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Jontom Xire
2007-03-28, 08:19 AM
This may sound similar to Paranoia which I invented, but I don't think it is. It is designed to have a much larger IC factor. Here's the plot:


You live in an idyllic civilisation, a true democracy where all citizens have equal say in all aspects of government. Partly this is due to the fact that all citizens have the same values in life, you all support the same form of government, all have the same philosophies. The reason for this is that when this society was formed as the result of a bloody revolution, everyone who didn't fight on the winning side was put to death. Those that remained all fought for their beliefs, so those beliefs must have been the same.

Now, however, disturbing rumours abound. Of dissatisfied elements, agitating for change. Who knows how much longer this peace will last.


1) Everyone is a neutral citizen unless they're not.
2) There are several small groups of agitators. Each have their own agenda.
3) The game is over when there are no agitators remaining or only agitators of one group and they outnumber the citizens.
4) Each day citizens can CHOOSE to lynch someone on the grounds that they are an agitator disturbing the peace. As a democratic society more than 50% of the population must vote to lynch the person for them to be lynched.
5) You can only make one lynch nomination or vote.
6) Each day anyone can declare a revolution. There will be no lynchings if there is at least one revolution.
7) There can be multiple revolutions in one day.
8) Each person can either support a revolution, support the status quo, or stay out of it (NOT RECOMMENDED).
9) When a revolution succeeds, anyone who opposed it or did not assist it is put to death. When a revolution fails, anyone who supported it or did not assist in putting it down is put to death. Hence anyone who changed sides or stayed out of it dies. IC this is to ensure a stable new society where everyone is guaranteed to share the same ideals because they put their life on the line for them. OOC this will weed out inactives. OOC if you notify the GM that you will be inactive for a good reason then IC you will be considered to have been ill at the time and so be spared as having a good excuse for not joining the winning side.
10) Each night, each group of agitators may CHOOSE to assassinate someone they believe is a member of an opposing agitatory group.
11) Each night, an agitator spy may investigate the quarters of one other person to try and determine their role in the game.
12) Citizens win by being alive at the end. They may choose to join a group of agitators by swearing blood oaths (PM CC me) at which point they become an agitator (I will confirm this). Agitators may NOT pretend to join other groups of agitators.
13) Agitators win by being one of the the only group of agitators left.

To aid in this game being more GM autonomous:

A) People who nominate lynching victims (or the victims) may automatically write an appropriate lynching post when the vote hits 50%.

B) Anyone who initiates a successful revolution may, if everyone has made clear their position, or the announced end of day has arrived, post a successful end of revolution including lining up all the losers against a wall and shooting them.

C) Agitators may choose to PM their victim. Victims please be honourable and just post a suitable death scene. Once you get that PM do NOT reveal the sender to anyone in the game.


Please let me know your questions and ideas. The rules are open to debate but remember that the important point is to keep as much of the action IC as possible. It is this that has made the werewolf games a success, while others have fallen by the wayside.

Citizen - just trying to stay alive
Partynics - Going to bed before midnight should be illegal. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll! Yeah!
Peacenics - A quiet life is what we all need. Early to bed and wake to the birdsong - as long as it's not too loud.
Technophiles - We should rearrange society on a technological basis. Stick AI in everything to do everything for us.
Anachronists - We should return to a more rural way of life. Get closer to who we really are.
Spy - Affiliated to a particular group of agitators, the spy can determine the role of one person per night.


Atreyu the Masked Llama
Captain van der Decken
Gnome Barbarian
Lord Magtok

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-03-28, 08:27 AM
I'm intrigued, we all know that, but when do you plan on starting this game? because I cannot join more until a few have ended. Shock, I'm basing arguments for the dead in Rebellion because I'm so overwhelmed.

2007-03-28, 08:31 AM
In .

2007-03-28, 08:40 AM
...I might be in...it looks interesting, but there's a lot of stuff going on right now...

2007-03-28, 09:33 AM


2007-03-28, 11:25 AM

And Atreyu, I can understand completely.

2007-03-28, 12:01 PM
It sounds interesting.....but I really really can't play in any more now. Maybe if it starts awhile down the road.

Captain van der Decken
2007-03-28, 01:23 PM

Blue Serpent!
Well, I can't not sign up now, can I? In.

2007-03-28, 04:58 PM
oh um eh errr should I?
you remember what happaned last time!
well this will be ONLY two

*Signs name on list*

2007-03-28, 05:28 PM
Oo this sounds fun...:smallsmile:

Lord Magtok
2007-03-28, 06:15 PM
I want in.

2007-03-28, 07:07 PM
I'm in. Although I can't help but assume that Magtok will have me lynched at the earliest opportunity.

2007-03-28, 07:20 PM
I want in. This looks intresting, to say the least...

Gnome Barbarian
2007-03-28, 08:14 PM
Im in... Thank you

2007-03-28, 09:04 PM
on thinking it over, i with draw my name from the list, i have to much going on in real life, and one game here is pushing it for me so yeah.

*erases name on the list*

Jontom Xire
2007-03-29, 02:26 AM
Nice to see so much interest.

I think I'll put a player limit of 40 on initially. Subject to review and so on.

2007-03-29, 11:51 AM
Whey, this looks interesting, *Signs up*

Jontom Xire
2007-04-16, 09:25 AM
Hmm, come on guys. We'll need a few more people for this one. If there isn't enough interest I'll drop it, but I think it has a bit of potential.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-04-16, 09:47 AM
I'll give it a whirl.

2007-04-16, 03:15 PM
I'll try this out.

2007-04-16, 03:32 PM
I'll play.

Jontom Xire
2007-04-17, 05:13 AM
We now have 13 people. I am prepared to run this game with 16 people and only 2 groups of agitators. With potentially two kills per night it will be a relatively short game.

