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2015-01-26, 07:04 PM
So im in a homebrew game that poweres up the powerattack but takes down the amount of attacks...

So all in all a 1hand is 1PA = 2 dam 2 hand is 1PA =3 dam

Now im a druid, treant (shapeshifter) and I have one slam I use the feat Brutal Strike (fort DC 10+ PA dam) I also have 8 AoO 10 ft reach my PA is 1=2, so so far my dam would be 1d8+15+PA x*2. The thing is to hit I roll 2xd20 and I have a crit of 19-20/x2

So with all these changes I cant find any calculators to help me calculate what amount of PA to use against AC 15-20-25-30 etc...

So to sum up:
1 handed PA: 1 PA = 2 Dam
BaB rolls is 2d20 take higher as result
my form has 10 ft reach with 8 AoO, Bulwalk of defence, Vexing flanker, Retalliation strike, so the thing is I need to calculate my PA to optimize my dmg...
and lastly: Crit: 19-20/x2
So if a calculator isnt avaliable, let you know that I have BAB 13, along with +12str and +3 enhanced weap -1 size for a total of +27 (but still only ONE attack)

So can you guys help me out? or make a macro sheet that could do what I want?

2015-01-27, 02:04 AM
First, do you have to confirm criticals? And if so, is that also roll twice take best?
Also, are natural 1s and 20s still autohit and automiss, counterrespectively?
Those change the structure of the answer, you know.

This is actually an interesting problem, and I think I will code a calculator for you, but not tonight. See you tomorrow, unless you get a satisfying answer first.

Also, should not this not be in homebrew?