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2007-03-31, 01:06 PM
im running a necromacer.... im im having dificulty adding the zombie/sleleton template to monsters.

particularly in the area of Special qualities and Special attacks. I'm sure your're all familiar with how vague the MM is with the special qualities that can stay "only if it helps them wiht thier melle or ranged attacks" all examples in the book look as if they keep NONE of their qualities but im hereing things about zombies keeping regenerate, rake, pounce, etc.

can someone clear this up for me?

specificaly does a hydra keep its regenerate?

im following this guide to necromacers: http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=599129

Jack Mann
2007-03-31, 01:45 PM
Well, they certainly don't keep regeneration. That requires a con score. In theory, they keep pounce, but they're unable to take full attacks in any event, so it doesn't help them greatly. Much the same with powerful charge, since a partial charge is not the same as a regular charge. They likely keep poisons, though the DC goes down quite a bit. Improved grab, constrict, and swallow whole should all remain.

Inyssius Tor
2007-03-31, 01:49 PM
(although being swallowed whole by a skeleton might not be so effective :smallsmile:)

Jack Mann
2007-03-31, 01:51 PM
Ah, didn't notice the mention of skeletons. Skeletons would retain pounce and powerful charge, since they can take full round actions.

2007-03-31, 03:23 PM
poisons are out, their bodies stop producing them. secondly i think you are confusing 'special qualities' with 'special attacks'

Jack Mann
2007-03-31, 10:28 PM
Actually, poisons aren't explicitly out. It's probably reasonable to rule so, but by the rules, they remain poisonous (though the poison is not particularly worrisome).

2007-04-01, 12:10 AM
Poisons are a Special Attack, not a Special Quality, so they are covered by the 'No Special Attacks" part of the template(s).

Jack Mann
2007-04-01, 12:11 AM
Ah, my mistake.

But if it were a special quality instead, it would retain it, without regard to conventional views of biology.

2007-04-01, 12:34 AM
Pounce is a special attack, Improved Grab is a special attack they are also not covered.

2007-04-01, 12:38 AM
Ah, didn't notice the mention of skeletons. Skeletons would retain pounce and powerful charge, since they can take full round actions.
If you can only take a standard action you can charge as a standard action. I'd say they are out because they are listed under the special attack section ... and all special attacks are out. I know of only very few special qualities which aren't special attacks, augmented critical and enhanced multiweapon fighting are the only ones I can think of.

Poison is out, it's a special attack. Just check the MM entry for the wyvern zombie ...

Jack Mann
2007-04-01, 12:49 AM
Huh. That's right, they changed that in 3.5 (which is for the best, really). I'm just messing up left and right today, aren't I?