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2007-04-01, 05:51 PM
I'm curious about something. I'm reading through the prestige classes for both Races of Eberron and Eberron Campaign Setting and here I wonder, what would happen if you had a warforged say Fighter/Warforged Juggernaut/Reforged? The classes appear to be almost complete opposites.

2007-04-01, 05:59 PM
I'm pretty sure the capstone ability for the Reforged class would de-qualify you for the Warforged Juggernaught. I might allow it in a game anyway, but it'd take a hell of a backstory to explain it.

2007-04-01, 06:07 PM
If you took Warforged Juggernaut first you could do it and it would be a very interesting character to play. However some rules would contradict each other. For example you lose the ability to be healed with the Warforged Juggernaut levels but gain perfect healing from reforged then you loses your plates but do you lose your spikes? I would not suggest the combo unless you have discussed it with DM

2007-04-01, 06:09 PM
I'm pretty sure this is in the FAQ...
:edit: yep, page 7

Can a warforged juggernaut gain levels in the reforged
prestige class (Races of EBERRON, page 161)? If so, what
happens to a warforged juggernaut’s class features if that
character chooses to advance through all three levels of
reforged? What about going the other direction (a reforged
becoming a warforged juggernaut)?
There’s nothing stopping a warforged juggernaut from
qualifying for the reforged prestige class. In general, the class
features from both prestige classes would apply normally, but
note that the character would lose his Adamantine Body feat
upon reaching 3rd level as a reforged.
The only tricky interaction is between the 3rd-level
warforged juggernaut’s healing immunity class feature and the
reforged’s magical healing class feature. In this case, the
warforged juggernaut’s immunity takes precedence. That’s
because the reforged’s class feature is an adjustment to the
normal warforged limit to magical healing, while the warforged
juggernaut is a blanket immunity to all such effects.
As far as a reforged becoming a warforged juggernaut, the
character could do so but would have to begin progression as a
juggernaut before reaching 3rd level as a reforged. That’s
because at 3rd level, a reforged loses any warforged feats he
possesses, including the Adamantine Body feat required for the
warforged juggernaut. Thus, such a character could never
qualify for the warforged juggernaut prestige class.
If the character already had one or more levels in warforged
juggernaut before reaching 3rd level as a reforged, he would
retain all warforged juggernaut class features (even the armor
spikes gained at 1st level, since these aren’t the result of a
warforged feat) but could not gain any additional levels in the
prestige class.