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Admiral Squish
2014-12-12, 08:21 AM
Welcome to Build-A-Legend! It's a simple game, but I do hope you'll enjoy it.
Your task is simply to create the legend behind the name given below. It can be a creature, a place, an event, an idea, or pretty much any other sort of noun you can think of. It can be in any setting you can think of, from high fantasy, to sci-fi, to alternate history, to official settings, or it can even be its own setting, if you're that ambitious. Each week, on Friday, I post a new thread, with a new name for people to build on, and add the last one into the archive. If you'd like, you can suggest names for the future. There's no rules, just have fun and try not to insult other people's creations. Do those count as rules?

The Name: The Silver Legion

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2014-12-12, 08:48 AM
Sounds like fun. Although I'm not the best at writing recently.

Here's my attempt. Tried to keep things intentionally vague, but imagining a rough Napoleonic era war.

The war had been going on for a decade, and showed no sign of slowing. The countries, alliances, and lands had all been ravaged as the battles played across the land. Morale at home was low, with many commoners now protesting the war and talking of rebellion, siding with the enemy. When it happened it was swift and bloody.

The Commoners, taking advantage of the Army far from it shores, rose up, and marched towards the Palace. The King and his Nobles were at a loss, for the home guard they kept in case of this were marching with the people!

Thus, with scant few days to prepare, the Noble houses banded together and formed what is now known as the Silver Legion. So called because "-'Vry one of them Bastards was born wi't a silver spoon." Featuring a motley array of fighting capable Men, the Legion had two advantages: One: they had better equipment, and Two: A lot of the Older Gentlemen had previously been officers.

The Battle never actually happened, as the King unexpectedly, and against all advice; rode out to meet with the leaders of the rebellion, but that wasn't the end of the Silver Legion, indeed, one of the concessions was that the Noble houses had to field the Legion, and keep it at full strength. Thus a lot of Half-Sons and Lesser cousins found themselves fully equipped, and shipped to the front-lines. There, they became a figurehead for the army, a rallying point, as the Nobles fought not for money, but for honour. To join the Legion became a thing of honour, and their emblem, The Silver Spoon, can be seen of the uniforms of Young Officers, joining other companies. Silver Legion Officers became respected, as they had fought in the ranks, before transferring out of the Spoons and into their current roles.

Criticism is always welcome. (I know it's not very good writing, but I like the idea.)

2014-12-12, 11:19 AM
They came from the stars like locusts. Swarms of hovering metallic disks with corded tendrils and shining red eyes. They do not sleep, or eat, but only destroy. Their insides aren't flesh but complicated messes of wire and metal. Arcane energys don't seem to harm them, the best golem-stopping spells have no effect.Our clerics prayed to the gods, but they didn't give an answer. Some say they are demons, but even hell is doesn't know anything about them. We don't know where they came from, we don't know what they are, but they are here to destroy us and we can do nothing. That is the Silver Legion, I just hope I delivered this message in time.

2014-12-12, 10:08 PM
The superstorm? Oh man, it was awesome! I got to see everyone drown in their lies! I was walking around Southlight after I got past the outgoing traffic, watching people pack the most useless stuff onto floating mattresses and window shutters and billboard pieces. Pictures and books and babies and those kinds of things. And then the wind kicked up again and everything would tip over and sink and they just. Crying and getting their faces even wetter, man. I laughed so hard. :smallcool:

Hey, you know what else I am? Alive. So rip a paper out of your 'nothing but the truth' book there, and roll that up in it. :smallamused:

So yeah. Last street I remember was Washington, after that the signs were underwater. I got hold of a roadwork barrel that popped loose and floated, it was getting hard to walk so, yeah, definitely Washington where the pork barrels were putting in a light rail. Ha! I made it with a pork barrel's barrel! How many of them lived? Any?