I'm also going to modify the rules slightly to add an agitator spy (seer) role.

2007-04-17, 05:22 AM
I'm in. I look forward to being killed by an agitator and writing out a death-scene.

Or, at least, write up being hunted down and killed by revolutionaries.

2007-04-17, 06:24 AM
Yes, alright....

2007-04-17, 06:33 AM
Jontom you may want to get people who signed up early to reconfirm.

Jontom Xire
2007-04-17, 07:07 AM
Good idea. I'll send out a bulk email once we have sixteen people and remove any dropouts. Thanks.

We're at fifteen now.

Also we could have extra roles just to add colour. Mayor, Chief of Police, etc.

How about everyone votes for a mayor who can then appoint such roles as Chief of Police, Executive Event Officer (parties and celebrations and suchlike) to their sycophants?

2007-04-17, 07:18 AM
Ah ok, I'm dead in most other games, I'll play.

So what would be the motivation for starting a revolution? Do the revoltees get lynched if the revolution is unsuccessful?

Jontom Xire
2007-04-17, 07:31 AM

You're right, that rule isn't clear - rewrite coming immediately. Thanks.

The motivation is that you can get rid of a lot of enemies quickly. If you have a lot of secret support or that you can gain more, then start a revolution. You can't change sides or stay out of it, or you get executed. So in theory you get a majority, plan the revolt and then declare it. You get most of your people to delay voting so that your enemies all vote to oppose and then come crashing in with your main support. Bingo, you've wiped out a lot of people in one go. Alternatively you could pretend to support a revolution, and get your allies to do so to, then actually oppose it, thus wiping out your enemies by getting them to revolt.

Originally I was hoping there would be several revolutions per game, but actually the death rate involved makes that prohibitive. We could make it so that only a few people get killed in a revolution. If anyone has any good ideas...

2007-04-17, 07:53 AM
Sounds interesting. I'm game.

Captain van der Decken
2007-04-17, 09:20 AM
Heh. Still interested here.

2007-04-17, 09:38 AM
* Posting to show continued interest *

2007-04-17, 10:38 AM
*also posting to say I will play*

Lord Magtok
2007-04-17, 04:08 PM
I'm still in.

2007-04-17, 04:19 PM
Still in I am.

2007-04-17, 09:25 PM
I'm still in this. Gotta reread the rules though:smalltongue:

2007-04-17, 09:42 PM
This sounds ... complex. But I'll give it a try.

Jontom Xire
2007-04-18, 02:11 AM
We now have 16 plus one possible except that I think Gezina dropped out of all such games a while back, so I'm not hopeful.

I'm proud and happy to announce that Supagoof will be co-narrating.

More soon.

Jontom Xire
2007-04-19, 02:46 AM
Hi, all.

You should now all have a PM from me, with a CC to Supagoof as co-narrator, telling you what your role is. Opening post coming soon. Because of the number of players, there are only two groups of agitators, not four. The Partynics and the Peacenics. Don't forget that you can recruit citizens to bolster your numbers. However agitators cannot infiltrate other agitator groups. Recruitment will work as follows: The agitators must vote (by PM to me and Supagoof) to accept a player and the player must PM us to say they want to apply. There will then be an initiation ceremony. If the player is in fact an agitator for a different group, they will end the ceremony dead. Otherwise they will learn the identity of all the agitators of the group, and from thereon be considered an agitator.

Jontom Xire
2007-04-19, 03:35 AM
As the sun rises over the nation of Pucetopia, you awake, yawn, and stretch. You rise from your bed, pushing aside the puce bedcovers and walk to the window, drawing aside the puce curtains. As you do every morning, you marvel at the beautiful vista of puce coloured houses you see.

Ever since the revolution thirty years ago, when the citizens rose up in revolution against the corrupt fascist government of the time, demanding that puce be made the national colour, the country has been at peace. Oh what glorious days. The streets ran red with blood, for a while. Then they were quickly cleaned and painted a delightful puce colour.

But that was a long time ago. Years have passed, and with them has come a new generation. A restless generation. They seem less willing to accept the puce-oriented values of their forebears. Gangs of rebellious teenagers can be seen hanging around on street corners wearing such off-puce colours as purple, or even (shock horror) maroon! Behind closed doors and around pints in the pub, there are whispers of revolution.

As a loyal citizen of Pucetopia, you know it is your duty to root out the agitators behind this talk of revolution and execute them for treason of the most non-puce kind.

2007-04-19, 04:35 AM
((That was an amusing opener...))

Jontom Xire
2007-04-19, 08:02 AM
Thanks, DLD.

Btw I forgot to mention that Day 1 ends 9:00 am Friday GMT (once I've had a chance to settle into work). Don't forget you need 50% votes to lynch someone. Then night will start and the agitators get their chance to get involved.

2007-04-19, 11:14 AM
((I'll get the ball rolling, shall I.))

"Gah! Crazy mental weirdos with their crazy mental ideas. They think they can disrupt our peaceful perfect puce existence with their wacko colours? Not under my watch. Let's get them! Starting with that one, I could've sworn I saw him wearing a dark shade of mauve the other day."

* Ink points at Captain Van Der Decken

2007-04-19, 11:29 AM
(( Day 1 points! Yay! ))

Castaras shrugs, and points at Lord Magtok.

I don't like the looks of that guy.

2007-04-19, 04:40 PM
MMM yes that lord magtok fellow doesn't seem very much like a good, puce fearing pucenik like the rest of us. Lets get him off the streets shall we?

((Haha! awesome opener:smallbiggrin:))

2007-04-19, 04:57 PM
*Points at DarkCorax* {COLOR="Puce"}Your teapot doesn't look very puce to me. You must be a rebel.{/COLOR}

((Which of these board colors is closest to puce anyway?))

