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Passive Pete
2014-12-10, 09:27 PM
Greetings once again,

Starting yet another D&D campaign, with a group made up of mostly newbies. Pretty much all of us are in to Magic, and we always entertain the idea of combining the two, but never really did so until now. One of my group members, playing a cleric, wanted to try playing a leonin. I guess I'm the "why the hell not" DM, so I went with it. Him being a newbie, however, I was expected to come up with the stats. I've always wanted to try homebrewing, but never really followed a project through.

So today I ask you, the Playground, to come up with 3.5e stats for the lion-like race of leonin. Anything could help, as I haven't created anything yet. I realize that if I focused, I could make the stats myself, but I always enjoy a "group project," and I figured I could learn a thing or two about 'brewing myself. I realize that we may not know much about the leonin, so just make stats for a lion race. That also means non-MtG players are welcome.

I need this by Sunday, so make it quick :smallbiggrin: Thanks!!!

2014-12-11, 09:44 PM
Catfolk already exist. Races of the Wild and the Miniatures Handbook both have them.