View Full Version : Idea: Sleeved Cards

2007-04-02, 06:32 AM
Just a fun little house rule we've played with a few times:

Every player can keep 1 battle card 'sleeved' (a la deadlands). Basically they can keep this card under their character sheet for future use, They can use it any time, just like a regular monster or screw this card, even if they would have had to change hands.

It kind of takes the sting out of being dealt 7 good screw this cards and no monster cards, and not being able to play some good ones (at least you get 1!)

It also helps if your hellbent on revenge against players. you can keep :thog: around until the opportune moment to play on :roy: :)

or keep the recurring villain screw this card for when :haley: finally kills :sabine:, and make her go through it all again

Vespe Ratavo
2007-04-02, 07:27 AM
Sounds like a good idea. I might try it at my next game and see how it goes.