View Full Version : Pathfinder Dark souls (2) boss stat conversion

2015-01-08, 01:08 AM
I have no idea what to do for converting darksouls bosses into pathfinder bosses. Right now, I want to do the demon of song from DS2, but I don't know what to do...heck, I've never made a monster from scratch to begin with!...can anyone help?

2015-01-08, 02:21 AM
I don't know how to convert monsters to PF either, but I still have 2 recommandations.

First, I saw a thread describing how the DM failed hard at converting Dark Souls monsters into 3.P (don't recall exactly what system, but they are similar enough). I will post a link if I find it back. The failure was mostly that the DM gave DR and AoE with both high damage and high accuracy on most boss based monster, while it is usually abstracted as AC and power attack style tradeoff in 3.P. So the first thing to do is to not fall in those traps when converting a high lethality game.

Second, the problem with the demon of song in particular is that she is outright immune to damage most of the time. It's not some kind of heavy armor with a weakspot, wich should just be high AC. In a real time game like Dark Souls it's fine, especially since it is a game where you have to wait for an opening to strike regardless of what you are fighting if you don't want to die. But in a turn based game, it can be extremely frustrating to spend 3 rounds out of 4 wasting attacks on something that ignores them, especially if you don't get an explicit indication that the attacks didn't do a thing. I personnaly would solve that with special encounter rules, playing a few rounds where the player realize they can't do a thing to the thick outer skin then playing only the rounds where the demon of song expose her face, allowing some repositioning in between and rerolling initiative.

2015-01-09, 04:38 PM
Agreed ^^

Just give the attacks the Demon of Song has things like "Expose" and "Cover" at the end of their descriptions. If the last attack the Demon has done is an "Expose" attack then it is susceptible to damage, but if the last attack had "Cover" then it's immune. Likewise give it a special movement trait where it can only move a certain amount while Exposed and is much slower while Covered. This may not be true to the game, but it is an option to balance things out if you feel they're too one sided.