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2007-03-28, 12:49 PM
What awesome/cool/fit for movie scene climaxes have your PCs been involved in?

Best for me, was probrably when the one I was DMing was killed by a crazed paladin in battle, escaped the 8th hell, got back and led an army to seize the walls of a corrupt city (he died while fighting for the gates).

Best thing probably was, that I knew he loved movie clichés, so at the end, a very powerful druid he had helped earlier and a dragon he had also helped earlier came to his aid.

2007-03-28, 01:05 PM
PCs arrive via juvenile dragon-back to the mouth of a cave leading to a magical circle of evil inside, the only possible place to destroy the vampire empowering Gemstone of Cestus (which they've already heated in a "Forge of Vulcan" enough to get it to crack so it can be smashed in the circle). Defeating some hill giants and ogres who guard the cave, they leave the dragon outside to guard the rear and venture inside to the Circle just as a troublesome NPC rival arrives on the scene, sent by his masters to aid them. Together, they head inside toward the circle...only to find it occupied by a covey of hags and a few more ogres. Talks break down and combat ensues as the PCs struggle to either defeat or just get past the hags to destroy the Gemstone.

Meanwhile, outside, the vampire-mage who's been after the gem (manipulating the PCs for 3/4ths of the time they've known her and then outright trying to kill them and steal the gem) arrives and takes out the (juvenile) dragon. She arrives in the Circle just as the PCs are finishing with the hags. More pitched battle (and charming) ensues...the PC with the Gemstone reaches the platform at the center of the circle. But the Gemstone is just too pretty! She can't summon the will to destroy it! ("Smash the Gemstone, Fiera! You've got to destroy it!!" shouts Sam the halfling from the sidelines! ...Well, okay, no Sam, but I'm embellishing here.) The vampire tries to dominate the priest standing next to the PC with the gem in order to stop it from being smashed...the domination fails! The priest, in heroic defiance, shouts some rather rude remarks to the vampire-mage-b**** that's manipulated and murdered since the day they'd met her! ...and finally the will to destroy the Gemstone is summoned! (Made her save this time.) ...the Gem is smashed!!!

And then they take out a severely ticked off vampire-magess. (There was also a gnome with a wakazashi and a golden fez, but I've already gone through more detail here than I'd planned.) :smallsmile:

2007-03-28, 01:41 PM
PCs prevented a crazed possessing spirit who invented a weapon that would destroy the entire plane of Celestia from destruction, then saved reality.