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Innis Cabal
2007-04-02, 10:24 PM
Ok this is going to be a lot of text when im done working on it, be kind its the first game setting ive done in a long time and im rusty.

The 100 states

The one hundred states lie in a fertile area roughly 3000 cubic miles crossing several climate area’s including a rough mountainous taiga at its northern most regions and roling savanna in its southern tip. Lakes and rivers riddle the landscape outlining many of the regions “states, while large imposing mountains act like a misshaped spine creating a natural barrier against neighboring countries.

The States
While not a country per say, the one hundred states form a powerful council once every year in the time of spring before the planting season and after the winter seasons war games. The council is headed by the winner of the war games. Each state has its own history, most beginning well over 1,500 years ago, as settlers from around the continent traveled to the fertile valley from their respective lands. Due to this unique circumstance each nation differs from the next in regards to religion, architecture, traditions, race make up, and political systems.
The War Games:
The War Games, held once a year at the end of winter, last 4 weeks, held
in the central bowl of the Great Mountain range consisting of any state wishing to head the Central Council

The Great Nations:
While the one hundred nations is a vast land, about 20 states are worth in-
depth mention. Though not all are the largest or most powerful they have the most
sortited, interesting, or dark history.
Elven Empire
Hanging Empire 1
Hanging Empire 2
Seat of the Belighted
Craft City
City of Steam
Nordic City
Savannah City
Spartan/Warrior City
Free City
Head Oligarchy
Major Monarchy
Blasted Empire
The Minor Nations
Here lies a list of the lesser nations, included are their exports imports, religions, military might, size, climate, and geography. Also included is the name of the State lord, and his class and level when appropriate. When not noted, assume the ruler is an noble level 6 and any applicable Alliance they are apart of.

Mihizok: Imports(glass, gems, ox), Exports( iron, shellfish) Temperate forest, Ocean and hills, State Lord Nymin, human and lizard folk

Rogdun: Imports(iron, grains), Exports( alcohol, peppers) Savannah, State Lords Opic and Yana, human, elves, dwarves

Odessa: Imports(mining equipment, labor), Exports(metals, weapons), Mountian forests, State Lord Ridely(Expert 9), Humans and dwarves

































New Aslak



Innis Cabal
2007-04-02, 10:28 PM
Major Geographical Locations
While mostly uniformed hills and minor mountains dotted by lakes, rivers, and forests, several unique and important geographical area stud the landscape
The Great Basin: The great basin lies within the Great Mountain, a circular area roughly 5 miles in diameter. This is the battle ground for the 100 states, and has over the centuries become and infertile dust bowl that floods every year into a mudhole. Hanging above the basin is the fortress of the High Council, a magic castle that oversees the battle for all willing participants. The arms and equipment of the fallen combatants lie buried in the fields, making the dust a red hue that coats all those who wander into the single barren spot in the whole of the 100 kingdoms. Those unlucky enough to die in this honor war are carted away and buried in the mountains in a ceremonial monument wit their state and name etched into the stone. Over the years those unlucky few have piled up, making several sides of the mountains to appear as marble forests.
The Spine of the Council: The Spine of the Council, simply called the Spine by those that live in the 100 states. The Spine makes a natural wall around the 100 states making the perfect defense for the nation, limiting its exchange with other nations to rare trades of materials and ideas. No known or recorded army has ever successfully crossed the spine, though immigrants make the trek every year, though the numbers are small enough not to cause a significant problem. The States have build numerous watch towers, outpost villages, and castles through the range up into its highest elevation. The Tallest peak of the mountains, known as the Reach, juts into the air about 10 miles above sea level, while the other peaks are high enough to be covered in snow even in the summer months. The Mountain range is riddled with mine’s and passages and several underground cities of the states, which come into contact with several large dwarven cities that call the range home.
The Great Mountains:
The Winding Dragon: The Winding Dragon is the largest river, starting deep in the Spine of the Councils northern most reach’s winding through the nation until emptying into the Dragons Maw. While it is unknown were the river truly begins, many state sages believe that a natural spring, deep in the Spine fuels the huge river. At its largest point the river measures a mile and a half across. Fuled by many of the smaller rivers of the 100 States, the Winding Dragon is a dangerous but swift method of traveling through out the states.
The Dragon’s Maw: This yawning chasm, in the small sprawling savannah, is the above ground end of the Winding Dragon. The hole in the earth is around 3 miles in length and the interior laws are the lands of two of the 100 states. Though the states do not descend to the bottom it is estimated to descend at least four thousand miles into the earth. The water pass’s through natural deposits of several rare metals, which the surrounding states filter for excess deposits of the materials.
The Navel: The Navel is the name of the great bay that exists between the savannah and the lower temperate forest region. Used primarily for fishing it houses the High Councils token sea fleet and several of the sea faring states harbors. The Navel is home to a myriad of fish and lobster, which is farmed by the several states
The Elder Forest:

Money and Trade
The 5th Central Council standardized the Hughlock, a gold coin that easily could fit in the palm of a human hand. The Izzu, used for expensive trades are made of wood plated in platinum, while lesser coins, the Kaku (electrum), Miku (Silver) and Oihu (Copper) exist for every day buying and selling. Each coin has a symbol, animal, or other marker denoting their state origin on the front while a number, the number of the High Council when the coin was made, on the back. Trade between neighboring states is not unheard of though trade quickly ceases over perceived slights between the state lords. Every year at the Council meet, people from all over the nation trade unique substance such as glass, mithril, yew wood, and other such exotic products not found through the states. At four marked periods of the year, the states hold regional trade meets, known as the Hold Meets, which are decided at the High Council, no two years having the same trade meets for a 10 year period.

