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2007-03-31, 12:10 PM
The warmace, from CW, needs some serious overhauling. For an Exotic Weapon Proficinecy feat and -1 to AC, you get the same damage as a greataxe, but with worse crit. The hell? Is there any way to balance that?

2007-03-31, 12:15 PM
But you can wield it one-handed.

2007-03-31, 12:22 PM
Really, how many of the weapons in the books do you commonly see? A lot of them exist for flavour, not mechanics.

2007-03-31, 02:35 PM

2007-03-31, 02:38 PM
If you get someone using powerful build, they can almost deal enough damage to make up for it, but not really. It's part of the continuing problem of exotic weapon proficiency normally meaning +1 step of damage. When really, the exotic weapons you want are the ones that do things other weapons can't, like the spiked chain.

2007-03-31, 02:54 PM
ya, the one handed is obvious, and the flavor vs usefulness. but honestly, if you complain about something like that, look at the blowgun, why didnt you coplain about exotic with only 1d3. or the boomarang "ooh, it comes back to me if i miss!" or you could spend half as much on daggers and do better anyway. as for the warmace, its pretty overpowered, you get -1 AC, but its one handed, so a small wooden shield will counteract that well enough.

2007-04-02, 09:37 PM
The War Mace should either be:

1D10 x2 Two Handed Simple Weapon (One Handed Exotic)


1D12 x2 Two Handed Simple Weapon (One Handed Exotic)

Burning a Feat for the very slight Damage increase is never going to be really worth it.