View Full Version : Voting game. Link VS Cloud (Round 2)

2007-03-31, 06:29 PM
*Round 1*

Cloud and Link both immediately draw their swords and run towards each other. With a loud yell, the two swords clash loudly, but neither fighter manages to harm the other. "Heh. You think you can hurt me with such a small sword?" Cloud taunts. "At least I know how to hit. There's no way such a big sword can be better than the Sword of Time." Cloud roars and swings his sword towards Link, but Link makes a cunning sidestep and swings his sword towards Cloud, giving him a small cut.

*End round 1*

Zazuke: Well this seems like an interesting and even match. Still, I think I should put my savings on Link... well. Let us prepare for the next round.