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2015-01-22, 06:17 PM
I'm looking at developing four new classes for 5th Ed, using these criteria:

Current classes are split into 4 groups of three classes:

Warrior - Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger
Mage - Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
Priest - Cleric, Druid, Paladin
Knave - Bard, Monk, Rogue

I would like to create the four additional classes, one for each group. They would be:

Knight for the warrior group. I see this as a High HP (d12 HD) defender akin to the 3.5 Knight. However, I would like the archetypes to include Cavalier and Courtesan; neither of which scream high HPs... I see this as a bit of 'A Knight's Tale' meets a magicless Paladin.

Magus for the mage group. I see this a the PF Magus, trading magical knowledge for martial proficiency. A Half Caster in the mage group. To make sure it doesn't step on the EK toes, I'm thinking of modifying the Arcane Pool to use Sorcery Points, have very limited access to Abjuration spells, but have access to nearly all the arcane Bonus Action and Reaction spells; probably some core evocation, but I'd like to stay away from cantrips if at all possible. For archetypes, I'm thinking Kensai, Spellblade and Staff Magus - though I'm not 100% how to incorporate the differences. I think it might have to be at 1st level, akin to the sorcerer, so that the Kensai can be unarmored while the others can have armor proficiency much like a cleric does.

Inquisitor for the priest group. Using the warlock as the chassis for the class, it would use Talents instead of Invocations; but otherwise basically be a refluffed divine warlock. Archetypes I'm thinking of are Inquisition of Truth, Justice and Revenge (trying to stay off the toes of the Paladin, as the two could end up similar in style, if not substance.) Also no 'otherworldly patron' outside of the Inquisitor's god(dess) - so less warlock fluff and more warlock mechanics.

Finally, adding Alchemist to the knave group. Taking the archetypes of Chirurgeon, Grenadier and Vivisectionist - but toning down the Discoveries from the plethora of Pathfinder. This would be another Half Caster, though the mechanic of using infusions would be unique.

It is my hope that producing these classes in a unique way will justify their addition to the game without being a cop-out; I don't want someone to come back and say 'why didn't you just make the alchemist a subclass of Rogue?' - I'd like to be able to point out that the class offers options that would undermine or break a Rogue if offered as a subclass. On the other hand, I don't want these classes to be overpowered and thus 'must haves' to play. A fine line, I completely understand.

2015-01-22, 06:44 PM
I would make the Knight a foil of the Barbarian: whereas the Barbarian focuses primarily on dishing out as much damage as possible with Rage, Knights should focus on being damage sponges. I would give them d12 HD, Heavy Armor Proficiency and an ability that allows them to temporarily increase their HP and their AC, or give them damage resistance and advantage on saving throws. Not all at once, as that would be rediculously OP. Maybe each archetype has a different set of benefits from its ability? Also, it should have features that benefit from high Constitution.

The Magus could use either d6 or d8 for HD, and could have proficiencies in light armor and simple weapons, but the spell selection is limited to level 5 or 6.

Inquisitors sound cool. Perhaps they should get a special ability that allows them to gain truesight without casting a spell?

Alchemists should have a special ability that allows them to brew potions for a small bit of XP. They should have a spell selection limited to any non-offensive spell, and there should be some mechanic involving material components of some spells. I think perhaps the material cost goes down as the alchemist level increases, until level 20 where they can forgo the material component of spells altogether.

2015-01-23, 04:27 AM
For the Knight, perhaps throw in a new fighting style.

Shield Fighting - When you take this fighting style, you gain proficiency in shields as a bludgeoning weapon. It uses your strength modifier for its attack roll and deals 1d4 damage on a hit. When you take the attack action with a one-handed light weapon while wielding a shield, you can make a shield attack as a bonus action.

2015-01-23, 02:05 PM

^That's my alchemist. It's highly inspired by the pathfinder alchemist. It does stray significantly from the path structure of 5th edition by allowing the alchemist to pick up two paths and mix and match abilities. Instead of casting spells you prepare potions that go inert by the end of the day. A spellcraft check may determine the difference between one of these potions and a real one.

It does require someone to go in and add more spells to the spell list, when I first made it only the preview, or basic 5th ed. was out so I chose the spell from there. I feel like anything that targets the caster and isn't too "divine" could go on the list.

I really had fun with the mutagen, I feel it's more in line with how old school DnD rules would have addressed it.

2015-01-23, 07:19 PM
okay knight. First of all, courtesan? Like a prostitute? Knight would be hard to pull off, it could very easly just wind up a fighter/paladin/bard. Oh but yeah, I would bring up charisma. I guess the main question is, what is the difference between a paladin and a knight besides magic? What does a knight do mechanicaly?

Not giveing the magus cantrips would be cool. Hard to pull off, but could be cool. You might want to try makeing it a full caster with two attacks and no cantrips. Would certainly be an interesting class, hard to balance but i would like to see it. I would not give it metamagic, to much sorcerer, you want it to be its own thing. Maybe putting magic in the sword?

Inquisiter would be cool, warlock/cleric. I would personally give it some stealth but that is just me. One thing that is missing right now is the divine hunter archetype, with a bow and holy magic. Maybe something to do with lies or totutre? Oh also, is it a full caster? I would say no but your choice. What seperates it from a divine warlock? I would skip some of the warlock stuff, pact of the blade and all that. And give them something concrete, if I am reading right your takeing insperation from pathfinder, so maybe something like bane. Is that the kind of thing your going for? If so make sure to give it bows.

For the alchemist I would take a look at savage world alchemy. What they do is expend a spell slot to make a potion. The potion can be used by anyone at any time, but the spell slot does not regen until the potion is used. Something like that would realy seperate it from the other classes, and is not something we have seen yet.

Trying to think of what exactly you want. Could you give a character as an example of each?

2015-01-23, 10:46 PM
Ehh, I think Warlock can already play the "Magus" role. Light armor, simple weapons, etc.

As for the Knight, maybe it should be sort of like the Warlord. Focus on tanking, party support, enemy control.

The Inquisitor could be somewhat stealth-focused.

2015-01-23, 11:50 PM
I'm attempting to create an alchemist class. also based on pathfinder. the mutagen effects are still completely off and i dunno how to fix it. will probably post my wip soonish. Google drive sometimes freaks out for me.