Pigs. :smallyuk:

Yeah. So I was walking part of the time and floating part of the time, and out of nowhere comes this hammer of sound. Broke my ears. And the water sort of yanked me off the street. Brain leaking out of my ears, man, but I had to hang on. Both hands. And legs. And the water was pulling. Everyone who says pushing is lying as usual. It pulled me up the sides of buildings. :smalleek:

Yeah. Yeah. Ok. Yeah. Get me a smoke. :smallsigh:

It kind of fits here anyway. There was a break. I stopped thinking or something. The next thing I remember it was clear skies again and the city was gone and everywhere was gone. At first I was screaming YEAAAAAAAAAAAH I MADE IT UP YOURS MOTHER NATURE and it was great. Best feeling ever. Better than this toothpick you got me. Better than anything I ever smoked or ever will smoke. Someone's got to figure out how to roll that. They will make millions. More. What's bigger than millions?

But yeah. The barrel got hit by something and it spun all the way around and I was seeing nothing. At. All. Just water. And then it hit me. I made it to nowhere. There was nowhere to go. And right after that I thought there was a way to go. Down. And I almost did it too. Right then. Almost let go. Just to stop thinking that. :smalleek:

I take it back. This is a good smoke. Other times I told this I was screaming by now. :smallredface:

So I was going to do it. I let go with my hands but my legs were locked on around the barrel and I could not kick them loose. I went upside down and into the water. I think I was going to grab my legs and pull them off the barrel. But there was fish all around me. Silver fish, like toothpick size. Millions of them. More than millions. What did you call it again? A legion. A silver legion of little living things swimming around me and I was not alone any more and I swear to you they talked to me. And they told me which way to swim to find you guys. And they told me a bunch of other things. And I know you are going to lie like all the rest and not believe it. But you think I used to be able to light a smoke off my fingers? No way, man. The silver legion told me how to do that, too. This is the truth. Whatever you holy rollers got, I got it now. :smallamused:

2014-12-13, 01:01 AM
It was bound to happen eventually.

Our first tools were large and cumbersome, chiseled out of rough stone. We didn't mind because the world was big, and we wanted our tools to be just as big. Then we traveled all the way around the world and learned that it wasn't so big after all.

Our next tools were small and precise, forged out of stone we found beneath the stone. We didn't mind because the world wasn't that small, and we could always find more stone. Then we started to find magma beneath the stone, and learned that there wasn't so much after all.

Our last tools were so small they couldn't be seen, and so precise they could forge themselves from magma . . . or anything else, for that matter. Now everything was stone, and if we ever ran out we could send our tools to harvest the stone from other worlds instead. But some of us did mind, because we realized that we were stone as well. And the tools resourceful enough to use us as stone would be the tools most equipped to forge more of themselves.

Most of us did not mind, for we knew we were too wise to destroy ourselves. Only when we found that other worlds also had life, and that other life also had tools, did we all begin to worry. For all we knew, the other life had no qualms with making tools of indiscriminate destruction. It was then that we realized we must destroy them first.

And so our countless silver tools were sent to countless other worlds to turn them into stone and turn the stone into countless more tools. We didn't mind because now our tools would be the only ones, and we would no longer fear death. We grew and grew, following our tools into the empty husks of worlds they left behind. We used new tools to make ourselves able to live there.

And so we were unprepared when some other life survived our tools. And we were unprepared when their own tools converged on our ever-growing civilization from every direction. And we were unprepared most of all when the tools turned out to be ours.

With the tools came a message: "Return to sender."

We don't know how many worlds were lost before we managed to shut the tools down. We don't know how many tools are still out there, waiting to reunite with their makers. So, whatever your aim here, know that we are no threat to you, and remember the tale of the silver legion.

We don't think of other worlds anymore.

2014-12-13, 09:37 AM
The trumpet sounded, joyfully summoning
Some cried out, in pain and agony, unable to stand that sound
Others rose up, seeking the Trumpeter, the creator of that melody
We came to him, and found ourselves changed
We were filled with purpose, and fire, and light
We were armored, and armed, and prepared to fight
And when the horn sounded again, long and proud
The Silver Legion charged into battle against the darkness

2014-12-14, 08:27 PM
I had a little trouble deciding which direction to go on this one.

