View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Spell level of an improved Baleful Transposition?

2015-01-04, 03:34 PM
One of my players likes to use Baleful Transposition to solve problems, but there's usually some mitigating factor that stops it from being as effective as it could be (not that I plan so as to shut it down, it just ends up not working out).

This came up while discussing whether Transposing himself, while bound, with someone else would free him from the bonds. I said no, since the spell description says "Objects carried by the creatures...go with them." He wants to research a "Greater Baleful Transposition" that doesn't carry your things with you.

Thus, a higher-level spell that functions just like Baleful Transposition, except that the caster may choose what carried/worn objects travel with each target. So, what would the level of this spell be? I'm thinking around 4th, since if they fail their Will save, the target(s) can lose all armor, weapons, magic items, potions, scrolls...anything they could possibly use.