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2015-01-11, 04:08 PM
I find pact of the tome weaker than the 2 others, since it gives extra cantrips, but no higher level spells. Fine, it gives a full feat for the price of an invocation later, but it is quite weak.

Pact of the Blade synergy is high for a multiclassed PC

Pact of the Chain: for the price of 1 invocation, you get a bunch of scrying spells (with an invisible familiar), like arcane eye, magic mouth , etc

I think we should be allowed to swap a cantrip for an higher level spell later, example: an invocation spell without prerequisites like mage armor, at 6th level as a wild guess (to free an invocation slot). Your comment ?

Pact of the Tome

You can forfeit any one cantrip provided by

the pact and change it for a spell-like invocation

5 levels after minimum prerequisite allows it.