2007-04-19, 05:49 PM
Warpfire looks around, brushing off his puce colored clothing, and hears the meager arguements against Magtok. Immediately convinced, he shouts, "Death to those who defy the puce!" And points at Magtok.

Lord Magtok
2007-04-19, 05:50 PM
(( Day 1 points! Yay! ))

Castaras shrugs, and points at Lord Magtok.

I don't like the looks of that guy.

You should talk. You're speaking in Dark Slate Gray, puce-hater!

*Points at Castaras.*

2007-04-20, 02:58 AM
* Steps out onto the street *

Indeed, and alas. Once again the winds of change stir this land. * Dons his puce boulder hat, and grabs his walking stick* I can only hope the undercurrents do not sweep me away, as they did my grandfather, Heironymous Arlanthe III. I fear for my land, and the path of reason.

* A tattoo across Arlanthe's right arms reads "832323" *

Jontom Xire
2007-04-20, 03:23 AM
The sun is high in the sky as the citizens of Pucetopia break off for lunch. There have been a few accusations flying about, but fewer than half of the citizens have been certain enough of another citizen's guilt to suggest they be executed, and those that have can barely agree on who is most likely to be a treasonous revolutionary agitator. There are still a few hours before the end of the day when, by law, accusations leading to a public execution must cease until the following day. Perhaps things will heat up in the afternoon.

(( Because the game is just starting, and because there has been so little posting, I'm going to extend the day until I get home this evening. Don't forget you need 8 votes to execute someone. ))

2007-04-20, 03:49 AM
"As a loyal citizen, I say death to those who do not speak the great Puce!" yells Pingcode, pointing at Castaras

2007-04-20, 06:33 AM
*Points at Magtok*

We need 8 votes to kill the puce hater. We have 5. Come loyal pucetopians, and execute the hater of puceness and puceosity.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-04-20, 06:37 AM
Hmmm....(Magtok hasn't been lynched early in any game I'm thinking of right now and he's still alive in a few. He'll do.)

*The puce colored llama points at Magtok*

2007-04-20, 07:13 AM
"Puce Hater!"
*Alarra points at Magtok

2007-04-20, 07:14 AM
I can only turn the tide at the waxing. All eyes appear to be on this Magtok fellow. What will become of him? Is he a citizen? A peacenic? A partynic?

The eyes of the public dart his way. I feel the currents. I like my hat.

2007-04-20, 07:26 AM
"Puce Eternal! Let the Puce Hater burn!"

*Points at Magtok

Jontom Xire
2007-04-20, 08:29 AM
(( Correct my count if I'm wrong:

Captain can der Decken

Lord Magtok


Lord Magtok

One more vote needed for Lord Magtok or no lynching. ))

Captain van der Decken
2007-04-20, 09:18 AM
"I say! All loyal citizens should use the colour puce!"

*points at Lord Magtok*

2007-04-20, 09:23 AM
"I say! All loyal citizens should use the colour puce!"

*points at Lord Magtok*

Maybe we should vote in puce....

2007-04-20, 09:30 AM
And that does it.

The crowd surrounds Lord Magtok. His face twitches. he begins speaking in a monotone voice that sounds like a speak n spell. It seems the android side has taken control...

Puce = Good.
Puce = Good.
Puce = Good.
Puce = Good.
Puce = Lord Magtok in trouble.
Therefore Puce must not = Good.
But Puce = Good.
Fatal Error.
System Meltdown.

A crack appears across the robotic eye of Lord Magtok. His body goes limp, and he falls to the ground.

Lord Magtok, a citizen, was killed.

Night Begins.

2007-04-21, 01:26 AM
Alas. Poor Lord Magtok. He never knew what hit him.

((For the record, you are all using pink, not puce. This is puce.))

Jontom Xire
2007-04-23, 02:18 AM
Dawn breaks over Pucetopia. Rising to the **** crow you make your way to the window you open the shutters. The crowd below cry "Messiah! All hail Brian the Messiah". You hastily close them again wondering why you're in a Monty Python film. When you open them again the crowd is gone. Must just have been your imagination.

Later that morning you hear the screaming of sirens as the police arrive at the houses of Captain van der Decken and Selrahc. Crowding around the police barriers you can only make out snatches of conversation, but the rumours soon get around and you find out that they were murdered in their sleep. Captain van der Decken was found strangled with some knitting wool while Selrahc was killed with an overdose of LSD absorbed while he slept from a happy smily face sticker stuck to his forehead.

Captain van der Decken, a citizen, was killed by the Peacenics.
Selrahc, a citizen, was killed by the Partynics.

Night will start 8:30 am GMT tomorrow. Get your votes in citizens!

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-04-23, 06:44 AM
*the llama wakes up, and finds a gourd at his feet. He looks down curiously at where it came from.*

2007-04-23, 06:53 AM
XD. Brilliant, just so brilliantly stereotypical.

A bit of knitting wool and a lethal smiley sticker. Classic.

Jontom Xire
2007-04-23, 11:28 AM
I just noticed that the word c_o_c_k is not allowed by the filth filter.


Jeesh. What has the world come to!

Can anyone think of an alternative way of saying c_o_c_k's crow without using the word ****? "Cry of the rooster" just doesn't seem to have the same ring somehow. :(

2007-04-23, 11:31 AM
Castaras comes out of her house.

What's happening? Oh my gods!!

She stares at the bodies, and walks quickly away back to her home.

2007-04-23, 12:57 PM
So be it. Then this is the way.

* Spins around with his walking stick, carried in the arm that bears the tattoo "832323" *

I sense a stink on that one. A stink of... authority. She smells like the man who slew my uncle, Heironymous Arlanthe III. The blood is upon her hands, I can sense it. I must bring peace to my land, and so it is done.

