'll probably work out for them both in the end.

2014-12-08, 07:35 AM
You should set the dark chick up to be a fanatic necromancer/cleric, but introduce her as a shy healer's apprentice, so she can join up with the big bad, around the time they meet/defeat the dragon.

2014-12-08, 10:06 PM
I should point out that the Adventure will be in the forgotten realms. If that helps idea wise.

2014-12-09, 12:33 AM
I should point out that the Adventure will be in the forgotten realms. If that helps idea wise.

Any specific region? Also, do you know anything about the PCs? Or anything about the general plot preferences of the players themselves (Like, maybe one of them really, really loves economic stuff while another is all for saving damsels all the time)?

2014-12-09, 01:31 AM
Any specific region? Also, do you know anything about the PCs? Or anything about the general plot preferences of the players themselves (Like, maybe one of them really, really loves economic stuff while another is all for saving damsels all the time)?

Planning for Sword Coast area. Players are pretty much good for anything and I can always make edits to idea's I like.

2014-12-09, 10:33 AM
What kind of level?

Big Bad: Ranger/Sorceror tends towards stealth when in operation relies on buffs, equipment and allies who he treats as family and receives similar loyalty from.
Conversely he can be good aligned just has a major beef with those in charge who he holds responsible for actions that led to his current role.

Dragon: Fighter/Cleric and former mentor of the Big Bad and is being bought by rivals into betraying the group which is currently not in his best interest but when has been sensible ever played a part in being evil?

Evil Genius: Wizard/Druid tutor of the big bad's daughter and although a friend of the Dragon has more on the line if his friend does the dirty. Very much the eccentric genius and follows the big bad because of mutual respect and the fact their interests are aligned.

Brute: Fighter/Rogue actually twins and close friends of the Big Bad and occasional rivals of the Dragon these two often serve as the face of the group allowing the big bad to interfere when things go bad and are very powerful in their own right.
Actually very likeable more CG than CN but are treated as such by the Dragon.

The Chick: The big bad's daughter a Sorceror/Druid who couples abjuration and transmutation spells comes across as the weak link is actually nearly as powerful as the Big Bad but is also far from evil and is often the group's conscience so your PCs may actually survive through her actions unless they threaten her father, mentor (evil genius) or aunt and uncle (Brutes) unlike the others is aware of the Dragon's intention to betray them and will be the reason why this group escapes capture or death.

Will work more on this later!

Red Fel
2014-12-09, 11:07 AM
First, the short builds, then the long explanation. Big Bad: LE Cleric. Dragon: LE Paladin of Tyranny. Evil Genius: CE/CN Wizard. Brute: CE/CN Barbarian. Dark Chick: NE/CE Sorcerer.
Now, explanations: Big Bad: He has a vision. A dream of how the world could be a truly better place. Crime obliterated, inequality eliminated, all desires satisfied, all needs met. The problem is that in order to impose it, he needs to be on top, and that means bloody conquest. He has told nobody but the Dragon about his vision - everyone else has their own reasons for joining up. He plays like an idealist, but a level-headed one. He is calm and collected at all times; smirking, pleasant, affable, but razor-sharp and tense as a wire. Straight Cleric works, but if you find an LE Cleric PrC that sings to you, go for it. Archetype: Ghaleon, from Lunar: Silver Star Story, or Zagato, from Magic Knight Rayearth. Dragon: The only one who knows the truth about the Cleric's vision. They have a past. Whatever the reason, the Dragon has sworn himself to blind obedience to the Big Bad. He believes that order will save mankind, and that the Big Bad's vision is the right way. As a bonus, you might play him (or her) as romantically inclined towards the Big Bad - for extra "right in the feels" points, make it one-sided. If subsystems are on the table, consider Crusader instead of Paladin; he'll be more optimized, in any event. Feel free to refluff any Paladin PrC you like for Evil; an Evil Fist of Raziel would be awesome. Archetype: Mele, from Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger. Evil Genius: They called me mad! Really, that's the key quote. He is incredibly brilliant, but in that "absentminded professor" way. The Powers That Be effectively exiled him because his arcane experiments were dangerous. The Big Bad offers him asylum and the opportunity to perform his mad magical mischief, in exchange for aid to the cause. He is completely obsessed with whatever he's working on, and the most likely to be insubordinate; he'd rather perform experiments than follow orders. He also has a spectacularly huge ego, and can be easily manipulated by appealing to it. Straight Wizard works, but again, PrC freely. Archetype: Dr. Lugae, from Final Fantasy IV. The Brute: He was always a big kid. Big and tough. Couldn't help it. Broke stuff. Didn't always mean to. Kind of clumsy. People were mean to him. Teased him. Called him worthless. Made him mad. Then he broke some people. Went on the run. The Big Bad found him. Gave him a home, a purpose. Treated him like a person, instead of a failure. Best of all, the Big Bad lets him break things. Lots of things. It's fun! This is a more sympathetic character - he has a tragic past, a simple mind, and really just wants to be free. (Hence the C in alignment.) You can either play him as being aggressively destructive (CE), or simply haplessly destructive (CN). Out of all of the followers, he's the most likely to go Good. Barb is easy. Fist of the Forest or Frostrager are great choices also. Archetype: Fezzik, from The Princess Bride. Dark Chick: Out of all of the characters, she is the most needlessly cruel, the most Evil. She joined up for the power - if Big Bad is ruler of the world, and she becomes his queen, she is the second most powerful person in the world. She fancies herself the First Lady of the organization, but the Big Bad finds her repulsive, and makes no secret of it. He keeps her around, however, because she is powerful, and her misguided affection (if one can call it that) makes her somewhat easy to control. She is sadistic and wicked, antagonizes all of her colleagues (except for the Big Bad), and revels in causing anguish. Again, straight Sorcerer to keep it simple, PrC out if something strikes your fancy. Archetype: Alcyone, from Magic Knight Rayearth.

