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2015-01-15, 01:53 PM
I decided to convert every pathfinder race (exept those in 5e already) to 5e d&d


Ability score increase. your charisma increased by 2. Your wisdom increased by 1.
Age You age slower do to your celestial heritage. Being considered an adult at 60 years old.
Not of this earth Instead of a humanoid, you are a celestial.
Alignment Most aasimar are good due to there heritage. However evil aasimar do exist and often work off of how people expect aasimar are good.
Size Your size changes depending on what your non celestial ancestor was. Most aasimar are medium and ask your dm before being any other size. For example a halfling aasimar would be small.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Dark vision
Celestial resistance. You are resistant to radiant damage.
Heart of diplomacy You have proficient in persuasion.
Light in the darkness Once per day you can cast the spell daylight in a third level slot.
Language You can speak and read common and one other language of your chouce

Ability score increase. Your dexterity increases by 2. Your charisma increases by 1
Size. You are medium
Speed your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Alignment Most catfolk are lazy and chaotic and kind of jerks.
Dark vision
Cat's luck Once per day you can re-roll one failed dexterity save.
Natural hunter You gain proficiency in either, stealth, perception, or survival. You choose when you first roll your character.
Sprinter. When you charge you may add 10 to your movement speed.
Cat's claws When you are not holding any weapons you can use your hands as 1d4 piercing finesse weapons that you are trained in.
Language You can speak and read common and catfolk.

I added cat's claws because the race felt weak, what do you think?


Ability score increase. Your Dexterity increases by 2. Your charisma increases by 1.
size. Your medium
Speed. 30 feet.
Undead resitance. You have advantage against rolls against disease.
Resist the drain You have advantage against things which try to reduce your maximum hp.
Manipulate You have proficiency in persuasion
Hunt the kin. Three times per day, you may spend your action to detect any undead within 60 feat.
Dark vision
Light sensitivity.
Half dead. You can count as eithor a humanoid or an undead for effects.
Language. You speak common and one langauge of your choice.

2015-01-15, 09:54 PM
Not bad so far. Don't forget to watch your grammar, and I think I should inform you the Aasimar are already in 5e in the DM's Guide. Otherwise, good work, and can't wait to see what comes next!