* Stops spinning and points his walking stick at Alarra. * I implicate you in treachery against puce!

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-04-23, 02:05 PM
(but...but...I like Alarra. Well, she did just have a nice long run in WWC III so I suppose its as good as place to start as any.)

*The llama points at Alarra.*

2007-04-23, 02:47 PM
You better be right about this Arlanthe or the suspicion will fall on you next. (:smalltongue:)
*points at Alarra.*

2007-04-23, 02:54 PM
Castaras turns to DarkCorax.


* Points at Alarra *

2007-04-23, 03:14 PM
"Now wait just a minute here." Alarra comes out wearing puce clothing, carrying a puce hand bag, and even wearing a puce hat. "I love puce! I wouldn't dream of treachery against it. If I had to state where my suspicions lie, it would be with Castaras. I mean, come on, she speaks in slate gray."

*points at Castaras

2007-04-23, 03:20 PM
Hyram Graff agrees with Alarra and points at Castaras. {color="puce"}Castaras is a puce hater.{/color}

2007-04-23, 06:01 PM
**** crow. Easy enough :smallsmile:

I point at castaras, for the puce hater must die!

2007-04-23, 11:02 PM
Mmm, I say, such madness, to speak so sullenly. Surely you must be one of those no good agitators against Puce, Primarch of Colours!

* Helgraf points at Castaras *

2007-04-23, 11:09 PM
"Hmm.. why is everyone trying so hard to accuse Castaras? Something is most unpucey here."

* Ink points at Alarra

((Edit: Strange, that was the colour I got when I did color=puce(!):smallwink:))

2007-04-23, 11:10 PM
*point at Castaras*

Jontom Xire
2007-04-24, 01:58 AM
Vote tally currently is:



Not voted
Gnome Barbarian

And it's a tie! You need 7 votes to lynch someone! You have half an hour left, although this is sooo exciting I may extend the day until lunch time if the matter is not resolved soon enough.

2007-04-24, 02:34 AM
Beat, beat, beat the incoming deadline...

"Look at who is pointing, the one who does not speak the prime language!"

*UnPoints at Castaras

"...I'm not sure what to think anymore. Why is Alarra so suspicious?"

Gnome Barbarian
2007-04-24, 06:38 AM
((sorry just got off a 2 day D&D binge))

*Gnome Barbarian points at Castaras

I think you are more suspicious. If you are a loyal citizen I am sorry....On second thought

*Gnome Barbarian points at Alarra

2007-04-24, 06:51 AM
"Let's just make this quick, then. I don't think we need to waste anybody else's time."

*Re-Points at Castaras

Coup de Grace!

2007-04-24, 07:50 AM
Warpfire thinks for a moment, then points at Alarra.

2007-04-24, 09:44 AM
Can I ask Alarra, why you say that I'm suspicious? I still find it odd how people will suddenly turn to point at me as soon as Alarra points at me...just for my colour...

Castaras sighs.

Yes, I find all of you who try to start a bandwagon against me suspicious. But if you want to lynch me, go ahead.

She turns and heads back to her home.

Jontom Xire
2007-04-24, 10:22 AM
As the crowd closes in on Alarra she cries out defiantly, "You fools, you boring fools. If you can't party you may as well be dead! Bring on the music, bring on the drugs and alcohol. Live life before you die!"

Infuriated, the crowd tears Alarra to pieces, sating their bloodlust until nothing is left but a few red stains in the road. These are quickly cleaned up, returning the road to its original perfect puce colour.

Alarra, a Partynic agitator, was killed.

Night begins and will end when I receive all necessary night time PMs, OR just before 9am BST Thursday.

2007-04-24, 10:31 AM
Woo! We got someone!

Castaras smiles and heads for her home.

2007-04-24, 12:10 PM
Pity, all the shame and blood that must flow, for such wretched ideals.

Smokescreens and guile. What has the world become? * Arlanthe walks back to his very puce, dark rusty purple home, address 832323 Puceliberty Street *

((EDIT OOC: Puce is a color of deep reddish purple, bordering on brown. It comes from a French word meaning "flea". Wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puce).))

2007-04-24, 09:35 PM
"What an unseemly display of disorder that was. I certainly hope the other women of this town aren't so ... disruptive."

2007-04-25, 12:17 AM
"Crazy kids...", Ink mutters before heading off to his home.

2007-04-25, 12:39 AM
"Alright! We g-" Pingcode is cut off as Alarra's handbag flies through the air and hits him on the head.

"Ow! Mine headache. The hope of well I certainly that nobody is in another way as soon as moved, and always can phase the flea! Flea eternally!"

Jontom Xire
2007-04-26, 02:54 AM
Dawn arrives, the sun spreading its rays to illuminate the puce roads and houses of Pucetopia. A quick headcount shows that Arlanthe is still not risen. As you go to his house you find the front door open. Moving upstairs you find him motionless in bed. Dark stains cover the pillows and inside his ears are a pair of small earphones. You trace the wire and find it connected to a CD discman with the volume set to full. Nearby is a CD case for "Old Skool Rave IV". A warning label declares "Caution - playing this music at full volume may damage your hearing or melt your brains." You realise what the stains on the pillow are - poor Arlanthe's brains.

As you stumble back in disgust, you realise that the room is decorated in matching floral patterns. Cute figurines of shepherds and shepherdesses, dogs and cats, are displayed on every surface. Even more condemning is the "Radio Musak - program for the year" on a side table next to a radio.

Arlanthe, a Peacenik, was assassinated by the Partyniks

Day starts and will end just before 9am GMT tomorrow (Friday).

