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2014-12-14, 08:51 PM
This material is based off the book series Wheel of Time. In the series (for those that haven't read it) there is a substance created from steel/metals (it's not really too specific what metal) that is transmuted into something akin to porceline that's virtually impossible to break 'obsorbing any and all damage and making it harder and stronger than it was before' is roughly how its described in the books. My idea is that an item must first be formed and then transmuted into Heartstone.

Using Mithril as the base mettal required, the material has the following abilities. It keeps all the properties of Mithril, but any damage to its hardness or HP are instantly repaired the next round if the item isn't broken. Any hardness and HP damage taken are added to the current hardness and the HP is double the Hardness. For example, a breastplate starts off with 15 hardness, and 30 HP. It takes 8 points of damage, not enough to deal HP damage, but that damage is still added to the items' hardness the next round, making the breastplate have a hardness of 23 and 46 HP. If the same breastplate with 15 hardness and 30 HP takes 20 points of damage (15 to get past the hardness, and 5 HP damage) the next round (if the item hasn't been broken) the breastplate now has a Hardness of 35, and 70 HP. Armor that becomes hardness of 20 or more acts like Adamantium for DR for armors, and bypasses Hardness anything less than it's hardness for weapons.

Heartstone is extremely easy to enhance with spells and abilities, costing 1/4 as much to do so.

Heartstone costs roughly 3 times as much as Adamantium for all catagories of items made from it.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

2014-12-14, 11:33 PM
(Oh god, is this the post where I admit I used to read the Wheel of Time? I guess it is.)

I think that you should be modelling it on Riverine from Stormwrack instead of Mithril. After all, the only thing that can actually destroy Heartstone is Balefire (and simple physical force, but that was PLOT), or similar "destroy things utterly" magic.

Similarly, Riverine doesn't actually possess Hardness, since it is actually water trapped between planes of magical force. Accordingly, it lacks HP as well. The only way it can be harmed is by being targeted by something that can destroy a Wall of Force, such as a Disintegrate effect.

On another note, I seem to remember Heartstone being (relatively) magically inert? Or am I mixing it up with something else? I seem to recall that it's only major purpose was that it made up the seals on the BBEG.

Actually, that's right, isn't it? No-one made armor out of the stuff because it was almost impossible to reshape with either physical force or magic? Or at least, that's what I remember from when I was 11.

2014-12-15, 12:13 AM
Really the only magical items that were in the series were the (and I know I'm going to spell these wrong) Agreal, Ter'Agreal, and Sar'agreal... as well as the Warders cloaks and a few relics from ages before.

There was mention of weapons infused with magic, but not really any discription about them. From the Wheel of Time game, swords could have up to a +3 bonus on them, and I forget about other equipment. Heartstone wasn't even really mentioned in the game setting besides in passing.

The way that Heartstone was made (when Egween figured out how to make it again) was to take a metal object, such as a challace, or plate, etc. and transmute it into Heartstone.

The disks that were in place to hold the BBEG at bay were corrupted by him to be able to be destroyed. Otherwise Heartstone was virtually indestructible, except by Balefire as you said.

I'm not trying to make things completely indestructible, but almost lol I'd even be willing to cut the amount to be added to the hardness in the following round by half but the new HP for the item will still be double of the hardness.

2014-12-16, 07:31 AM
How about if you made the hardness/HP addition temporary?
I think it could add some flavor and make the material not entirely indestuctible.