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2014-12-28, 03:29 PM
I adapted the pathfinder homebrew class Masquer from Tambourine


Warlork patron: Ghost

You are possessed by your otherworldly patron and can impersonate different persona from time to time. You can impersonalize a fighter or rogue, without the stamina of the former or the precision of the latter.

spells: No new spells from this patron

level1: Persona- After one hour of meditation ( the length of a short rest), the Warlock may use all his spell slots allowance (at least 1 spell slot) to impersonate a fighter or rogue of the same level, choosing the fighting style or archetype. The same meditation is required to revert to the original persona.

The ancient Ghost imbues the Warlock with memories from hundred of past possessed creatures. The persona is proficient in all weapons, armor and tool known to the corresponding class, in addition to corresponding class features. The Warlock gets 3/4 of Rogue sneak attack damage dices round down ( 7d6 instead of 10d6 at 20th level) The class features and proficiencies are forgotten when the persona switch to another alternate or primary persona.

level 2 Pact Boon, Eldritch Invocations As per a regular Warlock, as per the mystic Arcanum and Eldritch Master. These class features are temporary forgotten while impersonating another persona.

level 3: Master of Disguise, Jack of all Trades

Master of Disguise The Warlock gets advantages on deception rolls related to her current persona.

Jack of all Trades As per the bard class feature

level 6: Glib Lie, Mask Alignment, False Reading

Glib Lie : The Warlock gets advantage on saving throws against truthsaying detection spells.
Mask Alignment : The Warlock can alter her alignment aura to deceive spells that discern alignment (such as detect evil). She may choose to detect as any specific alignment, or to detect as no alignment at all. This ability does not protect against spells or effects that cause harm based on alignment. Masking her alignment aura is a bonus action, and lasts until she changes it again or ends the effect.

False Reading : The Warlock can conceal her schemes from mind-reading magic. When a creature is using detect thoughts or similar magic to read her mind, she decides what surface thoughts her opponent detects, and her true surface thoughts remain private. This ability does not protect against mental attacks or mind-reading that delves deeper than surface thoughts.
In addition to revealing any surface thoughts, the Warlock may choose instead to supply apparently genuine but ultimately useless false thoughts consistent with her currently active persona or personas.

level 10 Shift Alignment, Elude Detection

Shift Alignment : The masque control over her aura improves. When she assumes a false alignment, she can choose to have all spells and magic items affect her as though she were that alignment; this includes helpful and harmful effects. For example, a neutral good master spy can shift her aura to lawful evil so she can pass through a doorway that shocks creatures that aren’t lawful evil; if hit by holy smite with this shifted aura, she takes damage as if she were evil. A master spy can change her alignment aura from a masked alignment (as per her 2nd-level class feature, where effects still function based on her actual alignment) to a shifted alignment (as per this ability, where effects function based on her assumed alignment) as a standard action. Shifting her alignment aura is a standard action, and lasts until she changes it again or ends the effect.

Elude Detection : The Warlock can befuddle divinations used against her as if she were under the effect of a nondetection spell with a caster level equal to her character level. She can suppress or resume this protection as a standard action. If dispelled, the spy cannot resume the nondetection for 1d4 rounds.

level 14 A Thousand Faces, Fast Persona

A Thousand Faces As per the D&d 3.X druid class feature: The warlock gains the ability to change her appearance at will, as if using the alter self spell, but only while in her normal form.

Fast Persona : At 14th level, a Warlock only takes ten minutes of meditation to change his active persona.*

At 18th level, the Warlock only takes one minute of meditation to change his active persona.*

At 20th level, the Warlock can change his active persona with a single full-round action. *
• The Warlock almost depleted of her spell slot capability then gets an incentive to switch persona. As the Warlock recovers spellcasting capability with a short rest, this is not an exploit before 14th level.

2014-12-28, 07:35 PM
I like it's flavor, the whole possession aspect is pretty neat.

I might take this spark of inspiration and run with it in my own game world.

Though on a mechanics front it seems like the ultimate Jack of all Trades. You can become a superior fighter with just a short rest?

2014-12-28, 08:35 PM
You can become a superior fighter with just a short rest?

No. You need Xp and eat spinachs to get an higher level first :smile:

The ghost patron is very powerful and has possessed hundreds of people in last centuries. She grants memories of 6 different archetypes so far (help yourself and allow other non-spellcasting classes as well if you want, like barbarian, monk, etc).

The PC has less stamina than a fighter, less sneak than a rogue (should be 3/4 of damage dices round down, 7d6 instead of 10d6 at 20th level).