2007-04-26, 08:30 AM
"Hmm.. he was quick to side with Alarra yesterday. We'll soon see if he is an enemy of puce."

* Ink points at HyramGraff

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-04-26, 10:01 AM
Oooooh, logic!!

The puce wooled llama points at HyramGraff

2007-04-26, 10:20 AM
HyramGraff points at Castaras and says, "{color="puce"}She is a puce hater even the agitators could see that.{/color}

2007-04-26, 10:27 AM
Why are you trying so hard to lynch me, Hyram? What have I done to raise your suspicions?

Castaras turns to look at him, raising her hand to point at HyramGraff.

It is annoying when I get pointed at for no viable reason. Except for not speaking in puce.

She sighs.

If you insist I will speak in whatever colour you people call puce. Although my player really finds it annoying to do that, and pointless.

2007-04-26, 12:03 PM
I point at Castaras.

Puce hater. :smalltongue:

2007-04-26, 12:18 PM
I do not hate puce. I merely find the idea of having to talk in this colour annoying. What if I had two characters? Be confusing having them both speak in puce, wouldn't you say? :smallamused:
Yeah definatly. Like this.
Shut up random NPC. :smallmad:
Make me.
Shut UP! :smallfurious:
Alright alright keep yer hair on. :smallamused:
I'm surrounded by idiots. :smallannoyed:

Castaras shakes her head sadly and heads back into her home.

2007-04-26, 12:52 PM
((Castaras, I believe having two accounts is now a violation of the forum rules so that defense doesn't work well with me.))

2007-04-26, 12:54 PM
(( ...Eh? :smallconfused:

What has that have to do with this? ))

2007-04-26, 12:56 PM
((The what if I had two characters part.))

2007-04-26, 12:58 PM
(( ...That's two characters on the same account...that isn't two accounts...I'm still confused how you thought that was something to do with accounts... ))

Gnome Barbarian
2007-04-26, 12:59 PM
Logic....that doesn't happen to often during these games.

*Gnome Barbarian points at HyramGraff

2007-04-26, 01:09 PM
*points at HyramGraff*

He followed Alarra rather quickly...

2007-04-26, 01:10 PM
I didn't follow Alarra, because she pointed at me DarkCorax. Why would I follow her if she tried to kill me?

2007-04-26, 01:15 PM
That was a typo, I copied someones text to get the colour, and forgot to change the name... :smalltongue:

2007-04-26, 01:20 PM
Ah, I see. :smalltongue:

2007-04-26, 06:33 PM
I do not hate puce. I merely find the idea of having to talk in this colour annoying. What if I had two characters? Be confusing having them both speak in puce, wouldn't you say? :smallamused:
Yeah definatly. Like this.
Shut up random NPC. :smallmad:
Make me.
Shut UP! :smallfurious:
Alright alright keep yer hair on. :smallamused:
I'm surrounded by idiots. :smallannoyed:

Castaras shakes her head sadly and heads back into her home.

What makes you think my point has anything to do with the color of your voice? Others have said that, I have simply accused you of being a puce hater. As you can see I don't talk in puce either, and your point about more than one character is quite right. I simply point in puce, and don't feel anyone else should be forced to. I do however believe you to be an enemy of puce. As such, I point at you.

2007-04-26, 06:41 PM
"Everyone knows bandwagons are the true way to follow the puce!" Warpfire declares proudly as he points at HyramGraff.

2007-04-26, 06:56 PM
"Everyone knows bandwagons are the true way to follow the puce!" Warpfire declares proudly as he points at HyramGraff.
If you truly believe that, then you know nothing of puce.:smallfurious:

Jontom Xire
2007-04-27, 02:46 AM
As the angry mob descends on HyramGraff he stumbles back a pace. "No no, you're making a terrible mistake", he cries.

"Traitor", cries the crowd, "You're not puce enough!"

"Hey", someone yells from the back of the crowd, "If he's not puce enough, I know how to solve that!".

There is a moment of tense silence while the crowd waits for the answer.

"Stick him in a huge vat of puce paint. There's one down at the depot", comes the voice from the back.

The crowd cheers, thinking this a great idea, and drag the poor HyramGraff down to the paint depot where they throw him in a huge vat of puce paint. There is a short delay, a few bubbles rise to the surface, and then nothing. HyramGraff is now thoroughly puce, but also thoroughly dead.

HyramGraff, a citizen, was executed.

Night starts now. Due to weekend activities I am not sure when I will be online to end it, but the absolute latest is when I get into work on Monday morning. Please don't forget to send in your PMs! If you copy SupaGoof he may be able to end it earlier.

Also, my imagination is runing out of suitable assassination techniques. If you are PMing in an assassination I would really appreciate it if you could come up with a clever way of doing it.


Jontom Xire
2007-04-28, 01:56 AM
The sun rises. Lucky that or it would be dark during the daytime. Puce shades glint from every surface. The people of Pucetopia gather in the square, drawn by a hubbub of rumour. There, all that could be found of the Peaceniks was a small ball of wool, a cute little kitten figure, and a small note.

Let peace reign through pucetopia.
Suddenly someone noticed that Atreyu wasn't present. You dash to his Llama stall where you find him dead, strangled with speaker wire, his corpse decorated with all the latest raver fashions. There is a note pinned to the side of the stall:

Rest in peace now, you party pooper!

Atreyu, a Peacenik agitator, was killed by the Partynik agitators.

Day will end, and night begin, obviously, at 9am GMT on Monday morning. Enjoy the weekend.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-04-28, 11:17 PM
(but..but....I had plans!)

2007-04-29, 02:19 AM
Castaras came out of her house that morning, thinking. She then saw the body of the llama.

Those...partyniks are killing people by the dozen! No!

She turned to look at the note.

Why would the peaceniks kill no-one?

