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A soulcrafter is a dwarven meldshaper who has dedicated their life to the emulation and service of Moradin. A soulcrafter seeks to through emulation show the ultimate praise to the Dwarffather by imitating his ultimate act of creation, that which earned him the name the Soul Forger, the creation of souls. To this end a soulcrafter learns how to consummately craft not only mundane objects, but those of magical might, and the soul stuff known as incarnum. Combining these arts a soulcrafter slowly learns to craft life both out of soulstuff and the greatest of the soulcrafters are said to even successfully emulate the Soul Forger himself and create true life.

A soulcrafter needs a skill in metalworking, a devotion to the Soul Forger, and a talent with the shaping of incarnum. Where these three come together, training and dedication can lead a dwarf to successfully master these arts.

Patron Deity: Moradin (or equivalent)
Alignment: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, or Lawful Neutral.
Special: Ability to bind the Soulspark Familiar soulmeld to a chakra.
Skills: Craft (Blacksmith, Weaponsmith, or Armorer) 8 ranks, Knowledge (Religion 4 ranks)

Class Skills
The Soulcrafter's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (architecture and engineering) (Int), Knowledge (history) (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Knowledge (the planes) (Int), Profession (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), and Use Magic Device (Cha).
Skills Points at Each Level: 2 + int

Hit Dice: d8

LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecialCraft PoolMeldshaping
+2Craft Wondrous Item, Craftsman, Forge Items
+3 Crafted Construct (Lesser)
80+1 existing meldshaping
+3 Soulspark Companion
100+1 existing meldshaping
+4 Craftsman’s Chakras
150+1 existing meldshaping
+4Bound Companion, Craft Magic Arms and Armor
200 -
+5Crafted Construct
250 +1 existing meldshaping
+5 Distant Companion, Companion Soulmeld
300 +1 existing meldshaping
+6 Craft Soulmeld
400+1 existing meldshaping
+6Crafted Capacity, Craft Construct
+7Crafted Construct (Greater), Crafted Life
700 +1 existing meldshaping

Weapon Proficiencies: A soulcrafter gains no new weapon or armor proficiencies.

Craft Wondrous Item: At 1st level a soulcrafter gains Craft Wondrous Item as a bonus feat.

Craftsman (Ex): A soulcrafter is a consummate craftsman. Every level they gain 2 skill ranks which may only be spent on Craft skills. These are in addition to their normal skill points. A soulcrafter may make alchemical items as if they were a spellcaster.

Forge Item (Su): A soulcrafter may enchant magic items despite not being a true mage themselves. A soulcrafter may substitute their meldshaper level for their caster level and/or manifester level for the purposes of fulfilling the prerequisites of item creation feats and for the purposes of crafting items. They may emulate the magic needed to create items as long as the spell could be cast by a character in a base class which grants 9th level spells of their meldshaper level.

Craft Pool: A soulcrafter gains a pool of craft points which may be spent in place of (some or all) XP when crafting magic items. Whenever a soulcrafter gains another level in Soulcrafter they lose any unspent craft points and gain the new value. If a character has 10 levels in soulcrafter whenever they gain a level in any class their craft pool is refilled to 700 points.

Meldshaping: At each level other than 1st, 5th, and 9th a soulcrafter gains additional soulmelds, chakra binds, and essentia as if they had gained another level in an existing meldshaping class they possess as well as unlocking access to new chakras in a similar manner.

Lesser Crafted Companion: A soulcrafter learns to forge soulstuff into life. Beginning at 2nd level a soulcrafter may give a soulmeld they have shaped its own form. This soulmeld detaches becoming a Lesser Midnight Construct into which the soulcrafter may invest essentia (up to their capacity for the shed soulmeld) but has none of its normal effects. A soulcrafter may only shed one soulmeld this way each day, and when they shape soulmelds must choose whether to unshape the crafted companion or allow its existence to continue. If they choose the latter it continues to count against their limit of soulmelds shaped and it counts as their use of this ability for that day.

Soulspark Companion: A soulcrafter can create a soulspark companion with consummate ease. They can shape the Soulspark Familiar soulmeld without it counting against their limit of soulmelds shaped and it does not occupy a body slot unless bound to a chakra.

Craftsman’s Chakra: A soulcrafter is at their heart a craftsman and their gear is an extension of themselves. Beginning at 4th level a soulcrafter may wear magic items in a body slots with bound chakras.

