View Full Version : Voting game tutorial. (Final round)

2007-03-27, 04:55 PM
*Third round*

The large dragon glares at the puny mouse before him, and promptly ignores it, dismissing Sazuke as not worth it's time. Sazuke cracks his knuckles when he notices that he is ignored. "Very well then. It seems I have to show you why they call me Sazuke, the sky dancer." He flings the rose into the air and the petals fall off and rain down around him as he jumps up in the air. With a swift motion he flings another rose, this time an orange one, towards the dragon before he shoots through the air after the rose. Just before both he and the rose get to the dragon, he pulls out two small daggers from nowhere and begins to cut the air before him, sending shockwaves that cut both the rose and the dragon. The dragon growls at being attacked and turns to fight Sazuke... except he isn't there. The dragon looks around confused to find Sazuke, when the small mouse comes from behind and delivers a swift kick into the neck of the Dragon. Before the Dragon has a chance to react, Sazuke pulls out several knives from nowhere and throws them towards the Dragon. The knives hit their target and causes several bleeding wounds on the Dragon's head, throat and chest. Sazuke then jumps up and barges headfirst into the Dragon's chest, forcing the Dragon to cough up the two other Judges. When he notices that the other two are free, Sazuke smiles. "Time to end this." He conjures up a blue rose and points it towards the Dragon. "Time to go home. In the name of the Rose of Purity, I command you to return to the place you came from. You are Dismissed." The petals on the rose fly out, away from Sazuke, in order to cover the Dragon. The Dragon roars in anger, but the sound suddenly disappears as it fades in a flurry of blue rose petals. Sazuke then turns to the two other Judges. "By the power given me as the Second Judge, I announce the winner of this match to be myself. Now get back to work both of you." "Sorry... we were just trying to keep the guests entertained while you were gone." "Well, I can understand that. Still... just go back to your jobs. Diana, back to the Sign up booth. Kari, go back and work in the hotel. I'll stay here and prepare for the next fight." "Understood." Kari says, and the First and Third Judge leave the Arena. Sazuke then turns to the few guests in the Arena. "I apologize for this. I hope this fight was entertaining. Tomorrow, the first real match will begin. Please return then."

*Match over. The Winner... Sazuke Solson.*