Gnome Barbarian
2007-04-29, 11:32 AM
My fellow citizens of Puctopia. It is time that we quell those who are murdering our friend, our neighbors, our country men while we sleep. Obviously those in rule right now are not doing there jobs correctly because these Partynics are running rampant and killing.

We most revolt agaisnt the current government and take these matters into our own hands. All those who believe that we can better take out these warring factions join me for today the smell of Revolution is in there air and you are either with us or agaisnt us.

Like our fore fathers who fought for peace so will we.

Viva La Revolution!!!!!

2007-04-29, 12:17 PM
"Hey, why not? Something's got to change around here if we citizens of Pucetopia are to live the rest of our lives pucefully. The time for that change is now!"

"Viva La Revolution!"

2007-04-29, 12:23 PM
Hmm...eh might as well.

VIVA LA REVOLUTION! Or whatever you say...

2007-04-29, 10:18 PM
Since I probably won't be back on 'till later, Viva La Revolution so I don't accidentally get caught out of the loop.

2007-04-29, 10:21 PM
Never! For the Puce and all those these rebels have killed. I told you this Castaras was a filthy rebel. We must stand strong together people of pucetopia, and drive these alleged peaceniks from our lands join with me,

2007-04-30, 12:07 AM
* Viva la Revolušion *

2007-04-30, 02:06 AM
Viva La Revolution!!!!!

Jontom Xire
2007-04-30, 02:22 AM
Very nice revolution post, Gnome Barbarian. Day is extended until 9am GMT Tuesday for the revolution. There will be no lynchings today, but at least one person will be up against the wall and shot.

2007-04-30, 02:40 AM
*sigh* I have no wish to die, so *Viva La Revolution*

Jontom Xire
2007-04-30, 03:24 AM
Actually, we're only waiting for Warpfire777. So once he posts his inclination I'll end the day.

2007-04-30, 04:24 PM
Viva La Revolution!

Sorry about being late.

Jontom Xire
2007-05-01, 01:12 AM
The revolutionaries storm through the Puce coloured streets, killing all who refuse to join the revolution. The gutters run red with blood until at the end of a long hard day, the battle is won. Then the revolutionaries pull out the buckets and mops to make their streets puce once more, while Gnome Barbarian gives stirring speeches about how brave everyone was.

While counting the bodies you notice that Inky13112 was amongst those supported the existing regime. Swept aside by the revolutionary forces, his broken body lies forlornly in the street.

Now a new regime must be instated. Gnome Barbarian, the hero of the revolution, is picked as the leader of the new state, amidst calls and pleas from the crowd to make the new Pucetopia a safer place, to eradicate these vicious revolutionary agitators ((oh the irony is killing me :)) to make good on the promises he made in his revolutionary speech.

Inky13112, a citizen, was killed.

Day ends, night starts and will end at 9am GMT on Wednesday, or when I have all the necessary night time activity PMs, whichever is sooner.

Jontom Xire
2007-05-02, 01:41 AM
You awake and rise from your beds, looking forward to a bright fresh new day. The horrors and bloodshed of tomorrow are behind you and you can look forward to the dawn of a new era. No longer will the nation be troubled by these damn agitators. You can sleep peacefully in your beds.

Outside the Hero of the Revolution's house, a small crowd has gathered. calling joyfully for Gnome Barbarian to arise, awake, and join them. Answer came there none. Finally troubled, the crowd tries the door - it is unlocked. A growing sense of foreboding rises in you as you make your way upstairs. There, murdered in his bed, lies your beloved leader, slaughtered as he slept by the hated partynic agitators.

Gnome Barbarian, a citizen, was killed by Partynic agitators

Night ends, day starts and will end 9am GMT on Thursday, or sooner if everyone votes and we get a 50% majority for a lynch.

2007-05-02, 09:57 AM
Castaras staggers out of her house, watching those crowding round Gnome Barbarian's house. She turns to look around the crowds, and raises a finger to point at Ink, to try and get the pointing started this round.

It's a gut feeling I have Ink. No hard feelings, I hope, if I'm wrong.

2007-05-02, 03:27 PM
"None whatsoever, but I have a shady feeling about you."

* Ink points at Castaras

2007-05-02, 09:23 PM
"Hmmm, already the new day and still quarrelling. Yet I do not know yet whom amongst thee are true puce supporters and whom are merely hiding behind a puce shield your subversiveness."

Helgraf declines to point for the time being.

Jontom Xire
2007-05-03, 01:49 AM
Looks like this will be a no lynch day unless some more of you get pointing.

2007-05-03, 02:11 AM
Bleh. No real evidence to speak of in either case makes this feel awkward.

* Helgraf points at Ink *

2007-05-03, 02:16 AM
Well, snap. Flipping coin now...

[roll0] 1: Ink, 2: Castaras

*Points at Castaras

2007-05-03, 02:44 AM
*Points at Castaras* you have been getting way too many votes over the past few days not to be someone...

Jontom Xire
2007-05-03, 03:43 AM
As the day draws to a close, so does the heated argument between Castaras and Ink, each of whom bitterly accuses the other of undermining the fabric of the Pucetopian society you live in. While many of the bystanders join one side of the other, there is not enough of a quorum by the laws to execute either. You all head home to your houses. The air is fraught with bad feeling and fear. Will you live until tomorrow? Will the revolutionaries amongst you kill again tonight?

Day ends, and night starts. Night will end 9am GMT Friday morning or when all night time activities have been resolved.

Jontom Xire
2007-05-03, 05:21 AM
After what seems an extraordinarily short night, you rise to the sound of loud music coming from somewhere. On investigating you find it's coming from Castaras' house. You go in to find Castaras house wrecked, her body lying motionless on the floor. As you look closer you see that she's lying on a speaker. The deep bass beat coming from it has turned her insides to jelly, killing her completely.

