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2014-12-27, 10:10 AM
Sol goes first! This thread will be to determine their test fight...

For sake of allowing most feats Luna will be allowed to bind Shadow Form is she wishes. Claire will (since she is faster) be allowed to activate Surprise if she wishes. Both will be assumed to have a copy of Claire's gear (underarmor and scythe)

Relevant Stats:
HP: 82
Atk: 21
Def: 10+5 armor
SpDef: 6+5 armor
Speed: 20

HP: 82
Atk: 25
Def: 15+5 armor
SpDef: 6+5 armor
Speed: 16

Both are standing face to face and get one round of marking, targeting, yada yada...(basically the round that lets them bind stuff. Claire in allowance with rules is given one Surprise)
6m away

Claire _ _ _ _ _ Luna

2014-12-27, 10:18 AM
First turn cannot be spent buffing self or doing combat things...

Claire glares at Luna, but otherwise doesn't move or draw her weapon.

Luna marks Claire with Hunter's Quarry and binds her shadow form. "Sorry dear, I'm you, I know how you fight. Your scythe attacks will go right through me."

(Luna: 5/6 AP)
(Claire: 6/6 AP)

Round 1:
Claire quickly takes three steps forward as she raises her hand out and a ball of fire appears in her hand. As she moves, she spins her hand and the ball narrows into a tendril and then flies toward Luna before surrounding her in a vortex of flames.

Fire Spin:
[roll0] vs 4+3
[roll1] (special defense and armor accounted for)

2014-12-27, 10:24 AM
Luna looks shocked as her copy sends out the blast of flames and it envelopes her, slowing her down. However, she didn't need to move that much to attack and she pushes through the roaring flame ignoring the painful searing burns to get into range of Claire. As she moves close she swings her scythe right down at the woman. She would have prefered the chance to decapitate the goody two-shoes in one strike, but with the fire slowing her down she figured the fiery bitch would run away. Still, this would at least cause the woman's pain to last longer.

[roll0] vs 3+4
[roll1] (-2 AP if hit, 3/6. If miss 5/6)

Luna HP:
69/82 (Slowed and trapped)

Roll to break vortex

2014-12-27, 10:32 AM
Swift Action: Cruelty activates

After defense, Claire took 49 damage dropping her to 33

1 injury for 50%, 1 injury for massive damage, 1 injury for cruelty. -6HP. Claire drops from 33 to 27

Sol: 27/58
3 injures (-24 max HP)


Claire cries out in pain as the attack slices deep into her. Clearly her copy was powerful. It was at this moment that she realized she had made a very big mistake in her opening set of attacks and that mistake might cost her.

For now, she wanted to clear some distance and let the vortex weaken her foe. As such, she swung her scythe down hard on the evil copy before quickly retreating seven meters away.

However, right before she moved, Luna's shadow shot straight up to slam hard into Claire despite the flames tearing into her.

C _ _ _ _ _ _ _L

Luna Shadow Sneak (Pre-struggle: 61/82)
vs 6
[roll]]1d8+16 (defense armor)
Vortex Break: [roll1] vs 14

Scythe Struggle
[roll2] vs 3+3 (Spending 1AP 5/6)
If Hit, -2AP (3/6)

2014-12-27, 10:33 AM
The Shadow slamming into Claire knocked her scythe off angle and the attack went wide. Sadly, Luna's shadow hit dead on.


C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ L

2014-12-27, 10:37 AM
Claire: 8 HP remaining, 3 injuries
Luna: 53/82 remaining, 0 injuries

Claire moves so there is a 10m gap Luna moves through the Vortex 3m (7m gap) and uses Focus Energy
Vortex end
[roll0] vs 8

2014-12-27, 10:38 AM
Claire takes a deep breath and focuses on Luna with Deadly Strike. It'd either force Luna to retreat or make her risk it all with a shadow sneak.

Luna risks it all

[roll0] vs 6

2014-12-27, 10:41 AM
Claire charges for the win, but Luna's shadow slams into her, dropping her before she can make it.