Bound Companion: A soulcrafter’s soulspark familiar while not necessarily more potent than another meldshapers is more efficiently made. Beginning at 5th level a soulcrafter’s Soulspark Familiar soulmeld is always considered to be bound to a chakra of their choice that they have unlocked (and Soulspark Familiar can be bound to). This does not count as one of the soulcrafter’s chakra binds, and does not occupy the chakra allowing for other soulmelds and chakra binds to do so.

Craft Magic Arms and Armor: At 5th level a soulcrafter gains Craft Magic Arms and Armor as a bonus feat. If they already possess this feat they may select another item crafting feat they meet the prerequisites for instead.

Crafted Companion: A soulcrafter’s skill at crafting incarnum into life is ever increasing. Beginning at 6th level when a soulcrafter creates a crafted companion it becomes a Midnight Construct instead of a Lesser Midnight Construct and it gains the benefit of whatever soulmeld it was made from as if it had that soulmeld shaped. You may invest essentia into the construct for its abilities or the soulmeld to improve the soulmeld’s effectiveness still. In addition the construct gains Intelligence 4 and gains skill points and feats as appropriate (13 skill points with Craft, Hide, Listen, Profession, and Spot as class skills and 4 feats).

Distant Companion (Su): A soulcrafter’s soulspark familiar is capable of more independent action and straying further afield even as they are able to peer through the eyes of the creatures they create. Beginning at 7th level a soulcrafter’s soulspark familiar does not unshape due to distance from them and a soulcrafter may concentrate (as a standard action) to see and hear out of their soulspark familiar or crafted companion’s eyes and ears.

Companion Soulmeld (Su): A soulcrafter can share and bestow their soulmelds upon their soulspark familiar and their constructed companion. Beginning at 7th level a soulcrafter may bestow one of their soulmelds (even if chakra bound) onto their soulspark familiar or their constructed companion as a full-round action that requires them to touch the creature. The soulcrafter may invest (or remove) essentia into these soulmelds as normal despite any range it may be from them. The soulcrafter may call the soulmeld back to them as a full-round action regardless of the range.

In addition as long as their soulspark familiar or their constructed companion is within 5-ft of the soulcrafter the familiar or companion and the soulcrafter gain all benefits of soulmelds the other is bearing. The soulspark familiar and crafted companion do not however gain the benefits of soulmelds shaped on the other.

Craft Soulmeld (Su): A soulcrafter is a master of working soulstuff and can craft soulmelds into physical constructions. Beginning at 8th level a soulcrafter may when they shape soulmelds for a day make any number of them into physical items which take up one of the body slots that they can be shaped on. The soulcrafter does not gain any of the benefits of these soulmelds, instead any creature which wears them gains their benefits including any chakra binds (a soulmeld which is bound to a chakra must be made into an item that is worn on the corresponding body slot). These melds still count against your melds shaped and bound.

Crafted Capacity: A soulcrafter’s creations bear the indelible mark of their soul and resonate with their soulmelds allowing corresponding soulmelds to hold more energy. Beginning at 9th level a soulcrafter’s essentia capacity expands by 1 for any soulmeld which can occupy a chakra which corresponds with a body slot in which a soulcrafter is wearing a magic item that they personally made.

Craft Construct: At 9th level a soulcrafter has neared but not reached the pinnacle of their craft. They are able to make life but not true life, animating steel and iron much as a mage would. They gain Craft Construct as a bonus feat. If they already possess this feat they may select another item crafting feat they meet the prerequisites for instead.

Greater Crafted Construct: Beginning at 10th level when a soulcrafter creates a crafted construct it appears as a Greater Midnight Construct and if the soulmeld was bound to one of the soulcrafter’s chakras the construct gains the benefits of that chakra bind. In addition its Intelligence is 10. Every 3 character levels beyond 15 that the soulcrafter possesses increases this construct’s Hit Dice by 2, its natural armor by 2, and its Str, Dex, and Int by 1.

Crafted Life: A soulcrafter learns to craft souls directly and imbue life. Beginning at 10th level a soulcrafter can create living LA +0 creatures with 1 (or 0) racial hit dice. To do so requires a stocked smithy (an adequate smithy costs 500 GP, 1000 GP if mobile via wagon this does not include the cost of wagon and draft animals), costs 100 gold pieces in raw materials, and requires a DC 30 Craft (Blacksmith) check made over a period of time as if making a 300 GP item. You have no special control over these newly created life forms and they can be created at any age up to halfway between adulthood and middle age. Created individuals have one 1 level in a single class of your choosing (they must meet in prerequisites to enter this class).

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