Castaras, a Peacenik agitator was assassinated by the Partynics

Day starts and will end at 9am GMT Friday.

((I'd just like to make a quick rules clarification. If a revolution is declared in the name of one of the agitator factions (but not necessarily by an actual agitator), and that revolution succeeds, then the game is over and everyone left alive has won except for opposing agitators. This will make quite a good way to get a quick ending to a game, especially since opposing agitators will have to oppose the revolution or lose. It also make it more important to have a good popularity base amongst the citizens. This rule may need tweaking if we play a game and it doesn't work out so well.))

2007-05-03, 09:39 AM
(( Bah. I'm dead.

Partyniks, damn yoooooou! Villagers, get that partynik! We peaceniks only wanted the best! GOOO VILLAGERS!!!!! ))

2007-05-03, 07:37 PM
Pingcode shakes his head, and posts (for the moment) without colour, on account of lack of time.

"Another senseless murder. However, I am beginning to see a pattern here - In the early days of these terrible deeds, Arlanthe led a successful bandwagon against Alarra, who turned out to be one of the vicious, hated partyniks." Pingcode spits on the ground as he says the name. "The next morning, Arlanthe was dead, killed in revenge. Yesterday, Castaras pointed at Ink, and today, she is dead."

He looks at Ink with accusing eyes.

"I believe that she stumbled upon one of the vicious partyniks, may-they-burn-in-hell, in our midst."

*Points at Ink

2007-05-03, 10:26 PM
"Sir, I have been nothing but an upright and responsible citizen of Pucetopia and I have helped bring several agitators to justice. That you are so eager to have me lynched for doing my civic duty is incredibly suspicious. Castaras deserved to die. She was a vile and insidious Peacenik. As was Arlanthe. The fact that you even suggest that their deaths were anything other than a blessing makes you an enemy of puce in my eyes."

* Ink points at pingcode

2007-05-04, 02:27 AM
"Hardly. That they were vile peaceniks has no bearing on your guilt - The enemies of puce are at war, and to discount the actions of their members would be foolishness. They deserved death, true, but only a fool ignores the motivations of his enemies."

Pingcode points dramatically at Ink.

"Indeed, you claim you have helped 'several agitators' being brought to justice, but I can count only Alarra on your record, for you sacrificed your fellow partynik to hide your own guilt. You slew Honest Selrahc, whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You slew Poor HyramGraff, who was guilty merely of gaining your ire. You slew Gnome Barbarian, may-his-soul-rest-in-peace, for no more than trying to restore order to the people of Pucetopia!"

His voice suddenly goes soft and sullen.

"Your crimes cannot be forgiven. So, I say, to the gallows with you, and may you find your peace with Puce in the afterlife."

Jontom Xire
2007-05-04, 04:48 AM
((There have been almost no votes, and I let the day run on a bit late))

The day ends. The citizens of Pucetopia seem apathetic about their nation, about their fate.

Night starts and will end as soon after all night time activities have been completed or in 24 hours, whichever is sooner, as I can get around to it.

Jontom Xire
2007-05-04, 05:30 AM
The citizens of Pucetopia sleep so soundly that it seems but mere moments since they laid their heads down to rest. Indeed the sun is barely up and the streets are in shadow - except outside DarkCorax's house where a strange green glow emanates from the windows.

You hurry over to DarkCorax's house where you find the door open and go inside. There you find DarkCorax dead, a sickly green glow emananting from his mouth and broken glowsticks everywhere. It appears that the glowsticks were laced with cyanide and then the contents forced downt he unfortunate victim's mouth.

DarkCorax, a citizen, was assassinated by the Partynics.

Day starts and will end in 24 hours or sooner if a lynch victim is found.

Three votes are needed for a lynch. I'm guessing, but it looks like the Partynics are heading down the list of players alphabetically. Is DLD even reading this thread any more?

2007-05-04, 09:56 AM
Is DLD even reading this thread any more? Nope, but that happens when internet access is restricted...

2007-05-04, 07:35 PM
"Now that I think about it, Helgraf is a bit more suspicious than pingcode. Helgraf has been keeping a low profile these days. Silent killer, eh?"

* Ink points at Helgraf

2007-05-04, 07:44 PM
"Has he now? One could make the same case against DarkLightDragon or Warpfire777. Indeed, that argument could be perfectly valid against all of us!"

*Pointing at Ink, Pingcode continues.

"Indeed, if you wanted to argue that somebody was keeping a low profile, you would be better off trying to argue that DarkLightDragon or Warpfire777 are agitators. Yesterday, only the two of us were awake. This can be interpreted as just as suspicious for us as it is for them. I have made my case against you, and I submit it again, in the hope of my fellow pucetopians having open minds and ears to listen."

2007-05-04, 08:16 PM
Ink looks over at pingcode.

"I said that Helgraf has been keeping a low profile throughout this bloody chain of events, and not just yesterday. The same may be said of Warpfire or DarkLightDragon, but those two are usually quiet anyway."

"And sir, if I were a Partynik, be assured that I'd have killed you! For the moment I don't think you're a puce hater but you're a terrible neighbour! Keep your lousy pets on your own lawn!!"

Ink goes inside his house and slams the door.

2007-05-05, 12:33 AM
Simple enough reason for why I keep quiet. When I speak, I get killed. Check my track record -outside of Mafia III, I've gotten lynched or murdered within 2 nights every time I play a game vocally. And I might point out for the record that again - with the exception of Mafia III - I've been a villager type in every single one of those games. So yeah, I tend to keep my yap shut outside of mafia where the story interests me enough to post in spite of myself.

