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2014-12-26, 07:50 PM
Inspired by the phylactery of change my group as been trying to come up a polymorph item. This started out as a debate about whether or not you could change into a different creature each day or if once you used the itme that was the only form you could adopt. Well after we finished the discussion we decided it was a new creature each day. But then we got an interesting idea. What if there was an item that could let you capture a dying creature and then let you polymorph into that creature at will. How much would such an item cost when it's empty, and more difficult, how much would it cost if it already had a critter in it.

Here is what we have decided so far.
The item uses polymorph rules
Your character level must be equal to or greater than the critters racial hit dice to be able to turn into it
Creature must be at negative hit points and unconscious for the item to work on it (no save or spell resistance)
only one creature at a time
Two versions of item one that can not replace the critter in it, and one that can
price is based on creatures challenge rating
DM can increase price based on rarity of creature
using polymorph as a guideline replacing hit dice with challenge rating

we aren't using the phylactery of change as a guide line cause we think it's under priced.
so if you an item that let you polymorph into a 1 HD (now CR) monster would be 4x1x1800=7200. But that is strictly better than our item cause it lets you turn into any CR 1 creature. This formula brakes down even more when you go to CR 2, 4x2x1800=14400. Cause this item would also let you change into cr 1 critters but this one would only let you transform into a single CR 2 creature.

What do you guys think? Does all this sound reasonable? Any suggestions would be appreciated.