Hey, you there! Yeah you! You look like you are ready to join up with the rest of the Silver Legion. A sword, a chestplate, and ten silver pieces to boot. And it's only one battle mate, once we storm the king's castle for the Lords of Rolline, we get our silver pieces. That's not even the best part, if you make it inside the castle you can take whatever you want. Paintings, vases, even the throne if you can carry it. There's almost ten thousand of us now and soon we will be unstoppable.

The light hit the glistening armor, and shining lances. The army had bankrupted 3 kingdoms but today they would get their reward. 50,000 men all outfitted in silver over cold iron armor with blessed and holy weapons. The paladins were spaced out evenly so all would get a chance at the action. The plan was to work methodically and conquer each one of the Nine Hells in order of strength. When we could no longer progress, we could simply retreat and let the newly formed power vacuum destroy the Lower Downs. There were enough clerics to keep everyone blessed for hours. The Silver Legion is ready for action as soon as the mercenary scouting parties report back.

King of Casuals
2014-12-16, 12:48 PM
The demons were closing in.
The demons were closing in.
Our sweet king drove to madness, his kingdom in sadness,
The demons were closing in.
Our soldiers were dead, our heroes had fled,
The demons were closing in.
The bards packed up their lutes, the birds silenced their flutes,
The demons were closing in.
The bodies did reek, but when all just seemed bleak,
This man was not weak, he had rallied the meek,
The demons were closing in.
This man's name was Gilver, he fought them with silver,
His fortune he gave to save us from the grave,
With all of his might he led us from the night,
He made us strong, we had righted the wrong!
The demons all died thanks to him.

2014-12-16, 01:14 PM
After the longest and most bloody war in history, victory led to lasting peace.
For almost four decades the world held its breath, as children grew up in ignorance of the ways of war.
Now the invaders came from under the deep, the only soldiers ready to fight are the veterans of that almost forgotten war,
shedding their house slippers and canes for fatigues and rifles.
Their wrinkles and grey hair a shining banner of hope, the Silver Legion.

2014-12-16, 05:59 PM
And so we were unprepared when some other life survived our tools. And we were unprepared when their own tools converged on our ever-growing civilization from every direction. And we were unprepared most of all when the tools turned out to be ours.

With the tools came a message: "Return to sender."
That is just. It weirds me out. A lot. Good job. :smalleek:

2014-12-17, 10:28 PM
Thanks! :smallbiggrin: I liked your legend too; the characterization was really great.

2014-12-18, 12:28 PM
A field of perfect statues lay no more than ten miles from the capital. Eight thousand in all, scattered across a field three miles to a side. Some hold swords, grim faces ready for combat. Some lay on the ground, as if they simply fell asleep and were frozen that way. Others run, their expressions indicating from a fate worse than death. Nobody knows when or how these statues were made. Perhaps it was a terrible curse cast by an ancient wizard. A common theory is they are a practical joke, left by some trickster god to befuddle mere men for the ages. King Robert the Third once sent some men to bring one of the statues back, as an ornament for his new throne room. They never returned, but rumor holds it the statues now count eight thousand and six.

2014-12-18, 02:38 PM
We were supposed to be the best ever trained. A new model army for the age. We had shining knights and noble wizards. We had winged scouts with fiery lances. Even the lowly grunts like me were decked out in mithril chain and and armed with blessed crossbows. It's all quite laughable now of course. They called us the "Silver Legion." Well we sure shined real nice, that was until we faced the enemy.

None of us could have known that the beings from beyond were pure madness given form. Half the ranks went mad on the spot. The scouts went from our "eyes in the sky" to our "death from above" near instantly. The wizards and knights held out at first but I could see the tears streaming from Sir Rodney's eyes while he cut down his own men. He soon turned as well. When all was said and done maybe a dozen of us survived that day.

Of course you know the invaders were defeated not by might of arms, but by the simple fact that our world was uncomfortable for them. They came, they saw, they decided they didn't like it.

Anyway they call us the "Tarnished Legion" now. But let me tell you on that day, when we stood in our dread array, it was glorious. The pride, the honor. The world may forget that we died for them, but I won't. That's why I still wear this insignia, why I still proudly call myself a legionnaire.

Now, lad, get me another ale.

