View Full Version : Book of Nine Swords question

2007-03-30, 09:13 AM
So I've read the book through several times and I'm confused about the favored weapons listed for each of the different disciplines. Is this just flavor/fluff, or is there some game mechanic which gives a bonus if you employ a bastard sword for a Diamond Mind maneuver (or, alternatively, a penalty if you employ a Great Sword)?

2007-03-30, 09:18 AM
Well, Swordsage gains Weapon Focus for the weapons of a discipline, but other than that, there are no real game mechanics involved.

2007-03-30, 09:34 AM
Im pretty sure the tactical feats for each of the disciplines require that you wield one of the associated weapons, dont have the book with me atm.

2007-03-30, 09:36 AM
its for Swordsage, feats and a few prestige classes

Merlin the Tuna
2007-03-30, 09:38 AM
On their own, they don't do much. As mentioned, the Swordsage gets Weapon Focus in a set of discipline weapons. The Blade Meditation feat also grants +1 to damage with a set of discipline weapons (among other bonuses), and I'm fairly sure that the Shadow Blade feat requires using a Shadow Blade weapon (and stance) to get Dex to damage.

So basically, if you don't go out of your way to take advantage of them, it's no big deal; you can use Shadow Blade techs with a Greatsword and you won't really miss out on anything. But there are ways to specialize if you desire, so you can make yourself a really Shadow Blade focused character instead of just a Shadow Blade focused character.