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2014-12-28, 11:13 AM
So I just finished creating the pantheon for a new campaign I am hosting, and I wanted to get everyone's opinion on what I have. I kept the racial gods plus Pelor and Nerull from the PHB, just because they fit well. Here are the ones I have created:
Erinnba (LN) The Sorceress, God of magic
Gith (CG) The Rebel, god of freedom. After Gith lead the ancestors of the githyanki and githzerai against the illithid empire, he ascended to Godhood as the god of freedom
Jimaeb (LG) The Protector, God of Order and bravery
Xianet (LE) The Overlord, God of power and Psionics
Pasdous (CN) God of Chaos
Govay (N) The Wanderer, God of time and Travel
Razcy (CE) The One who knows, God of Madness. Razcy used to be the god of strength, before he was teleported by a rival god to the far realms, where Razcy believes he saw the end of time. He believes that the only way to stop this "future" is to destroy all of creation.
Hayweh (NG) The Father, the god of creation and sciences.
The Watcher (Unknown) The watcher appears, rarely, appears to people in pivitol times in there lives. It appears as a giant, blank face, within their dreams. These signs are always interpreted differently, and no matter what the clerics do, they receive spells normally. The worshippers of The Watcher are transported to an unknown plane upon death, and never respond to resurrection spells. The gods goals are unknown, and other gods won't speak of it.
Nemeetra (N) The Queen of Flowers, god of nature

If anyone has better ideas for names or gods they think I am missing, please let me know. Also, I have not decided on domains for each god. Any suggestions?