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Crimson Wolf
2014-12-16, 10:52 PM
Okay so, usually my dming so far is going good, im sticking to the pathfinder books, but I would like to finally make a decent (and I mean strong as hell) item to be introduced into the game. So I bring to everyone the Heaven Fury Wraps (Body Wraps of might Strikes +7 but with a twist! yes +5 is the max it gives unarmed but BWOMS on the website says it can go higher for weapon abilities) It is an extremely powerful Monk (or unarmed fighter who uses elemental fist) attacks but wants something a bit more. Intended for an extremely late game fighting NPC and not meant to really be in the "hands" of the players. Anywho here it is.

Heaven Fury Wraps (Body wraps of might strikes + 7)
This long red Gossamer cloth is wrapped around the chest multiple times like a bandage. When worn it treats all monk Elemental Fist strikes as positive energy damage. Any abilities, feats,traits and other items that increase elemental fist damage still apply to a monks Elemental Fist, but the initial Elemental Fist damage is turned into positive energy damage.
Every four rounds when a monk uses their Elemental Fist, they may do so targeting an enemy to a range of up to 40 Feet in a straight line, and their sight can not be hindered. If the monk does not have a clear line of sight to the target they can not use this ability. Once used this ability can not be used for another three rounds.

I know sorta poorly written but a work in progress, and again sorta meant for just a late game npc monk (or player monk of said npc dies and one of the players goes into monk class or rerolls a monk class)