2014-12-19, 02:03 AM
The Silfhersveit, or Silver Legion in the common tongue, were officially recognised as an independent entity in treaties dating back to the year 330 of the New Mountain reckoning, although their roots go back far further. Their origins are in an ancient fanatical sect of the Verndari faith known as Hreinleiki - crusaders against the influence of the Hells, they travelled among the mountain city-states in small groups cleansing the influence of Demons, Devils and the unnatural. Contemporary accounts show them to be considered dangerous and untrustworthy amongst most of the Fjallheimili of the time.

This changed in the year of 320NMR. The then newly established colony of Auđurheim had been prospering since its foundation in 317NMR, with the mines reaching deep into the heart of the mountain. Exactly what precipitated the coming of the Bane and the slaughter of Auđurheim is unknown to this day, but the most commonly accepted theory is that the miners uncovered something sealed within the heart of the mountain - either the creatures themselves or a passage to the Hell that spawned them. The slaughter was near-absolute, of the two and a half thousand colonists only a small handful survived to bring tales of the horrors unleashed upon Auđurheim.

The Hreinleiki were the first to react. While the Mountain-Kings were still focused on the threat from the border troubles with the River People, they called for a Hreinsun - a holy crusade. From across the Fjallheimili the Hreinleiki amassed in numbers never seen before, soon forming an army outside of the hold of Falleg. Within a week their numbers surpassed those of Falleg's own militia, causing great distress to the people and rulers of the time.

When dawn came on the tenth day they marched. The cleansing of Auđurheim is another event where the details are scarce, as the Hreinleiki were the only ones there and they value their secrets. What is known is that nothing was heard from Auđurheim for five days, though there are records of dubious authenticity alleging that settlements bordering Auđurheim where people had not fled reported unearthly screams and great gouts of fire lighting the night sky. What is known is that on the sixth day, surviving members of the Hreinleiki legion were seen again, scarred and battered but spreading news of their victory.

They had cleansed the Bane from Auđurheim and had claimed it as their home and bastion. Auđurheim became a training ground, a temple and, once again, the rich mines opened. Colonists were allowed back, although to this day all who reside in Auđurheim must swear an oath of fealty to the temple. The rich deposits of rare minerals attracted some of the best metallurgists and alchemists of the day and led to impressive discoveries, some of which remain closely guarded secrets even now.

Among the first were the strange weapons that have since given the Silfhersveit their name - silvery, lightweight and capable of cutting through demonhide and iron alike without losing its edge. They have been used by the Silfhersveit to great effect for nearly two centuries in combating various threats to the Fjallheimili since their first appearance in the Hreinsun against the armies of the Demon-Prince Jertai in the year 326NMR.

Attempts by covetous Mountain-Kings to uncover the secret of their production ended with universal failure. They seem to be a mix of advanced metallurgical and alchemical processes requiring constant upkeep - when the mad King Orvar of Fossinn ordered a contingent of Silfhersveit executed and their weapons examined in 328NMR the weapons are noted as degrading into a quick-silver like substance within two days.

The aftermath of the Fossinn incident remains the only time the Silfhersveit have taken to the field against a mortal army. The battle was brief but brutal with the Silfhersveit beating the Fossinn militia back to the doors of the fjallheim within the first day, with the surrender of the city and the execution of King Orvar following a few short hours later.

The sudden and brutal deposement and execution of Orvar was the subject of concern and outrage amongst the rest of the Mountain-Kings, which led to two years of unrest and skirmishes between Auđurheim and the rest of the Fjallheimili, ending with the Fossinn Accords of 330NMR. The agreement gave the Silfhersveit the right of free passage across the lands of all of the signatories for the original purposes of the Hreinleiki and that the Mountain-Kings would offer hospitality and aid in their quests. In return, the Silfhersveit vowed they would remain impartial in the mundane affairs of the world.

The Accords stand to this day. The Silfhersveit have become legendary throughout many nations, though few outside the Fjallheimili and seen them, and even fewer in action.

-Fjallheimili: Histories of the Mountain-Kingdoms, historian Tomas Bonnay of the Chastain University. 132PR (523NMR)