However, since you insist on maligning my good character with these accusations, I feel little good will in keeping you on; and thusly, *Helgraf points at Ink*

2007-05-05, 12:51 AM
((You're thinking Mafia III, not II.))

"Hah! If you killed me last night, your status as a dirty partynik would have been confirmed! That's why you struck down DarkCorax, to hide your own misdeeds!"

2007-05-05, 04:49 AM
Ink pokes his head out the window.

"Believe me, if I were a Partynik I'd have taken that chance anyway! It'd be worth it!

Ink slams the window shut and draws the blinds.

2007-05-05, 08:56 AM
Warpfire points at Ink. "For the Puce!"

2007-05-05, 09:26 AM
*point at Ink

((huh? Why does code show up when typing coloured text?))

Jontom Xire
2007-05-05, 09:56 AM
A much diminished citizenry close in on Ink. They then drag him kicking and screaming to the official hangmans platform only to find a lack of noose. Angered the crowd tear the platform to pieces and use the planks and suchlike to beat Ink to death.

Ink, a citizen, was lynched.

In the middle of the night, everybody is awoken by a loud techno thumping sound, coming from the direction of Gnome Barbarian's former home.

On the roof, flanked by a pair of gigantic speakers, a figure is silhouetted against an array of strobe lights, whirling a couple of glowsticks.

"And now, the moment you've all been waiting for!"

The music speeds up and the glowsticks whirl even faster, until suddenly the music is drowned out by an awesome roar. Rising from the fallen hero of the revolution's swimming pool was Godzilla, wearing an enormous red-and-white striped top hat reminiscent of a certain Dr. Seuss character.

Spotlights placed strategically on the ground lit up the atomic lizard, and the figure staring down at the crowd with almost insane eyes.

"I bring you RAVEZILLA!" he cackles, his upper face obscured by an oversized stripy top hat with a single eyehole cut out.

"Let the party begin!"

As the words echo over Pucetopia, Ravezilla opens its mouth and fires a bright blue atomic beam, cutting swaths of destruction across the once idyllic Pucetopia and burning everything the pucetopians' forefathers paid in blood and tears for.

The Partynic agitators have won. If the remaining citizens don't fall in line with the new administration, one of them will be killed tonight and then the agitators will have a majority for the revolution tomorrow.

I'd just like to say how much fun this game was. On night 1 pingcode20 picked Castaras, the Peacenic spy, as his scry target only to be over-ruled by the rest of his team who picked the person that the Peacenic's chose to kill.

A little later, and apparently at random, the Partynics chose to scry one Peacenic and kill one of the other two.

A couple of nights later Castaras chose to scry GB, the same night that the Partynics killed him, thus returning the favour from night one.

I know we didn't have many players, but there were so many coincidences/lucky guesses it made this game incredibly amusing to run.

Please all sign up to Mk II - I think we should have a few more players so maybe could have a third group of agitators.

2007-05-05, 10:00 AM
Well done Partyniks. Well done Villagers. Well done fellow Peaceniks.

Good game all. Can we have a list of roles?

2007-05-05, 04:18 PM
*cheers* yay! we won! *parties*

2007-05-05, 04:58 PM
*reveals the joybuzzer hidden in the palm of his puce glove*

Long live the Party!!!!!!!

2007-05-05, 06:02 PM
"Victory is ours!"

Good game, everybody.

Actually, the reason Arlanthe got killed off was because he went about to (I think) myself, Warpfire and GB, at the least, and tried to convince us to vote against Alarra.

In doing so, Arlanthe was revealed as a Peacenik, so we just killed him straight off the bat after Alarra became dead.


I think the big mistake of the Peaceniks was moving as a group so quickly. Once Arlanthe revealed himself, Atreyu was the logical next choice.

In hindsight, Castaras would have been second if Atreyu had voted third. Then the Peaceniks would be dead in three nights.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-05-05, 10:05 PM
he called for our aid. I didn't want to kill Alarra, but what could I do? I wanna be a team player.

Jontom Xire
2007-05-06, 02:52 AM
I think all the roles are obvious aren't they? Anyway:

Castaras (spy)

Pingcode20 (spy)

Everyone else.

2007-05-06, 03:21 PM
Good game! The Partynics definitely deserved the win. I had a lot of fun!

Well, I had Pingcode figured as a Partynic after he didn't come through on his end of the deal, promising to vote against Alarra but then not :) I knew sacrificing myself by revealing my identity would get Alarra killed (which it did), because we knew she was a Partynik due to day 1 spying. I had some citizens in my bloc. I knew as a regular agitator I would be at least an equal trade for another agitator, and she might have been the spy. So I don't regret dying to kill Alarra (sorry Alarra :) )

So I disagree, Mr. Pingcode, that my mistake was revealing my identity because I still don't regret that trade. Plus I know Alarra was playing the back alley too, which gave me the support I needed :) (Helgraf made the short list after my death as well.)

The Peaceniks would have had an equal fighting chance if spying had been performed every night, and assassinations had been performed every night with the same diligence as the Partyniks. Alas, I only knew of two successful spy attempts (day one- Alarra, then GB who I already knew was neutral, but I digress) and only one assassination (day one) by my team.

So of course inactivity defeats the purpose of having a spy.

Pingcode did a good job- and obviously he kept track of how everyone voted, so kudos to you! Had the Peacenik spy noted early on HyramGraff voted against Alarra (early in the vote- which is key), then the round that the Peacenik spy accused HyramGraff wouldn't have been wasted on a citizen.

In short the Partyniks:

1) spied every round (we didn't)
2) the Partyniks assasinated every round (we only did once)
3) and the Partynik spy obviously carefully used the voting records to implicate people (we certainly did not)

So for your diligence and cunning, I applaud your well deserved win!