The High Council

While the States are often peaceful on the surface, many states vie for power with their neighbors which sometimes spill out into open conflict. While these battles are usually swift some engagements have raged on since their countries creation. These battles are expelled at the start of every Council Meet, they quickly flair up again after the small period of rest. Over the many years of the 100 states history, several alliances have been forged with several attempts to from the states that make them up into actual countries. The High Council and many of the states population have made these attempts unpopular enough to make such talk only whispers in the dark halls of the State Lords Castles late at night.
The Shadowed Motives
The Belighted Allies
Trade Fellows

Recent History
In recent history the 100 nations have suffered several internal conflicts between the two warring alliances, the Shadowed Motives and the Belighted Allies. These conflicts have exposed the until recently hidden allies to the council, which moved quickly to downsize their power, sequestering almost all of the allies untied forces and creating the Border Guard, which patrols the Spine year round. At the yearly meeting, the crafts guild drafted a plan to put the Spine into a more defensible and purposeful use, drafting a plan to turn the mountain into a giant wall that, according to them, be a powerful addition to keeping the ever growing threat of outside nations. Also in recent months the barbarian hordes from the northern reach’s have begun to form their own solidified nation, making the 100 states uneasy about their northern friends. According to the councils mages and astrologers, an influx of wealth will cuase the 100 states to unify under a single banner for the first time in over 250 years, this banner they say will bear the colors gold and red and will have the image of a fox slaying a lion.
The Wall: In its most expansive show of ingenuity and monetary power, the trade guild has proposed to work the Spine into a large, 4 story tall walls complete with barracks, border towns, and checkpoints in 5 years. They plan to work the wall out of the natural rock of the mountain and covering it with iron and other metals mined from the Spine. The labor force from almost every state has thrown themselves at the project, knowing that with the completion of this wall that the 100 states will be stronger then ever.
The Barbarian State: Recent talks between many of the barbarian lords and the council of the 100 states, the barbarians have been asking for military aid from the states to combat a large force of barbarians that hail from deep into the northern mountains that seek to invade and destroy all in their path. They also ask for aid in creating a uniform government similar to the 100 states, and in return they promise to always aid the 100 states in times of war and with continued trade agreements. This does not sit well with the 100 states that have taken advantage of the barbarians over the many years for their disorganized nature. Despite this the council has sent ten percent of their forces into the mountains to train the barbarians in proper combat and organization.
The Marching Lion: Through the magic of divination, cast yearly at the Council Meet, has determined that a forgien power will invade the 100 states sometime in the next year, causing the nation to rally around a young figure, who they claim will be wreathed in golden fire with hair the color of the night sky and eyes that pierce the minds of others. Though many of the state lords widely see this as a scare tactic by the council mages to unify, some of the state lords close to the Spine have heard rumors spoken by travelers from other lands of an army slowly crossing the sand ocean flying banner of a resplendent lion on the colors of silver and blue. These forces they say march with odd beasts of burden uncommon in their lands, and that they may hail from a land far flung from even the Burning Heaven’s Spear.

Lands Past the Spine and Across the Sea
The 100 states have very little in the way of information on lands outsides its land borders, though they trade heavily with several large nations across the sea. What information the 100 states do posses about the lands across the mountains comes in the way with trading parties garbed in silks and wools and covered in the dust from the roads leading to the prominent trade cities. These travelers speak of a barren wasteland, devoid of rain and baked by the ever present sun and moon. Across this expanse of desert lies kingdoms made of marble and obsidian, towering mountains that seem to breathe fire into the air, giving these empires the name “Burning Heaven’s Spear. Traders bring exotic dried and salted meats, spices such as nut meg, thyme, and cumin, and special glass’s like obsidian and other volcanic stone. Across the ocean lies the Empires of Harmonies Sanctum, a land dominated by a powerful theocracy that trades marble and colored sands for wood and food stuffs. The second empire is ruled by a republic and is widely known as the Land of Shadowed Desires. The inhabitants of this land are master sculptors, and trade their art made of hard woods and gems for the many peppers, preserved meats, shell fish, and ore’s. To the north is the most well known empire known to the people of 100 states as Durgenfell, a bitter cold nation ruled by powerful barbarian kings and queens which stays in perpetual winter year round. This nation sends envoys to the High Council every year, bringing new boat technology, of which they are peerless masters, and certain magic spells with regards to controlling the weather and crop growth.

Vorpal Pete
2007-04-03, 12:23 PM
The reach is 10 miles high? OMG! You know, Everest is only about 5 miles. Together with your 4,000 mile deep hole you have a real epic landscape here. You should make everything big - a land made for giants. Make the trees all sequoia-sized and the rivers all as wide as the Nile.

Innis Cabal
2007-04-03, 02:04 PM
this land is going to be huge, as you can see, though that particular mountian will be the seat of the wizards since they wil lhave magic that makes breating usless,Giants own a large expanse of the north, and are the leaders of the barbarian tribes. The main focus here will be the states, the world outside will be an alien place, and should they cross the Spine they will be viewed with wonder and great respect. The empire as of now has the standard PC's races, save gnome and hafling, Lizardfolk, Kobold, Orc, Ogre, Stone and Cloud Giants, and several home brewed races that will be posted in a couple days...what do ya think?