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2014-12-09, 01:22 AM
Many years ago, I was directed to a short-story style webcomic by a link in TvTropes, which apparently has since been removed. I do not recall most of the stories save for three, which struck me in such a way that I have been searching for it ever since.

The first depicts a maiden kidnapped by a dragon waking to find herself apparently shut in a dark room with walls of meaty biomass. Fleshy tendrils reach towards her and assimilate into her form, and over time she is transformed into a giant beating heart. The panel zooms back to reveal that dragon fetuses are developed without hearts, thus mother dragons must kidnap humans to transmogrify into the vital organ to give their children life. It concludes with an observation that a slain dragon's heart continues to beat for several days after the death of its host.

The second is is a story of a tragic companionship between a sentient human-shaped gummy and a person who ends up eating it. A can of female-shaped gummies is opened, with the majority of the contents being either unconscious or dead, save one. The boy, who was planning on eating them can't bring himself after befriending the lone sentient, sapient, and conscious one. She devises a plan to get him to consume her siblings, enacting games similar to the 'airplane' one, which gradually sees him sating his hunger. The boy wishes to keep her companionship forever, but she reveals that she will pass her expiration date within hours, and her greatest wish is to fulfill her original purpose. The boy tearfully consumes her at her behest, musing on his brief friendship.

The third begins with a boy who has covered every inch of his property with various rain collecting devices, which he tends meticulously each time it rains, fearing to lose a single drop of the precious precipitation. After the deluge concludes, he scans over each vessel with a strange detector. Containers that beep have their contents divided into progressively smaller portions which are each scanned until he's certain he's isolated the very molecules that emit the detected characteristic. Those minute drops are then transferred to a large tank of other similar drops, at which point it is revealed that the boy once had a companion who transmuted himself into a puddle of sapient water, but lacking cohesion evaporated into the wind. The boy has spent many years and will spend many more collecting the molecules that once made up his companion until he is complete enough to be returned to a humanoid form.

I remember the art style as being moderately animesque, and a few other stories had mildly nsfw content.

2014-12-09, 11:17 AM
I remember what you're talking about, it was an example in one of the TVTropes Nightmare Fuel pages a few years back. I've been looking for the past few hours though (Curse you TVTropes!) and can't find it. It must've been removed in the meantime for some reason.

2014-12-09, 01:02 PM
Oh, thank goodness. I haven't been hallucinating highly detailed stories. The Nightmare Fuel pages got rearranged a bit when High Octane and Unleaded got merged, so it must have been lost there. Or it may have been on TropersTales, which were all removed.