2014-12-09, 01:36 PM
Big Bad (The Cardinal): The cardinal is a schemer, a politician, a warlord in the making. They're deeply pious, attached to a church renowned for being a bastion of light, in their position because of a long history of charitable works and opposition to a monarch who is legitimately a tyrant. They're also a burgeoning theocrat who's real problem with the tyranny is that they aren't the one with the power. After all, they are hand picked by their god to lead, and to purge the corruption from their lands.

It might also be entertaining to give them an ironic title at some point. High Priest Innocent IV or similar could work.

Dragon (The White Knight): The white knight is the one who does the dirty work for the cardinal. Their identity is unknown; they are clad head to toe in bright, gleaming armor at all of their public appearances. They rarely speak, and when they do it is in an echoing voice so distorted by their helmet that who they are is completely unclear. To the mind of the cardinal and their followers, they're a heroic crusader purging the unworthy. To the mind of everyone else, they're a bloodthirsty fiend and autocratic warlord in the making.

Genius (The Mastermind, a.k.a The Black Knight): The white knight isn't the only one taking care of the cardinal's enemies. The knight in white is known about, but spoken of is another one. Their armaments and armor are more common, though they wear a mask. Rumors about them abound where people just happen to have disappeared - enemies of the cardinal, but perhaps enemies the cardinal would rather have left alive. Then there's the servant of the cardinal, a dour sort that always seems to know things, that has been observed in the cardinal's secret meetings. These are the same person, and they are the brains behind the operation. They're ruthless, don't believe in the cardinal's goals for a minute, and are in it for the power behind the throne.

Brute (The Dragon): The cardinal's rise to power was accompanied by a great deal of rhetoric about divine punishment for the sins of the monarchy they seek to replace. The corruption of the monarchy has left the people undefended, and a literal dragon and metaphorical divine plague terrorizes the populace, and will until the monarch repents or is replaced. The wickedness must be paid for in blood.

That's the story at least. In reality, the dragon is another servant of the cardinal, the divine plagues carefully orchestrated. The cardinal still considers them divine plagues, as they are from the appointee of their god. The dragon is in the work because they enjoy it. They aren't the dangerous fanatic of the white knight, they aren't the ruthless manipulator of the mastermind. They are a bloodthirsty beast through and through, and the only thing they enjoy more than the killing is the terror they inflict in doing it.

Dark Chick (The Spy): The Spy is a familiar figure to the PCs, and to various other people in opposition to the group. They're a merchant met by chance who happens to give critical advice, a bard in a tavern giving accurate rumors about the antagonists, the scholar found in a grand library who just happened to give the PCs the information they needed. They only pretend to work for the antagonists, keeping up cover by providing information to them.

What they don't know is that the mastermind is on to them, and that at some critical moment what they know about the group will turn out to be horribly wrong, and exactly what the mastermind wants their enemies to hear.

2014-12-09, 03:27 PM
First, the short builds, then the long explanation. Big Bad: LE Cleric. Dragon: LE Paladin of Tyranny. Evil Genius: CE/CN Wizard. Brute: CE/CN Barbarian. Dark Chick: NE/CE Sorcerer.

It's 5e so you don't have to worry about PrC and stuff.

What kind of level?

As for Levels these guys are intended to be the villains for the entire game. Game is going to start at level 1 and go on until well it ends. (When that will be I don't know.)

Anyway liking what you guys are coming up with.

2014-12-09, 03:30 PM
Anyway liking what you guys are coming up with. As for Levels these guys are intended to be the villains for the entire game. Game is going to start at level 1 and go on until well it ends. (When that will be I don't know.)

Assuming level 10 for the end game, from a game perspective my list might be along these lines:

Big Bad: Level 8
White Knight: Level 12
Black Knight: Level 10
Dragon: CR 16
Spy: Level 4

2014-12-09, 04:45 PM
Sort of a half-formed idea at this point, but how about making them a mirror of the iconic adventuring party? Sort of, like, Big Bad: Wizard/Sorcerer, Dragon: Cleric, Evil Genius: Bard, Brute: Fighter/Barbarian, Dark Chick: Rogue? Give them a background of being an adventuring party themselves, who rose/are on the rise to wealth and power through the usual PC methods: looting ancient crypts, (ab)using artifacts, good ol'fashioned murderhoboing. Gives sort of a "not so different" dynamic between the villains and the heroes.