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2014-12-23, 03:41 AM
Instead of a standard write up, here's the character sheet (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=980473) I've been using to build the class. Tinkered a few times for various campaigns; had to leave it for a while, while I repaired my laptop. I've discussed this concept a few times in the past in other threads. I'm in love with the concept, just don't quite have the chops for class building.

Needs some tuning; determining Lay on Hands function vs. Spontaneous Cure function (as outlined on sheet), as both fit thematically; figuring out Skill points/level, and the like. Deliberately made it a MAD split caster; WIS and CHA dependent, with WIS/CHA>CON>STR/DEX>INT priorities. No armor proficiency. Shooting for a low to mid tier; it's adaptable, but no Batman. I'd also like to incorporate 5E ritual casting, as well; eventually, I plan on a full 5E workup, but for now, I just want to iron out a usable version.

Kahuna were much more than nature-themed village holy men. A kahuna was often a master craftsman; prayer and worship were incorporated into every task. Making a canoe, for example, would involve prayer to a different deity during each step. Choosing the tree, felling, hollowing and shaping, rigging, sailing et all required prayer to a specific aspect of a specific deity.

Normally I'd drop the haka effects listed under prayer to Ku (god of prosperity, war, and the list goes on), but it fits.

Capstone may be a variant of Druid Wild Shape; shifting to an animal form was not unheard of, but it was incredibly rare for a kahuna to have or use that ability.