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2007-03-30, 01:47 AM
Not regarding the adaptation in the book, but my own that I'd like opinions on. See, I like arcanists, sorcerers in particular, and flying, and the idea of making my wings appear and disappear on command. I also am in the habit of tweaking anything I see to my tastes.

So, the question is: what would I have to change to make the Swift Wing an arcane class? So far I've got:

Change requirement from divine spells to arcane spells.
Remove Turn Undead requirement.

Weapon Proficiency: take it or leave it, I don't really care. Probably drop it, as I don't care much about the divine.
Breath of Life: I'd change it to gaining Draconic Breath as a bonus feat, but I could see making it usable on it's own cha bonus times per day.

Drop HD to d6's, drop BAB to 1/2.

So, aside from the fact that I mutilated the fluff, mechanics-wise would it be balanced?

2007-03-30, 01:53 AM
Generally dragon breath weapons are constitution based, I don't have access to the feat described, but if it's a class feature most of them have been con-based.

2007-03-30, 02:56 AM
Draconic Breath is one of the Draconic Heratige feats. It allows one to sacrifice a spell slot to produce a breath weapon dealing 2d6 per level of the slot sacrificed, of a set damage type, with a DC based on the level of the slot. It's weaker than most blasting spells, but has the advantage of being a supernatural ability instead of a spell.