View Full Version : Terminator game adventures

2015-01-15, 06:55 PM
Just like the title says, I am looking for some really cool, original, new ideas for a Terminator game I will be running. This will be a 10-12 session game, culminating with a big showdown of some sort. I have a handful of adventure ideas / missions planned out, but my creative juices are starting to wear down. So, I figured I would wrack your brains.

So far I have the following planned out:
- supply run mission
- search out the spy / infiltrators in their encampment
- scout out radiation heavy tunnel for power cells
- invasion from a gang of scavengers / bandits
- disease / sickness / mutation spreading through camp

I am envisioning the players covering 1 scenario per session generally (6+ hour games). I may or may not use those listed, just brainstorming right now. So, have any ideas?