View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Brainstorming - Alchemical Amunition for Blow Guns

2015-01-08, 12:11 PM
So far this lunchtime, I've learned that the blow gun is an available weapon in the OA. I don't have access to my OA at the moment, so maybe this is already a thing.

I'm thinking of pelets that could be shot into a fire and kick off a useful effect. Pyrotechnics, flash, smoke cloud, poison cloud, thunder clap, etc. Any other good ones?

Also, they wouldn't have to be exclusively fire activated. There could be different ones that are water activated, say by shooting into a bucket. They'd be different alchemical formulae even for the same effect, so (for example) a water activated poison cloud pelet would not work in a fire. Any other activation methods come to mind? Maybe impact on a hard surface; make some kind of roll to break the pelet open?