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Level 3
Cantrips: As the Eldritch Knight, however you take your cantrips from the druid spell list.

Spell Slots: As the Eldrich Knight.

Spells Known of 1st level or higher: As EK Fighter except you take your spells from the Druid list.

Spellcasting Ability: Wisdom

Weapon Bond: As EK Fighter. Quarterstaffs, clubs, and axes may be used as a spell focus.

Level 7
Druid Circle (Land): You gain Natural Recovery of a Druid of you level.

Level 10
Nature Strike: As eldritch strike.

Level 15
Earth Glide: The Geomancer can burrow through nonmagical, unworked earth and stone just by moving normally. While doing so, the fighter doesn’t disturb the material it moves through.

Level 18
Improved War Magic: As 18th level EK Fighter level.

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Druid Circle (Geomancy)

2nd Level: At second level you gain a pool of energy, this pool of energy is called Geomancy. As our travel you may harness energy from the natural terrain around you.

You may spend Spell Slots to make Geomancy Points in order to cast spells based on the type of terrain you are currently on. You may be on multiple terrains at once as determined by the DM (desert cave would be under dark and desert) but you must choose one of them to draw your magic from. If you are in two terrains then you may switch which you draw your power from during a long rest.

The DM has final say on what terrain you are considered to be in.

Each terrain has a Geomancy spell of level 2 - 5 that the Druid may create points to use. The highest Geomancy spell you may use points to cast from is equal to the highest level you may cast normally. If the Druid (Geomancer) can cast 4th level spells then they may use a number of Geomancy points equal to 6 or less.

As an action you may convert any number of Spell Slots into Geomancy Points.

Spell Level: Spell Name

2nd: Hold Person
3rd: Sleet Storm
4th: Freedom of Movement
5th: Cone of Cold

Spell Level: Spell Name

2nd: Mirror Image
3rd: Water Walk
4th: Control Water
5th: Conjure Elemental (Water or Earth)

Spell Level: Spell Name

2nd: Blur
3rd: Protection From Energy
4th: Hallucinatory Terrain
5th: Insect Plague

Spell Level: Spell Name

2nd: Barkskin
3rd: Plant Growth
4th: Freedom Of Movement
5th: Tree Stride

Spell Level: Spell Name

2nd: Pass Without Trace
3rd: Call Lightning
4th: Divination
5th: Insect Plague

Spell Level: Spell Name

2nd: Spike Growth
3rd: Meld Into Stone
4th: Stone Skin
5th: Wall of Stone

Spell Level: Spell Name

2nd: Melf's Acid Arrow
3rd: Stinking Cloud
4th: Freedom of Movement
5th: Scrying

Spell Level: Spell Name

2nd: Spider Climb
3rd: Gaseous Form
4th: Greater Invisibility
5th: Cloudkill

Spell Level (Geomancy Points Cost)
2nd (3)
3rd (5)
4th (6)
5th (7)

6th Level
Whispers of Nature: Choose one Druid skill that you have proficiency in, you gain double your proficiency bonus to the skill. This does not stack with Expertise.

10th Level:
Recall Nature's Wrath: At 10th level you gain the spell "animate dead" as a 3rd level spell. This spell does not count against your spell known. However, there is a few differences.

The target of your spell must be of the beast or plant type. You do not force the creature back to life but you call out to nature and the beast or plant for help and the soul of the target returns to animate the body. This ability is not foul or twisted in any sense, though some people may think otherwise (this is a beefed up familiar, more or less). Nature and the animal may not respond if the Druid asks for the return of a creature too strong compared to the druid.

Whenever you create a recalled beast or plant with this spell you gain two additional benefits.

1: The creature's HP maximum is increased by an amount equal to tour Druid Level.
2: The creature adds your proficiency bonus to its weapon damage rolls.

14th Level:
Converting Druid spell slots to Geomancy Points takes a bonus action instead of an action.

Geomancer III = Core Ranger Remake (not the subclasses)

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Geomancer IV = Barbarian Subclass

Nature's Frenzy:
When you are raging you may use the cantrip Thorn Whip to conjure a tree sized root with thorns. You gain your rage bonus damage if the target is within 10' of you when you use this cantrip. Your casting stat is strength.

Wrath of the Wild:
Once per day during a short rest you may go through a ritual to remind yourself all that you have to be angry for. At the end of this ritual you gain back one use of rage that you have used. You can not use this feature again until you have finished a short or long rest. At level X you may use this ability to gain back 2 rages.

Anger of the Elements:
When you are raging and deal damage with a melee weapon or thorn whip from Nature's Fremzy you may convert your weapon damage into your element's damage. You may choose from Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, or Thunder. At level Y you may choose a second element, only one elemental damage may be used at a time.

Physics's Wrath:
When you rage the very fabric of all existence works with you to destroy your enemies. On your turn when you move you may instead teleport to a destination within 60'. You do not fall from this location if you don't have sufficient footing unless you come out of rage or are pushed down by another creature or object.